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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


One year since Indian Occupation Forces murdered Javid and Amin

On the right column of this blog, there is a topic highlighted in red. Read that. The post was made exactly a year back on Feb 23, 2009, in response to the murder of Javid and Amin of Sopur by the Indian Occupation Army.

The puppet CM, Omar Abdullah, had promised "exemplary punishment" within fifteen days for the Indian slumdogs involved--just as he has done so in all subsequent murders by the Occupation forces since then.

After hearing the news that day, I was so incensed by the hypocrisy and spin that we have come to expect from successive puppet regimes that I decided to call their bluff and started counting down the days within which they said they would apprehend the culprits. A year has passed since, and to no one's surprise, absolutely nothing happened.

Now we know what became of that investigation. The murderers are still free even though their own departmental investigation deemed them guilty. What a pathetic excuse of a country India is.

To mark the one year aniversary, people in Sopur peacefully protested and demanded that the murderers be punished--as though a peaceful protest has any bearings on a military occupation.
[Read about how the people of Sopur marked the one year anniversary of the murders]

There have been tens of thousands of similar murders by the Indian Occupation forces in Kashmir, and not a single soldier has been punished. This is a fact: not a single Indian soldier has ever been punished in Kashmir.

To put this claim in perspective, many US soldiers in Iraq were convicted and jailed for similar crimes comitted against Iraqis. Atleast one faces the death penalty. That is the difference between a real democracy and respect for the rule of law, and a fascist, farcical, pathetic excuse of a country like India.


One more reason why there is just a puppet administration in Kashmir

To Kashmiris, there was never any doubt that the current so-called "elected" administration of Omar Abdullah is a fake, propped-up puppet of New Delhi. They have been imposed upon Kashmir just to save face for India at international levels when in reality all the strings are pulled in New Delhi. For all practical purposes, Kashmiris have always been in a perpetual "Governor-Raj." Every decision, right down to the most trivial detail of the daily functioning of civic amenities, is made by RAW policy makers. I will elaborate on the reason for this later in this post.

Omar Abdullah's job is to merely collect his monthly remuneration and to look forward eagerly to his daily pat on the back for being a good Indian apologist in Kashmir. (Read what other bloggers have to say about Mr. Omar)

Is there any one significant achievement of Omar Abdullah's that he could point to and say with confidence that he has accomplished that? The answer is a definite no. Every aspect of Kashmir's already crumbling infrastructure, dilapidated civic amenities, medieval healthcare, and human rights atrocities by the occupation forces have only become worse during his regime.

When asked by a GK reporter about his most successful accomplishment for the year 2009, Omar Abdullah giddily and enthusiastically replied that his one, true, spirit-uplifting accomplishment was that he got the army base in Bomai shifted. So, getting an occupied base shifted for the deaths of two innocent Kashmiris, while the killers roam freely is supposed to be a great accomplishment? Only in Omar Abdullah's world. (Read Omar's interview here)

Today I will concentrate on a news item in Greater Kashmir that caught my eye. The news story accurately portrays the state of callousness of the SMC, the good-for-nothing corporation run by Omar Abdullah's most trusted and brightest "shining stars" of National Conference. If these are the best and brightest "young rising stars" of the NC, who are being groomed to take the reins of the puppet administration later after their fathers meet the creator, then our job of proving that all NC people are imbeciles becomes that much easier. (Read the news here)

The news story states that there were more than two thousand cases of dog-bites in 2009 in Srinagar City alone. That means an average of six cases of dog-bites a day in the city. (Read the news here)

We all are aware that the menace of stray dogs is not limited to Srinagar alone; in fact, they have infested the whole valley--their uncontrolled breeding encouraged by the Occupation Troops. If there were an average of six dog bites in Srinagar alone, do the math yourself and take a guess at what the numbers would be for the whole valley. Even though a puppet regime, are we to assume that the so-called CM of J&K has never been privy to those numbers--which could easily reach 20 dog-bites per day for the whole valley? Or should we believe the cartoons running in GK that depict Omar engrossed in playing video games while the valley is burning?

It is also no secret that the CRPF, BSF, and the Indian Army all encourage these stray dogs and frown upon any plans to eradicate the dogs. The reason is that the dogs protect the Occupation Troop bunkers and checkpoints at night and alarm their cousins--the slumdogs--should anyone walk nearby at night.

These stray dogs therefore are like free sentries for the Indian Occupation troops and that is the reason why the Indian government has prevented any policy to be formulated to protect the general public from this menace.

Any other country in the world would have been alarmed at the report of two thousand dog-bites a year--but not the puppet Kashmir regime, for whom the well being and comfort of the occupation troops trumps the "trivial" issue of the health and safety of ordinary Kashmiris.

For more info:
GK news story


Teen protesters charged with "Insult to national honour"

I don't have a clue why the western media does not report on the fascist tactics used by the Indian occupiers in Kashmir. For instance, a few days ago, 14 teenaged protesters were rounded up from around Srinagar and charged with--I wish I were making this up--"Insult to National Honour" and "Waging a war against the state."

