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One more reason why there is just a puppet administration in Kashmir

To Kashmiris, there was never any doubt that the current so-called "elected" administration of Omar Abdullah is a fake, propped-up puppet of New Delhi. They have been imposed upon Kashmir just to save face for India at international levels when in reality all the strings are pulled in New Delhi. For all practical purposes, Kashmiris have always been in a perpetual "Governor-Raj." Every decision, right down to the most trivial detail of the daily functioning of civic amenities, is made by RAW policy makers. I will elaborate on the reason for this later in this post.

Omar Abdullah's job is to merely collect his monthly remuneration and to look forward eagerly to his daily pat on the back for being a good Indian apologist in Kashmir. (Read what other bloggers have to say about Mr. Omar)

Is there any one significant achievement of Omar Abdullah's that he could point to and say with confidence that he has accomplished that? The answer is a definite no. Every aspect of Kashmir's already crumbling infrastructure, dilapidated civic amenities, medieval healthcare, and human rights atrocities by the occupation forces have only become worse during his regime.

When asked by a GK reporter about his most successful accomplishment for the year 2009, Omar Abdullah giddily and enthusiastically replied that his one, true, spirit-uplifting accomplishment was that he got the army base in Bomai shifted. So, getting an occupied base shifted for the deaths of two innocent Kashmiris, while the killers roam freely is supposed to be a great accomplishment? Only in Omar Abdullah's world. (Read Omar's interview here)

Today I will concentrate on a news item in Greater Kashmir that caught my eye. The news story accurately portrays the state of callousness of the SMC, the good-for-nothing corporation run by Omar Abdullah's most trusted and brightest "shining stars" of National Conference. If these are the best and brightest "young rising stars" of the NC, who are being groomed to take the reins of the puppet administration later after their fathers meet the creator, then our job of proving that all NC people are imbeciles becomes that much easier. (Read the news here)

The news story states that there were more than two thousand cases of dog-bites in 2009 in Srinagar City alone. That means an average of six cases of dog-bites a day in the city. (Read the news here)

We all are aware that the menace of stray dogs is not limited to Srinagar alone; in fact, they have infested the whole valley--their uncontrolled breeding encouraged by the Occupation Troops. If there were an average of six dog bites in Srinagar alone, do the math yourself and take a guess at what the numbers would be for the whole valley. Even though a puppet regime, are we to assume that the so-called CM of J&K has never been privy to those numbers--which could easily reach 20 dog-bites per day for the whole valley? Or should we believe the cartoons running in GK that depict Omar engrossed in playing video games while the valley is burning?

It is also no secret that the CRPF, BSF, and the Indian Army all encourage these stray dogs and frown upon any plans to eradicate the dogs. The reason is that the dogs protect the Occupation Troop bunkers and checkpoints at night and alarm their cousins--the slumdogs--should anyone walk nearby at night.

These stray dogs therefore are like free sentries for the Indian Occupation troops and that is the reason why the Indian government has prevented any policy to be formulated to protect the general public from this menace.

Any other country in the world would have been alarmed at the report of two thousand dog-bites a year--but not the puppet Kashmir regime, for whom the well being and comfort of the occupation troops trumps the "trivial" issue of the health and safety of ordinary Kashmiris.

For more info:
GK news story


  1. "alarm their cousins the slumdogs"... LOL LOL LOL....

  2. One day you guys will wake up and realize that you have wasted 3 generations and destroyed the development of your community with this so called freedom struggle (which is based completely on rethoric instead of any real substance).

    Concensus does not emerge easily in a country has diverse as India, yet out of hundreds and hundreds of social, religious, and ethnic groups that exist in India not a single one (besides offcourse your own narrow ethnic group) supports you voilent seperatist movement.

    If that doesn't give you a hint, look at who actually supports you guys: Pakistan, a completly bankrupt and dysfunctional state whose only claim to fame is the terrorism that it exports to the rest of the world.

    Forget about Buddhists in Laddhak and Hindus in Jammu, even Shia muslims in J&K don't support your seperatist movement.

    You keep on harping on UN resolutions and pleblicite, yet even UN does not consider their resolutions on Kashmir valley as valid. All this while completely ignoring what the resolutions actually say, i.e Pakistan must first withdraw from POK and hand over POK to India, then India must ensure peace in entire state of J&K, and only then can a pleblicite happen.

    You support Pakistan, yet you say nothing when Pakistan hands over J&K territory to China.

