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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


History of a nation is written by its occupiers

I could've opened this post with an expression such as "I am outraged" or "This is presposterous," but that would only be in case I was surprised. The Indian CBI report that ruled the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya as a mere case of drowning was no surprise to me or any Kashmiri for that matter.

We had already predicted this tactic long time back. What else would you expect when perpetrators investigate their own crimes?

It is quite well known that history is always written in a version that suits the victors. Currently, just because of military personnel--the slumdogs--, and unfortunately for us Kashmiris, the Indian occupiers have the upper hand in this battle just because of sheer numbers of criminal Indian soldiers who don't even think twice before pulling the trigger on unarmed Kashmiris. Therefore, Kashmir's history is what the Indians want it to be, even though most of it is imaginary spin. Kashmiris have little power to influence the version of events that the Indian propaganda machine wants to be believed as fact.

Many years from now, there are two possibilities for Kashmir's future. If Kashmir is independent, our history books will tell the truth about the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya. The story of these two young women, who were victim of the Indian Army, will find a place in our history books just like the stories of the rapes in Kunan Poshpora, and other murders, brutalities and mass graves that India similarly dismisses as concocted stories will. If we unfortunately are still under Indian occupation, then we know the history will be what the occupiers want it to be.

Interestingly enough, using the same tactics, the Indians had labeled the Kunan Poshpora mass rapes as a concocted story as well.

If the world media has any concern for truth, justice, and human rights, they will call for an international inquiry into the Kunan Poshpora and the Shopian rapes.



  1. This incidant looks seriously fishy.. Very likely that the CBI is trying to botch up the case.

  2. Welcome Ray,
    I am very glad you also feel this way.

  3. Dear Koshur,
    Good to see your post after a long time. I have also written about the Shopian tragedy and CBI in my latest post. My post too tells the same story.

  4. Dear Koshur,

    The evidence and other important trails on this case have been botched up so much by the indians and their henchmen in Kashmir that even an INTERNATIONAL enquiry will be of no use. Wake up Kashmiris and rise as one against your staunch enemy INDIA n its henchmen in Kashmir