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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


The dead are the lucky ones

You did not bear the humiliation that we living Kashmiris bear everyday
You stood up to the Indian dogs and resisted like brave men and women do
Sacrificing your lives for freedom, justice and honour

Amin, Javed, Mohiuddin, Neelofar, Asiya, and Sajad Ganayie: these are just a few names of martyred Kashmiris in the past months, of whom I have written and I know of--out of the hundreds of thousands of fallen Kashmiris whose stories will never reach the world.

I will not attempt to justify my absence. The injustice of it all is so overwhelming that it pains to express it in words. How can the world let the Indian dogs get away with so much horror, bloodshed, and brutality on Kashmiris?

Just when we were coming to grips with the murder of Amin and Javed by the Indian Army, and the subsequent murder of Mohiuddin by the Indian CRPF troops, shortly after, we were subsequently made to suffer through the agonizing ordeal of rape and murder by the Indian Army of Neelofar and Asiya and numerous other murders of unarmed protesters--the numbers for this year alone surpass 2000. And then came the murder of Sajad Ganayie of Langate by the Indian occupation troops. No one was punished for the murders of Amin and Javed; no one was punished for the murder of Mohiuddin; no one was punished for the rapes and murders of Neelofar and Asiya; and no one was punished for the murder of Sajad.

The Indian-appointed puppet-administration's bluff of "exemplary punishment" for the culprits involved in the murder of Amin and Javed was turned up on its head by the puppet administration's Delhi based masters, the merchants of death in Delhi, headed by the mercenary-of-death named Sonia Gandhi, who dances devilishly like a "Kali Mata" on the freshly shed blood of innocent Kashmiris and who is personally responsible for their murders, since she is the de facto head of state of India--Manmohan being her other lapdog, whose sole purpose apart from sycophancy is to be her "Indian face" to her illiterate and ignoramus populace.

The puppets were shown their proper place--by the feet of their Indian masters, like obedient dogs that they are--and retaught that of all those who speak against the Indian occupation troops, the least of all who will be tolerated by the Indian despots are the weasels running the show currently for India in Kashmir. One weasel is just as good as another weasel. Weasels have no character or conscience and will sell their souls just to cling on to the title of head-weasel. Lest Muftis take the coveted spot of the head-weasel.

And hence, no more barkings of "exemplary punishment" are heard from them as they has learnt to obey his Delhi masters, and therefore have adopted the more acceptable terminology of "It's being looked into" as his predecessors had done for decades. That's what was told to Tim Sullivan when asked about the murders taking place in Kashmir.

Thank you Mr Tim Sullivan of Associated Press for writing about this. Read Mr Sullivan's article here.


  1. Dear Kashmiris,

    These blogs are really revealing and I want to know more about you.

    Cricket is the ultimate barometer of South Asian sentiment. I would like to know from you. When Pakistan plays India, who do Kashmiris cheer and why?

    How about when Pakistan plays a country other than India?
    How about when India plays a country other than Pakistan?

  2. don't worry we shall send the likes of you to the other vermin dispatched earlier.