    And worst of all, what you don't realize is that its your own community that is loosing the most as a result of this so-called freedom struggle while the rest of the world is getting ahead and living a better life.

    How more bankrupt can your so-called freedom struggle be.

  3. In Pakistan there are an estimated 1.5 million dog bites per year and 2000-5000 deaths from rabies.(this is 2007 figures.....)http://www.idspak.org/subdetail.php?id=42&ne_id=689813 ...... so the entire pakistani government is puppet u mean to say....??? i thought u wrote sensible blogs...... and i am sure u will not let this one appear on ur blog..... but common..... this was to low for u man

  4. I dont understand. This Sounds ridiculous. Why would the Indian troops have stray dogs to protect them. They can have their own dogs in their bases to alert them of terrorists. Which is not a bad Idea by the way..Why will they want kashmiris bitten??? It is just a slow reaction of the government. Which is an epidemic accross the entire country and not just Kashmir.

  5. @anonymous
    valid point. it hink kashmiris should understand that their so called freedom movt. would bring more loss to kashmir itself

  6. @ anonymous-1/anonymous-2 and anonymous-3.....Very well said guys...now stay anonymous and keep encouraging us Kashmiris to leave the path of non-violence and pick up arms again....n this time you will have to nuke us out for sure....then send all your slum dogs to live in Kashmir as u did in Jammu after 1947 riots.

    By the way the Naxals and maoists really like your idea of a glorious India n yes they are being trained, brainwashed, funded etc etc etc from across the border.

    Haaaaaaaaaa.......grow up guys n let live.


  7. @ Anonymous, I disaggree that freedom would bring more loss to kashmir. It could be or it could be not. I for one will not underestimate the potential of anybody. Also Freedom is not all about economic gains but it is a national identity.... just like how we are proud to call ourself Indians, and when outside India, say with our heads held high that "I am from India" (Even though you know the other person may not think highly of India, but you know India is great as you have seen a different side of India) similarly I feel that we should not force our sense of nationalism on others who dont indentify themselfs as Indians. If a majority of people do not want to be with India they should not be with India (if they can manage on their own).

    So I feel a plebiscite has be held for J&K as 4 or 5 different parts giving the option as below:

    1. Independent country
    2. Join India
    3. Join Pakistan

    My take is that Jammu and Ladak region (including Kargil) will opt for India.

    POK (Pak occupied Kashmir) will opt for Independence as Kashmir as they are not happy with Pak rule and the Kashmir Vally.

    The Northern region currently occupied by Pakistan may opt for Pakistan (because of their religious affiliation and mainly because most of the people there are not Kashmiries)

    But unfortunately the people of Kashmir Vally (Indian side) may opt for Independence as many of them are not happy with Indian rule (Some of them are victims of real human rights violation by army men and terrorists who changed their affinities towards Indian army, but MOST of them are victims of FALSE and exaggerated propaganda against India and its army, Also of blind and unsubstansiated hatred against India and its majority religion due to false propaganda)

    Whatever is the case, to Summarize, If people of the vally want to go out of India they should be allowed with a plebiscite.

    I understand that plebiscite was not done earlier because Pakistan failed to withdraw troops from POK as required from UN. However my question to either Yousuf, Chinaar or Ms. K or anybody is:

    1. Is the above formula agreeable? (Which I feel is the way to go)

    2.Why have separatists them-self like the Hurriat made a statement that a plebisite is against the interest of the people of Kashmir?

  8. Anon, why do you clowns bring up Pakistan even when Pakistan is not mentioned in any shape or form by the original post?

    Some Corrections about your post:
    India's other ethnic groups don't have time to support Kashmiri cause because they are too busy with their own separatist movements! 37+ at last count. Kashmiris don't contribute to other groups like the naxalites either.

    If Kashmiris have so many rights in glorious India, atleast give them the freedom to call Kashmiri territories by using Kashmiri terminology. Kashmiris refer to 'Pakistan Occupied Kashmir' as AZAD Kashmir. Kashmiris refer to Indian 'administered/managed/loved' Kashmir as Occupied Kashmir.

    Pakistan gave China, a barren, uninhabited strip of kashmir mapped by our collective former colonial masters. This strategic location would allow China to keep an upper hand on India. (Hey, the truth is the truth). I am sure this arrangement easier to forgive by Kashmiris than the 20 years of Indian brutality.

