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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Why some comments are rejected

Many posters here have been upset that their comments are rejected. The reason why their comments were rejected is simple: because they were either abusive, off topic, repetitive, or sheer Hindutva Panun Kashmir propaganda.

Many posters have also pointed out that those objectionable comments be allowed so readers can judge for themselves whether the propaganda is just that or whether it carries any merit.

The whole point of this blog is to present the truth from the point of view of the victims of India's terrorist onslaught in Kashmir, and not to act as an outlet for Hindutva Panun Kashmir propaganda. For this reason, I will continue to filter any comments that I deem even remotely tries to spew Panun Kashmir lies and misinformation.

Just this once, I have saved all the rejected comments on the Kashmir Forum. I will let you readers decide whether my decision to disallow some comments has been appropriate or whether the comments should have been allowed.


  1. hi...
    i have been reading your postss....just need some clarifications...we have never askd d kashmiris wat dey wanted....do kashmiris want adiffernt nation or do dey want to b a part of india?
    wat do u want...we hav alwz treated u as our brothers and sisters...den y r u shunning us...y dont u want to be a part of india?

  2. @ anonymous, Treated us as brothers and sisters....R U KIDDIN or do u take us to be some kinda dumb ridiculous morons.

    I just don't have an answer to your fanatstic comment out of this world question????

    Maybe Koshur will give u a better reply.

  3. @Anonymous
    There is an old say in kashmiri;

    “Laul keh wathi majnoonus” (who is Juliet to Romeo).

    This is where the problem lies. As promised by Nehru in the ocean of the crowd at historic Lal Chowk address, India has failed to ask each and every Kashmiri what exactly they want. Kashmir has 5000-year-old history and is a Nation with different ethnic groups. You me and India knows and there must be no doubt for anybody that Kashmir can never been part of India, our elders who are lying in graves for decades have told on their departure from this world to visit them to their graves with the news of Free Kashmiri Nation from your occupational India, veteran Freedom Fighter Late Prem Nath Bazaz stands testimony to these facts.

    Apart from few Pundits, I want to ask why you Panun Kashmir are against Freedom of hapless Kashmiri, why these handfuls of Panun Kashmir are against majority of Freedom loving Kashmiris. If you are worried about the perks, free ration, migratory funds, scholarships, and reservations in Engineering & Medicine far and across the colleges of India, I will assure and triple the benefits Govt of India is granting you in Free Kashmir. Kashmir Muslim will never ride on your shoulder as your ancestors did. For the sake of so-called Kashmirayat, the forum restrains me; otherwise I have lot to say the past stories of your community. KASHMIR WAS THE ONLY STATE IN INDIA WHERE MINORITY WAS RULING MAJORITY. YET WE MAKE NO UFFF. Check the name of that Tax Collection Officer some Kak on whose order many were massacred coz poor Shawl weaver protest for the heavy taxation levied by this fellow.

    New Generation Cyber Savvy Kashmiri is not going to impress with your venom and propaganda!!!

  4. hi bro ..
    i can not understand these hate filled blog by you people,what's the problem in being one strong nation.don't you see the situation in kashmir after separating from india.
    well i don't have much idea about abuse of human rights by indian forces but i can see the (by media eyes) terrorism originating in kashmir.
    as a part of india, kashmir is very much loved and center of attention for every indian.
    you should know that govt of india is very keen to make a peaceful environment in kashmir.please explain me why you people advocate a separate nation.

  5. do you want to be again a nation based on religion ,another muslim nation?
    we believe in unity in diversity .
    make world a better place to live.my love for all kashmiries

  6. @ Shantanu, These points are discussed over and again... you have to just read the posts and the comments by both Indians and Kashmiris and take in both the point of views.