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Psyc Ops and the "Autonomy Report"

A State Government that cannot be dismissed at a whim by the Centre; a Prime Minsiter instead of the Chief Minister, and a "Sadr-e-Riyasat" (President) instead of the Indian appointed Governor--these would be some of the consequences of the "autonomy" report presented by the recent Centre-State relations Working Group, if the recommendations were ever implemented. NC says that its version of autonomy advocates going back to the pre-1953 status, which only hands over sovereignty in areas of Defence, Communications and Currency to the State of India--all other areas remain under Kashmiri control.

While I am at it, should I also mention that the report notes that horses can fly and it will snow in July? That is because India is just as likely to grant autonomy to Kashmir as it is likely that horses will begin to fly anytime soon.

For those familiar with my blog, remember how I have relentlessly pursued the murders of Amin and Javed and continually keep referring back to the hollow claim made by Omar Abdullah that the culprits will be handed "exemplary punishments"? (For the uninitiated, those are the posts on the right hand column of this blog titled "15 Days to jusice .......1 Day to justice. Read them and you'll know what I am talking about) Similarly, I will also pursue and call the bluff of pro-India parties because of their bogus claims to seek autonomy for Kashmir. Their claims are another "Psyc Ops" ploy to fool Kashmiris. And neither the NC nor New Delhi has any intention to go through with Kashmir's autonomy or anything even close to it.

Therefore, this is an open challenge to all pro-India political parties to proceed further with this Autonomy Report if they dare. I very much doubt they will, because they know very well that this is just another drama played between them and New Delhi: just another act to beguile people. I can see through this sleazy politics--anyone can.

I personally have no problem with the essence of the autonomy idea. It is one step closer to independence. People seeking independence, like myself, will not suddenly forget about independence and settle for autonomy. But for now, I am not adverse to the idea. The rampant Indianization taking place in heaps and bounds for the past 40 years will somewhat be mitigated, and that is something to look forward to. Indians also know this and are well aware that all their efforts at Indianizing Kashmiris will be undone should Kashmiris have control over their everyday lives. Therefore, take it from me that this report will never be implemented.

Further, the question arises, why release the report now and why hand it over to Omar Abdullah instead of the PM? To answer this, rewind back to the earlier attempt at seeking autonomy and how it was rejected by the then BJP government. The result was that NC gained an alibi that they could take back to the people and fool them during election campaigns: "We passed the autonomy bill, but the evil Delhi government rejected it."

More importantly for the BJP, rejecting the Autonomy Bill at the time reaped them immense benefits in Jammu. Similarly, we can be assured that the current Congress government will also ignore this report. NC will once again mint an excuse that will last them till the next set of elections. The front-page photo-op covered by most major newspapers that showed Omar accepting the report from Mr Sagir gave him an opportunity to make himself the champion of "autonomy"--even though he knows very well what happens next.

The Centre also created a clever excuse for themselves that will allow them to reject or ignore this report. By manufacturing serious doubt about the Working Group, they now have an excuse to reject the Group's recommendations entirely. All other opposition parties in Kashmir clamied surprise that they were not consulted before the report was finalized. A common whine is that the final draft didn't consider the input from the representatives of Jammu and Ladakh and even Panun Kashmir. This seriously puts the credibilty of the report in jeopardy, which precisely is what New Delhi desires--to discredit the report.

Eventually, New Delhi will reconstitute the Working Group, which will take its own sweet time of another 3-4 years, thus giving plenty of time for the NC to play the victim card once again and befool the people for the umpteenth time. And of course Sonia Gandhi will reap the benefits from Jammu and Ladakh and even Panun Kashmir for rejecting the report.

Thus the game works well for both sides in this drama: all the pro-India parties as well as New Delhi. A symbiotic relationship between the two most cunning enemies of the people of Kashmir.


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