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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Ten most evil-minded, sinister and despicable individuals in Kashmir

Compiling the list of despicable Kashmiris was easier than I thought, but sorting ten of the worse of the worst was a bit challenging. Eventually, however, a combination of the culprit's past actions and present known beliefs helped me to finalise the list.

The list is in the order of most evil and heinous to slightly less evil and heinous. In other words, the list is decreasing order: 1 is worse of the worst.

1. Ali Mohammad Sagar
The most criminal minded, hideously pathetic, and corrupt individual of Kashmir today is Ali Mohammed Sagar. Anyone who even alludes to the most unimaginable theory that Kashmiris are lying and exaggerating that their loved ones are missing has to be seriously demented. Sagar happens to be this seriously demented individual. Referring to the unmarked mass graves around Kashmir, this treasonous crook told a reporter that Kashmiris are lying and greatly exaggerating that their loved ones are missing. (Click here for news pertaining to this)

Further, this disgraceful scoundrel blamed the Hurriyat for the hundreds of graveyards of martyrs around Kashmir, instead of placing the blame where it belongs: the Indian occupation troops. Ofcourse this is an attempt to appease his masters, the Indian Occupation Troops, without whose protection, he wouldnt even be able to take a leak. This Indian stooge was the Home Minister during the NC government in the 90's and perhaps oversaw the arrest, interrogation and murders of thousands of missing Kashmiris. Is that why he is discrediting families looking for their loved ones? (Click here for news pertaining to this)

In addition to all that, Sagar is an ardent advocate of continuing to apply AFSPA in Kashmir. (Click here for news pertaining to this)

Ali Mohammad Sagar's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by just going away. Kashmiris might perhaps forget him if he denounces NC, quits politics, and moves away from Kashmir and migrates to his beloved India. Just go away, we don't want you here.

Ali Mohammad Sagar's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: After independence, he is most likely to be charged with treason and war crimes for his role during the time he was Home Minister.

2. Farooq Abdullah
The only reason this gasbag is not in the #1 slot is that I haven't read any more ramblings from him lately about pre-emptive airstrikes by his "Bharat Mata" against Kashmiri refugee camps in AJK. This unforgivable douche bag is perhaps personally responsible for thousands of deaths in Kashmir. He can singularly be considered the most corrupt politician ever to have stepped on the soil of Kashmir. I don't need to elaborate any further because there is not a Kashmiri who doesn't know about the treachery of this wretch.

Farooq Abdullah's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by asking for forgiveness, divulging the truth about his backroom deals with Indian intelligentsia about violently crushing the peaceful freedom struggle in Kashmir, rigging the 80's election to defeat the MUF, and returning the crores upon crores of rupees he has stolen from Kashmir. Further, he should move to his "Bharat Mata" and never return again.

Farooq Abdullah's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He will most likely be the first to stand trial for treason. He will also be tried for war crimes for the thousands who died while he was Chief Minister.

3. Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari
This corrupt moulvi is the manifestation of the cliched "corrupt moulvis." He has changed so many political parties that I lost count after three. The main reason he is in the #3 slot right after Farooq and Sagar is that he is taking undue advantage of the religious faith of his followers by making them vote for him even though they might not be pro-India. He is deliberately keeping them ignorant and backwards by denying them opportunities in education and advancement for fear they might get enlightened and thus get away from his clutches.

His pious followers innocently follow his every diktat because they consider it a religious duty as prescribed by Shia Islam. This mean-spirited moulvi is therefore a fraud because he is using his religious powers for his personal and political gain. That is a despicable and unforgivable thing to do: taking undue advantage of one's religious power for personal and political gains. For this reason, Moulvi Iftikhar Ansari is the 3rd worst treacherous person in Kashmir.

Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by asking for forgiveness from all his gullible and innocent followers and most of all from Allah (SWT) for committing fraud with Kashmir. Further, he should quit politics and permanently move to Lucknow, and relearn his moulvi lessons--but stay there, no need to return to Kashmir.

Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He is most likely to face charges of corruption, embezzlement and treason.

4. Mufti Syed
Maybe his corruption is second only to Farooq Abdullah and Iftikhar Ansari. This man, whose party sheds crocodile tears for the AFSPA, is the reason why AFSPA is applicable to Kashmir in the first place. He was the Home Minster of India during the culmination of the freedom struggle during the 80's. If there ever was a law of treason for any country, then it will most certainly be applicable for him. He is responsible for sending Jagmohan as Governor.