    It is not Pakistan that exports terrorism. It is India that imports freedom fighters just as the soviet union did when it invaded afghanistan.

    Our other claim to fame is being the only small country in south asia that can step up to a regional bully like India. It is the country that engineered the dismantling of your evil friend the Soviet Union. Pakistan's claim to fame is the freedom of uzbekistan, kyrgzstan, turkmenistan, kazakhstan, tajikistan from 150 years of atheist tyranny. Pakistan's claim to fame is its miraculous survival. Pakistan's claim to fame is it world championships. It is the only country to defeat israelis in air combat. It is the country that gave the world sufi rock, record breaking bowlers, boxers and pilots.

    I will tell you what Pakistan is not known for. The most evil and systematic form of discrimination in the annals of world history: The caste system.

    The Indian self-perception is trapped in the serene, sanitary, utopian, glittering confines of bollywood studios. It is only when you allow yourself to walk out of the studio, that you step into some moist, freshly laid cow dung reality of modern india.


  9. @Usman
    Beautifully written. You missed out a lot of things.
    Pakistan: Only Islamic country to develop and possess Nuclear warheads.
    Only Islamic country to develop and possess inter continental ballistic missiles.
    Only country in the world which fights Al Qaida head on. Other countries only talk.
    Only country in the world which has maximum number of refugees got accomodated and rehabilited.

  10. Subbaiah,

    I love how every one is unhappy with Azad Kashmir, "POK", but "some" are unhappy with IOK "Indian adored Kashmir" due to some paranormal, unexplainable, alien, phenomenon.

    If our kashmiri brothers choose independence, so be it. We will be saddened for ourselves but genuinely happy for the kashmiris. (The truth is Pakistan lost its moral high ground after west pakistan's criminal politicians and their mistreatment of Bangladeshis)

    We would be happy to deliver Kashmir's Amaanat of AJK to this new state. At least we know, Kashmiris would not deprive us of water or make a dirty slum out of the glaciers.

  11. KC bhai, Don't you know? Indians can tell you. Everything we have built from ICBMs to Tanks to cotton shirts is technology that was gift-wrapped to us by China.

    Soviet technology transfer to India? That can be considered 'indijinush'

  12. @Usman

    I have a comment here that I am unsure whether we should allow just so we can get a good laugh. Someone has sent a post complaining why I didn't mention statistics about dog-bites in Pakistan!! Even has a link to prove his point.

    Reminds me of your earlier comment about unwanted pregnancies in India being blamed on ISI.

    Good strong points. Well written.

  13. @Subbaiah,

    There are two problems with your suggestion for a three-way vote between independence, india, and pakistan.

    The first problem is that seperatists want the entire state of J&K. The seperatists only care about their own "right of self-determination", but not those of Laddhak or Jammu. Laddhak and Jammu are already asking for statehood so that they can gain freedom from Kashmir Valley politics and problems that dominate state affairs.

    The second problem is that the seperatists very well know that in a three-way race India will come out at top and hence will never agree to a three-way race.

    As far as stray dogs are concerned, the government MUST be preventing them from organizing a stray-dog cleanup rally. Every grevience in Kashmir Valley is valuable no matter how small since it can be used to rile up public opinion against the government and security forces.

    What a joke, I say give the right to self determination to every single man, women, animal, bird, or fish in Kashmir Valley. Every single person should have their own country and every stray dog should be able to walk anywhere.

  14. @ Usman...

    I agree that the post does not mention Pakistan.... but since you have elaborated so much.... I am happy for all the achievements of Pakistan.... and i partially agree they are not exporting terrorism...... they are not only exporting but are also the biggest victim of terrorism themselves..... i don't understand how u don't feel the need to address that issue even before thinking about kashmir....

    "In 2006, 657 terrorist attacks, including 41 of a sectarian nature, took place, leaving 907 people dead and 1,543 others injured according to Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) security report.[1]

    In 2007, 1,503 terrorist attacks and clashes, including all the suicide attacks, target killings and assassinations, resulted in 3,448 casualties and 5,353 injuries, according to the PIPS security report. These casualties figure 128 percent and 491.7 percent higher as compared with 2006 and 2005, respectively. The report states that Pakistan faced 60 suicide attacks (mostly targeted at security forces) during 2007, which killed at least 770, besides injuring another 1,574 people. PIPS report shows visible increase in suicide attacks after Lal Masjid operation.[2]"