The teens, aged between 13 and 18 years old, were led in handcuffs to the court where the charges were announced. (Click here for news)

Only in Israel are teens similarly arrested and incarcerated. Perhaps, these recent arrests of Kashmiri teens are a result of Israeli traning of the Indian Occupation Force. (Click here to read about similar Israeli arrests of Palestinian kids)

The teens are not charged with militancy related incidents, and their only crime is to shout anti-India slogans and allegedly pelt stones at the Indian Occupation troops. Which gets me to think that perhaps their alleged stone pelting attracted the "Waging a war against the state" charge, and therefore the "Insult to National Honour" charge is for shouting anti-India slogans.

So, my question is that if these innocent teen sloganeers can be charged with "insulting the national honour" for anti-India sloganeering, what charges await bloggers such as myself who openly advocate the disintegration and break-up of India into thirty smaller countries? After all, how is that different than anti-India sloganeering?

To establish my anti-India credentials, I would like to remind the Indian fascist occupiers that I regularly write about India being the most digusting and pathetic country in the world. I have a long list of reasons why I feel this way--readers only need to browse through this blog to read those reasons. I wonder when the fascist Indians will show up at my door to charge me with "insulting the national honour"?

Thankfully I am not alone. There are hundreds of Kashmiri bloggers--some of whom I have linked on the right column of this blog--who also remind readers that our grudge with the pathetic and fascist country of India is for genuine events that happen regularly. For instance, just yesterday, the Indian occupation slumdogs opened indiscriminate fire on mourners in a Kashmiri village called Kulgam. (Click here for news)

It is worthwhile to note here that there is not a single pro-India blogger from Kashmir. So much for India's claims that Kashmiris are pro-India! Even Omar Abdullah and his stooges gave up blogging when they ran out of lies to continue to justify India's occupation.


Why some comments are rejected

Many posters here have been upset that their comments are rejected. The reason why their comments were rejected is simple: because they were either abusive, off topic, repetitive, or sheer Hindutva Panun Kashmir propaganda.

Many posters have also pointed out that those objectionable comments be allowed so readers can judge for themselves whether the propaganda is just that or whether it carries any merit.

The whole point of this blog is to present the truth from the point of view of the victims of India's terrorist onslaught in Kashmir, and not to act as an outlet for Hindutva Panun Kashmir propaganda. For this reason, I will continue to filter any comments that I deem even remotely tries to spew Panun Kashmir lies and misinformation.

Just this once, I have saved all the rejected comments on the Kashmir Forum. I will let you readers decide whether my decision to disallow some comments has been appropriate or whether the comments should have been allowed.


Terrorist attack in Pune

All Kashmiris condemn in the strongest terms the terrorist attack on innocent people at the German Bakery in Pune yesterday. Nothing justifies these barbaric actions by criminals and enemies of all humanity. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims killed, and we hope for a speedy and complete recovery for those injured. Kashmiris stand behind you in this time of grief.

Kashmiris have been victims of similar terrorist barbarity unleashed upon us by the Indian Occupation forces and we have experienced similar terror many times. Just last week saw the murder of two innocent Kashmiri teens by the Indian Occupation forces who consider Kashmir their killing fields and use Kashmiris for target practice.

All terrorist acts must be condemned, no matter by whom they are carried out.

Once again, our hopes and prayers are with the victims of the Pune terrorist attack.


Suited justice by "Mother Kashmir" against Indian Occupation Troops

Seventeen Indian slumdog occupation troops have been killed after being buried alive in an avalanche near Khilanmarg.

It's a time to celebrate, to offer prayers of thanks, to hand out treats, to hug our fellow Kashmiris for this joyful news. If you are really keen, let's also light up some loud firecrackers.

What appropriate justice this is. After all, this is the least we could have hoped for after these slumdogs brutally murdered four innocent Kashmiri civilians in the last few weeks.

I am not the one to rejoice at the loss of any human life. But when we talk of the Indian slumdog occupation troops, we are talking of inhuman, conscience-less lowlifes. They cannot be considered human and do not deserve any sympathy. They have killed far too many innocent Kashmiri unarmed protesters to garner any sympathy from Kashmiris.

Kashmiris are inherently a gentle, non-violent race, and we have been known for our practice of non-violence over the course of history. This trait of our's has been used against us time and again to occupy our nation and subjugate us. But not anymore. It is time to show the Indians how much they are loathed in Kashmir.

The joy all Kashmiris feel today upon hearing this news is very similar to the joy that Indians feel when their news channels report the deaths of "Kashmiri terrorists" or "Kashmiri atankwadi" or "Kashmiri jihadis" or "Kashmiri ugarwadi" or "Kashmiri separatists" or even the joy that Indians feel when innocent unarmed Kashmiri protesters are killed. That is the same joy that Kashmiris feel today, when for a change, justice was served--not by some "terrorist" or "militant", but by nature itself.

To Kashmiris, the Indian Occupation Troops are the terrorists.

We hope and pray that nature repeats itself more often and kills more and more of these terrorist Indian slumdog soldiers for the sake of peace in Kashmir.

Let us celebrate with fervour this rare occasion for us to be happy.

Update: Another Indian slumdog died yesterday in yet another avalanche in Tangdar near Kupwor. (Details here). More reasons to celebrate.

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