His PDP is most likely the creation of India's intelligence agencies. They created another one of these Kashmir based "muslim" pro-India party to counter-balance their other stooges, the NC. Divide and rule policy always works.

Mufti Syed's chances of redemption: He has so much to answer for, but asking for forgiveness is always a noble thing to do, especially when a person is in their prime age and only a small window of opportunity. He could start by admitting all he knows about India's machinations in Kashmir, which he must know since he was the Home Minister of India.

Mufti Syed's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: Because he was India's Home Minister when some of the most egregious atrocities occurred against Kashmiris, he will most likely be the among the first few to answer the war crimes tribunal.

5. Omar Abdullah
A clean slate no more. Although his name might not have been here had I compiled this list last year--being the son of a corrupt, treasonous, war criminal doesn't make the offspring guilty as well. But since assuming the title of head-puppet, Omar has raked in his own reasons for infamy.

Knowing that the new CM was one of their own, the Occupation Troops got emboldened to brazenly engage in beatings, murders, rapes, kidnappings, and arrests. The AFSPA protects them from prosecution, so no one has been punished. Omar did not know how the AFSPA works, so naively promised "exemplary punishment" for the troops who committed the murders. The Occupation Troops gave him the finger because no power can prosecute them while in Kashmir.

The reason Omar is the 5th worst unworthy individual in Kashmir is that instead of resigning when the troopers, who killed Amin and Javed of Bomai, were not punished, he should have resigned; but because he stayed in his position, he indirectly condoned the action of the murdering Troops. Why did he resign when he was accused of being involved in the sex scandal and not when the murderers were not punished? Is an accusation more important than seeking justice for the lives of two innocent Kashmiris?

Omar Abdullah's chances of redemption: He can still resign and ask for forgiveness from the people of Kashmir. He has lost too much credibility, so if he starts singing the tunes of pro-freedom, people will not buy it. Therefore, it is best if he left Kashmir for better pasture in his "Bharat."

Omar Abdullah's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He will most certainly be charged with treason for preventing peaceful protests over the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya. He will also face treason charges for the unjustified arrest of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, and other pro-freedom activists. He will be investigated for war crimes to see if he had any prior knowledge of shooting deaths of unarmed protestors.

6. Mehbooba Mufti
If I had a rupee for every time this hypocrite opened her mouth, I'd already be a millionaire. Complaining about atrocities now for which she kept her mouth shut during the time her party was propped up to power makes her a hypocrite and for that reason, she is the 6th worst corrupt individual and enemy of Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti's chances of redemption: She is one of only a few treasonous pro-India persons who can be tolerated if she genuinely asks for forgiveness for her anti-Kashmir activities. But she has to come clean and be genuine while asking for forgiveness from the people of Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: She will most likely be banned from ever participating in politics and be investigated whether she had any involvement or prior knowledge of disapperances, torture, or illegal police activities.

Check later why I feel the following deserve to be #7 - #10 on the list...

7. Mustafa Kamal

8. Muzaffar Husain Beg

9. Mian Altaf

10. Sheikh Nazir



  1. superb work and well written.oh so very true. makes you wana rip them to shreds when u think of all the crimes they have committed.

  2. I agree with this list and thanks for compiling it and sharing it with us. There's something I'd like to add: Sheikh nazir sells 'election tickets' on behalf of NC and obviously gives them away to the highest bidder. This information comes from a very reliable source as my father was one of the contenders. My recommendation is he should go up in the list.

  3. he he he! .... awesome work! U know, i feel if i take this task i will endup adding my name in the list aswell.come-on I can be as good as
    "a kashmiri" and as bad as "The Kashmiri".

  4. Dear,

    Last few posts have started making me feel, that, either you are not the same one who used to write those posts earlier or probably Immense frustation has crept into you.
    These self inflicted thoughts of bondage have started killing the fresh thoughts which used to emmanate from you earlier.

    It seems so similar to this Talk. And this is probably whats happening to people in Kashmir.


    -Core Kashmiri

  5. @corekashmiri
    maybe it's the Indians who have been brainwashed into beleiving in the "akhand bharat"

    Ever thought of that?

  6. Fantastic work Koshur,

    Keep it up.

  7. @ Core Kashmiri,

    Hatta Batta,

    We Kashmiris are Kashmiris first and muslims/hindus/sikhs/Buddhists later.....try and open your eyes. Kashmiri Muslims overwhelmingly want Independence except a few who want Pakistan. The Battas(Kashmiri Pandits) on the other hand only want India despite India having killed a 120,000 of their own brethren......why do Battas want India n not a secular democratic Kashmir.Have you ever seen a batta criticizing Indian policies in Kashmir as muslim Kashmiris openly criticize Pakistanis. WE ARE DEMOCRATIC, ITS YOU WHO HAVE CULT LIKE PROPERTIES.