    In 2008, the country saw 2,148 terrorist attacks, which caused 2,267 fatalities and 4,558 injuries.[3] Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in its annual report indicated that there were at least 67 suicide attacks across Pakistan killing 973 people and injuring 2,318.[4] Further, a source in the investigation agencies disclosed that the total number of suicide blasts in Pakistan since 2002 rose to 140 (till December 21, 2008) while 56 bombers had struck in 2007.[5]

    In 2009, the worst of any year, 2,586 terrorist, insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported that killed 3,021 people and injured 7,334, according to the "Pakistan Security Report 2009" published by PIPS.[6] These casualties figure 48 percent higher as compared to 2008. On the other hand, the rate of suicide attacks surged by one third to 87 bombings that killed 1,300 people and injured 3,600.[7]


    How does really dog bites have to do anything with a government being a puppet.... I thought you wrote something was a little more substanial... Any government of any state of the developing world would face such issues, I am sure even if you had an independent government you might have faced the same issue.... In that case whom would you have called a puppet..

  15. Soul never dies so does the Freedom; that is in the very instinct of every human being. It took Brahmins of India 800 years to embrace this freedom yet Raj could not suppress the dream craved in the millions of soul with fire of freedom.

  16. @ Usman, thanks for educating us about Pakistan achievements. We are happy for you. We dont have anything against the common people of Pakistan who are more or less nice people and just like us. In fact if there is a cricket match of Pakistan and some other country say Australia or South Africa many of us (including me) would support Pakistan as we are of the same blood. One more achievement of Pakistan is that it had one of the worlds earliest civilizations (Indus Vally)@ around 5000 B C. Which was surprisingly very advanced during those times. Which you should be proud of.

    However my point is why do some elements in Pakistan shamelessly export terrorism across the border? Be it the ISI, the government or the Army. Even if the government is not involved why dont they reign in terrorism with an Iron hand. Dont they know that they have killed lot of innocent people including muslims. For example Kasab and company opened indiscriminate firing in Mumbai killing many muslims. Isn't it hypocracy, double standards and a cowardly act? Why was the Pakistan Government supporting Taliban earlier inspite of their strict (or I would say wrong) interpretation of Islam? Not allowed to play music, watch a film, shave, women not allowed to show even their heels, women beaten for just not covering their face properly. All these sounds just super ridiculous for us here. Why didnt Pakistan even advise their former allies the Taliban to stop this and give atleast basic freedom to their citizens?

    And also to my Kashmiri friends, my previous question:

    1. Is the above formula (Plebisite as I mentioned above)agreeable? (Which I feel is the way to go)

    2.Why have separatists them-self like the Hurriat made a statement that a plebisite is against the interest of the people of Kashmir?

  17. @Subbaiah

    I commend you for agreeing that Kashmiris deserve the right to self determination. I do not see a problem with what you suggested.

    As far as what you suggested about Jammu and Leh, it's only "Leh city" and "Jammu City" that might vote to join India. If that is the case, let them, we are willing to talk and make concessions. Anything to get rid of India from our lives.

    All separatists support a plebiscite. In it's current form, it only gives Kashmiris the choice between India and Pakistan, but as we all know, numerous polls conducted by Indian news organisation prove that 90% Kashmiris support complete independence. Many separatists want an option to include independence in a future plebiscite--none in Hurriyat have ever talked about plebiscite being against the interest of Kashmiris--even in its current form. If ever there was "only" a choice between Pakistan and India--Kashmiris would still opt for Pakistan because India has lost too much credibility by committing murders in Kashmir on a daily basis. To Kashmiris, India is a manifestation of what a fascist, blood thirsty country can be.

    Regarding Paksitan shamelessly exporting terrorism: Read Usman's comment in my earlier post. But I may add that Kashmir's struggle has always been indiginous. Our brothers and sisters in AJK have helped us morally and by providing shelter to refugees from Indian occupied Kashmir. You mentioned terrorist attack on Taj hotel. Someone may similarly point to the overwhelming proof of India's intelligence agencies fomenting sectarian unrest in Pakistan. As far as I know there are atleast a dozen Indian agents languishing in Paksitani jails for various bomb blasts in Pakistan. I personally believe that Indian government exports terrorism to Pakistan rather than the other way around. We know Pakistan concedes that there are bad elements there and are fighting them, which proves that the government of Pakistan is not involved in "exporting" terrorism, but on the other hand, India is indeed exporting terrorism to Pakistan and Kashmir. It shamelessly foments sectarian violence in Pakistan by committing terrorist acts like bomb blasts and targeted hits. And in Kashmir, India's terrorist acts need no elaboration. 150,000 deaths, torture, mass graves and rapes: these are all hallmarks of a shameless pathetic country that knows no bounds of evil.

