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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Terrorist attack in Pune

All Kashmiris condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on innocent people at the German Bakery in Pune yesterday. Nothing justifies these barbaric actions by criminals and enemies of all humanity. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims killed, and we hope for a speedy and complete recovery for those injured. Kashmiris stand behind you in this time of grief.

Kashmiris have been victims of similar terrorist barbarity unleashed upon us by the Indian Occupation forces and we have experienced similar terror many times. Just last week saw the murder of two innocent Kashmiri teens by the Indian Occupation forces who consider Kashmir their killing fields and use Kashmiris for target practice.

All terrorist acts must be condemned, no matter by whom they are carried out.

Once again, our hopes and prayers are with the victims of the Pune terrorist attack.


  1. Very well said all terrorist acts must be strongly condemned irrespective of being unleashed by State terrorism read Indian Terrorism or committed by so called Non State actors. The timing is very accurate as Indo-Pak is resuming the dialogue. Reminds of Chattisinghpura massacre in which 35 innocent Sikhs were ruthlessly killed by Indian Army followed by Pathribal killings wherein the latter were labelled as Pak National (terrorist) and responsible for Sikh Massacre and later it was found that they were innocent civilians of the local area. Their bodies were mutilated to hide their identity. All this was done on the arrival of former President of USA Bill Clinton on his visit to India. Rest is history. Now a thorough post-mortem is need to find out the whereabouts of so called Indian Mujahideen or Deccan Mujahideen again reminds of unknown Al Faran who killed some foreign tourists to malign Kashmir Freedom Struggle.

    Indian needs to realise that Kashmiris are not bound or for that matter must not be apologetic to anybody. Kashmir was/ is and will be the dispute on the face of this earth irrespective of what happens where and when or how or what? Hence no No Elevens can affect Kashmir cause, which is as truthful as divine revelation.

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  3. hi .....
    i am shantanu ,i am very much interested in what going on kashmir, as living in delhi means we know what media publish here.
    i like your views on pune blast,but we are not aware of what indian forces are doing their in kashmir.i have a very brief idea about current situation in kashmir. i would love to know how and why indian forces are barbaric in kashmir.i am also interested to know what this much published terrorist activities are ?and why these people are so barbaric .i condemn any form of violence.
    help me to know your stand and situation.