    We would all live in harmony just like how it was before the advent of Indians/Pakistanis into J&K. C'mon Buddy wake up and stop being a fanatic Hindutva Indian......U r a Kashmiri first and a Hindu much later.

  8. @CoreKashmiri

    First of all I am the former "Koshur." I have decided to use my real name as I am not afraid of staying in the shadows. My name is Yousuf Shanavaz.

    Chinaar asked you a very good question. Despite being 95% muslim of which 80% are Sunni, Kashmiris overhwlemingly want independence as opposed to merge with Pakistan. On the other hand, you Pandits embrace India because of your religious affinity. Who is brainswashed and which group is acting like a cult?

  9. Dear Yusuf,

    Good to know your name. At least you have grown out of your conspiracy theories that Indian agencies were hunting for you of all the peaceful people of whom you are part off. remember your old blogs and comments.
    Chinaar did ask me a good question, but how can he read the answer, till you don't show it to him. so far written 3 comments, but dear I know, your heart,soul and mind have accepted what I had written, its the fog of confusion which is still keeping you away. let chinaar and all other read what you read and i wrote. It was harmless right??

  10. Corekashmiri, the name of this blog is "Truth be told" That means that if you try to spin Panun Kashmir lies and propaganda here, it will not be published. give it another try but without spin or propaganda.

  11. Nice ante mortom report of these spongers.
    I liked it

  12. this blog sounds like same as panun kashmir wake up all kashmiris panun kashmir is INDIAN RAW backed group and being honest i think its same as that group

  13. by the way i wana know what sageer report is i mean in real not gosip

  14. This is the excellent research done and I don’t found it funny but is a very serious matter. However S.No.2 Drugtor Abdullah you have done injustice. I will place him next to Slobodan Milosevic, the former President of Serbia Yugoslavia. They have very common to share such a war crimes, abuse of power and corruption charges, genocide even the rigging of elections. Well the latter was tried in International Criminal Tribunal and The Hague and the former is still enjoying the Ministry of so called world’s largest democracy. Milosevic was directly involved in war crimes, Farooq Drugtor became the facilitator of war crimes and 1001 mass grave found in Kashmir. World Human rights organisations and Kashmiri people have enough evidence to prove their point when he said “jails or the concentration camps in Kashmir are overly filled by kashmiris” and so called security forces he have given them free hand to catch and kill. I HAVE A BELIEF; time is not too far when he will be tried in THE HAGUE!!! Only time will tell.

  15. Superbly written. Hits the nail, right in the head..I will get back with a more detailed reply, later.

    Keep on doing the nice work.

    Allah Hafiz

  16. Spot on,the list could have been endless.what is even more challening is to compile a list of 10 kashmiris who can be discribed as CLEAN. i am having a great difficulty to compile such a list

  17. If you follow the indian line, you are a genius. If you have ideas indians don't like you are a brainwashed moonie twit incapable of comprehending superior intellect.

  18. My list would be more in order of the power and influence they yield rather than their individual acts alone, my list would include:

    1) Bakshi Gh Mohammad: for eroding all that was of Kashmir's autonomy

    2) Mufti Sayed: for above and further for his acts as a home minister

    3) Farooq Abdullah: for above and creating the STF, giving power to Ikhwanis and murdering Kashmiris in broad day light

    4) Omar Abdullah: for being a wiener and for charging young boys with waging war against India

    5) Muzaffar Husain Beg: for shifting sides from pro-Pakistan to pro-India like an ace and for humilating Kashmiri women

    6) Sajad Lone & Shabnum Gani Lone: for above and for selling Kashmir for the cheap price of a telecom company franchise

    7) Mehbooba Mufti: for being Kashmirs tragedy

    8) Bilal Lone: for accepting selling Kasmir's blood and for doing so on TV

    9) Yasin Malik: for going non-violent, getting KPs killed and for sitting silent as India murdered JKLF comrades after the ceasefire agreement

    10)Mirwiaz: for talking uselessly, for being a pin-up boy, for doing nothing sunstantial during the last 20 years. For his APHC paid a 100 rs/ Rape victim of the mass rape of Kashmiris women in Kunanpora.

    For the mainstream politicians, their war crimes are summoned in the main post.

    By looking for faults in just the other side, we are blinding ourselves to realities.