    @Anonymous three above
    how about you make up a fake name and end your posts with that so that we atleast know whom to answer because there are a lot of anonymous posts.

    You said//[quote]The second problem is that the seperatists very well know that in a three-way race India will come out at top and hence will never agree to a three-way race//

    Are you serious about this comment? What have Kashmiris been demanding all these years if not that the wishes of the Kashmiri people be determined through the right of self determination?
    Are you being delusional when you say India will come out on top in a three way race between India, Pakistan and independence? Maybe you should do a bit more research before embarrasing yourself and your country in front of a world audience by making such laughable comments.

    As far as "Jammu City" and "Leh" are concerned, read my above reply to subbaiah. Most Kashmiris are willing to sacrifice ANYTHING to get rid of the Indians infesting our country. Jammu city and Leh is a small price to pay--ask any Kashmiri. But what we say is conjectural, and only a plebiscite will determine what people of all regions of J&K desire. If people of Jammu City and Leh desire to be part of India, then so long and all the best to them. But they might want to part of an independent Kashmir after all, and only a plebiscite will determine that.

  18. With reference to Plebiscite, I think there should be a separate debate. Appreciate, Yousuf has meticulously elaborated the concept of plebiscite as far as regions of Jammu & Kashmir State is concerned which our so-called separatist leader could not dare to. Leaving behind two and a half district, he has expressed the total aspiration of people of Jammu & Kashmir. Let there no forces both Kashmiris as well as Jammuties or Ladakhis, if they want to be part of India let them be. 2 and half district of Jammu including 3 hundred thousand pundits cannot take hostage to 11 million people of Kashmir for so-called secularism. Kashmiri Muslims has shown their communal harmony and teach 01 billion Hindus secularism way back in 1947 when Muslims in Jammu and rest of India were massacred yet not a single drop of blood spilled in Kashmir.

    As Kashmiris are real sufferers so most important for them is peace and tranquillity, if precious lives can be saved by loosing some ground somewhere in Jammu City then……… damn gives Kashmiri…..

  19. Yousuf... Your hatred for India is at an unhealthy level (looks like that). As I said earlier there has been a lot of false and exaggerated propaganda... Indian Government exporting terrorism to Pakistan.... what a joke? Then why dosent international media talk about it. Why do they refer to only terrorism from Afganistan and Pakistan. Our politicians are too slow to even think of exporting terrorism, let alone execute it. At the most there must be some spy's from RAW in Pakistan and they are not involved in any Bomb blast. I dont say there are no home grown terrorists. What I say is most of them are from across the border. Even Bangladesh government have confirmed Pakistan based terrorists using their soil for anti India operations which they are cracking down.

  20. @sabaiah

    >>In fact if there is a cricket match of Pakistan and some other country say Australia or South Africa many of us (including me) would support >>Pakistan as we are of the same blood.

    I don't doubt that YOU feel that way. But many of your countrymen prefer Pakistan because of Australia's discriminatory contempt for Indians. A much larger indian group celebrates by lighting firecrakers if Pakistan loses a final against a neutral team. nobody in pakistan has time to start improvised celebrations if india loses.

    >> One more achievement of Pakistan is that it had one of the worlds earliest civilizations (Indus Vally)@ around 5000 B C. Which was surprisingly
    >> very advanced during those times. Which you should be proud of.

    I am equally proud of both my Indus/South Asian heritage and my post-Islamic tradition. I can go on and on about Pakistan.. Nobel Prize winners, scientists, poets, social workers but our achievements are minor and our nation humble. It is not in the Pakistani psyche to announce our status as a galactic hyperpower everytime an MNC sets up a call-center in Lahore.

    >> However my point is why do some elements in Pakistan shamelessly export terrorism across the border? Be it the ISI, the government or the Army.

    I personally think Pakistan needs to reign in the bearded faction of ISI. But let us not pretend that India did not support mukhti bahini. Let us not pretend RAW is not active in Balochistan, NWFP supporting terrorists such as Bugti (peace be NOT upon him). Let us not forget that it is not exactly difficult to find KASHMIRIS in Azad Kashmir willing to cross over the border. You have 500,000 soldiers.

    >> Even if the government is not involved why dont they reign in terrorism with an Iron hand. Dont they know that they have killed lot of innocent people including muslims. For example Kasab and company opened indiscriminate firing in Mumbai killing many muslims.

    I find Islamists/wahabist terrorism to be despicable and unislamic. Kasab's murderous rampage is just as evil as India's state sponsored terror inflicted on Kashmiris. Kasab represenrated a twisted, bastardized ideology. Your army on the other hand represents your perfect country. An educated Indian professor wrote to one of our liberal, peacenik writers, Irfan Hussain, that "everytime there is a blast in pakistan, i raise a glass of wine".

    >> Isn't it hypocracy, double standards and a cowardly act?

    To me a human life is a human life, muslim or hindu. You are the one that is callous and unrepentant about Kashmir.

    >> Why was the Pakistan Government supporting Taliban earlier inspite of their strict (or I would say wrong) interpretation of Islam? Not allowed to play music, watch a film, shave, women not allowed to show even their heels, women beaten for just not covering their face properly. All these sounds just super ridiculous for us here. Why didnt Pakistan even advise their former allies the Taliban to stop this and give atleast basic freedom to their citizens?

    Are you implying that the Northern Alliance which you armed and supported to encircle Pakistan were innocent school kids with lollipops? Everyone had picked sides in Afghanistan including Pakistan, USA, Iran, Saudi, Russia and India.

  21. @yousuf,

    you should've allowed the dog-bite ratio in 'pakijtaan' post so that we can carefully analyze it and then proceed to LAUGH uncontrolably.

  22. @yousuf,

    What I said was nothing new. Your seperatist leaders already know this very well and I am just repeating their statements.

    If there is a vote with three choices: join pakistan, become independent, or stay with india. The seperatists vote in Kashmir valley will split between options 1) joining pakistan and 2) independence and any such split will favor India when you consider that Laddhak and Jammu along with shia muslim population will largely vote for India.

    I am not saying you may not win. You still may, but your chances of winning become very very grim under a three-way split.

    Good luck with your delutional so-called freedom struggle.

    -Anonymous three.

  23. @Anonymous

    Well what you say is real worrisome! I hope India doesn't hold a plebiscite and include an option of independence. [/sarcasm]

    Now that you have figured a way to win the plebiscite in India's favour, what's stopping india from going ahead and silencing us "separatists" for ever?

    There are only two districts in the whole of J&K with a hindu majority. And only Leh with a buddhist majority. Needless to say, the outcome will be something that gives nightmares to your fascist leaders--and hence the reason for denying Kashmiris the basic freedom of choice.

    After fomenting sectarian violence in Pakistan, you think Kashmiri shias are going to follow your tricks here as well? Kashmiri Shias are as pro-freedom as any Kashmiri. Your slumdogs here are pretty indiscriminate when it comes to killings, torture, kidnappings and rapes. To them, it doesnt matter whether a Kashmiri is Shia or Sunni. Shias and Sunnis are very much against India as can be. Even though your country has tried to sow discontent like they did with the Pandits. That's why us Kashmiris laugh when clueless Indians start spewing assumptions like you did.

    Whether shias are pro-india or Pro-Paksitan or pro-independence, there is only one way to find out: hold a referendum once and for all.

  24. @yosuf,

    Several reasons (I will just state four here):

    One is that for a pleblicite to take place 1) pakistan must hand over POK to India, 2) India must ensure that there is peace in entire state of J&K, and only then 3) a pleblicite can be held. For some reason seperatists such as yourself always like to skip steps 1 and 2 and go directly to step 3.

    So if you want a pleblicite (get that special place in your heart, i.e Pakistan to hand over POK to India) and then work with authorities to create a peaceful environment. Once that happens the demands for a pleblicite will actually carry some weight.

    Second, If India wins the pleblicite, nothing will change. You guys will just take another grevience and blow it out or proportion to rile up public sentiments or invent a grevience where there are none. The conflict will go on. India looses if it looses the pleblicite and also looses if it wins the pleblicite.

    Third, As long as the GoI thinks that Kashmir will become a security nightmare for India if it breaks away, you won't be getting any freedom. Guess what? It's easier for GoI to manage Kashmir within Indian borders rather than manage kashmir outside of Indian borders. And certainly your blind anti-India hatered isn't winning friends amoung the GoI.

    Forth, and I think you are going to love this one: Irrespective of what you may think, India thinks that it is winning in this conflict yet it will take time.

    -- Anonymous three

  25. @anonymous three

    Now you're really disgracing your country with your ignorance.

    [quote]//1) pakistan must hand over POK to India//

    Just because you imagine something, like the above quoted fairy tale, doesn't make it fact.

    Research your arguments before you embarass yourself and your country before a world audience.

  26. Yousuf,

    Read part II of UNCIP resolutions of August 13, 1948. I thought all the Kashmiri separatists had this memorized by now.

    And if you think there is something left in my country to be disgraced, then all I can say is thanks for the complement, its your country too. ;-)

    -- Anonymous three

  27. @anonymous three

    Read post dated 10/13/09. Get educated, and spread the light to your fellow Indians.

  28. I am ready to accept everything that pro-Indian anonymous muslims/Hindus are saying on this blog...only one request before my acceptance...

    Let all Indians in all the major cities of India come out on the roads n denounce what Indian army has done in Kashmir n demand that all the culprits against whom cases have been registered be punished in 15 flat days by hanging or a firing squad......CAN U GLORIOUS INDIANS DO IT????????? C'mon guys, u r from the land of Ahimsha n democrajie n sekoolarijm etc etc etc.....surely u guys can come out n demand justice like u did when 26/11 happened.......HA HA HA.....shame on you Indians for always acting holier than thou

  29. sir govt is doing a lot to improve the health care esp. in tertiary care, however one thing is vividely noticible that eforts are being made to improve adult health care, with no heed being paid to improve facilties for child health. i will quate an eg; there is no pediatric intensive care units in whole valley, which leads to many deaths that could be prevented well if same facility would be available at SKIMS esp. u knw their critical diseses r revesible and if proper support given to them they will come out with no sequele. in contrast to adults who r critically ill. i knw itz a fault of none other than all leading pediatricians of valley who r indulged in private prac so much so that they forgot their moral responsibility ofhighlighting the problems. kindly on urgent basis establish this facility in valley praticulary at SKIMs, u knw starting such facility needs lot of support from other deptt like dialysis from nephrology, MRI,CT, ECHOcardiography, neurosurgery and so on which are available round the clock there. infact it will be failure to start such facility at SMHS as no such facilty is available there.

  30. Sir the present govt is doing a lot to improve health care at tertiary level. however the emphasis is being given to improve adult heath care. there is a vivid absence of any effort to improve facilties for children. ya ofcourse i held all noted pediatricians of valley responsible for same,they r busy in their private clinics and forgot their moral responsiblity of being ambasdors of childrens health. im quoting one example here. u knw their is no pediatric intensive care unit in valley esp at SKIMS, u knw many many children die because of lack of this facility, and u knw if a proper supprt would be given to these critically ill children their long term outcome is much better than their adult counterparts. sir u imagine a child coming out of critical illness will survive for 50-60 years and that too a healthy life in contrast to 5-10 yrs in adults that too with full of morbidity. sir we need one pediatric ICU at war footings. but kindly choose SKIMS u knw why. to run an ICU u need no of supportive Deptts like nephrology for dialysis, neurosurgery, MRI, CT, cardiology, echocardiograpy, pediatric surgery which r available there onle.

  31. I'm an Indian and you tell me why I'm so proud of my nation and it's people ? Why do I love my country so much ?! What shall pakistan give you ? Development ? they don't even have money to sustain themseves..They're shamelessly begging everywhere ! freedom ? You live in the world's LARGEST democracy and elect you very own leaders...and then you call thesm fake and puppets ! the very ppl who u once said were ur very own ! The Ppl of Kashmir have voted for them !...not the people living in delhi.Check the Global freedom index survey on the Free Places of the World...The Entire Pakistan is "Not Free"....Indian Kashmir is "Partly Free" while the rest of the states are "Free". In the winters 90% of food supplies for Kashmir come from Punjab..from where shall Pak arrange for the food..they couldn't even arrange for POK when it got highlighted after the earthquake..Pok lacks the most basic facilities as it is.....you want to be blind yourself then nothing can be done...but if you open your eyes just once and look at the truth of things..not at india or pakistan or anyone else...you'll see how much we care for you...we care more than you know. Dont misguide the people of Kashmir..please..