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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Ten most evil-minded, sinister and despicable individuals in Kashmir

Compiling the list of despicable Kashmiris was easier than I thought, but sorting ten of the worse of the worst was a bit challenging. Eventually, however, a combination of the culprit's past actions and present known beliefs helped me to finalise the list.

The list is in the order of most evil and heinous to slightly less evil and heinous. In other words, the list is decreasing order: 1 is worse of the worst.

1. Ali Mohammad Sagar
The most criminal minded, hideously pathetic, and corrupt individual of Kashmir today is Ali Mohammed Sagar. Anyone who even alludes to the most unimaginable theory that Kashmiris are lying and exaggerating that their loved ones are missing has to be seriously demented. Sagar happens to be this seriously demented individual. Referring to the unmarked mass graves around Kashmir, this treasonous crook told a reporter that Kashmiris are lying and greatly exaggerating that their loved ones are missing. (Click here for news pertaining to this)

Further, this disgraceful scoundrel blamed the Hurriyat for the hundreds of graveyards of martyrs around Kashmir, instead of placing the blame where it belongs: the Indian occupation troops. Ofcourse this is an attempt to appease his masters, the Indian Occupation Troops, without whose protection, he wouldnt even be able to take a leak. This Indian stooge was the Home Minister during the NC government in the 90's and perhaps oversaw the arrest, interrogation and murders of thousands of missing Kashmiris. Is that why he is discrediting families looking for their loved ones? (Click here for news pertaining to this)

In addition to all that, Sagar is an ardent advocate of continuing to apply AFSPA in Kashmir. (Click here for news pertaining to this)

Ali Mohammad Sagar's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by just going away. Kashmiris might perhaps forget him if he denounces NC, quits politics, and moves away from Kashmir and migrates to his beloved India. Just go away, we don't want you here.

Ali Mohammad Sagar's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: After independence, he is most likely to be charged with treason and war crimes for his role during the time he was Home Minister.

2. Farooq Abdullah
The only reason this gasbag is not in the #1 slot is that I haven't read any more ramblings from him lately about pre-emptive airstrikes by his "Bharat Mata" against Kashmiri refugee camps in AJK. This unforgivable douche bag is perhaps personally responsible for thousands of deaths in Kashmir. He can singularly be considered the most corrupt politician ever to have stepped on the soil of Kashmir. I don't need to elaborate any further because there is not a Kashmiri who doesn't know about the treachery of this wretch.

Farooq Abdullah's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by asking for forgiveness, divulging the truth about his backroom deals with Indian intelligentsia about violently crushing the peaceful freedom struggle in Kashmir, rigging the 80's election to defeat the MUF, and returning the crores upon crores of rupees he has stolen from Kashmir. Further, he should move to his "Bharat Mata" and never return again.

Farooq Abdullah's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He will most likely be the first to stand trial for treason. He will also be tried for war crimes for the thousands who died while he was Chief Minister.

3. Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari
This corrupt moulvi is the manifestation of the cliched "corrupt moulvis." He has changed so many political parties that I lost count after three. The main reason he is in the #3 slot right after Farooq and Sagar is that he is taking undue advantage of the religious faith of his followers by making them vote for him even though they might not be pro-India. He is deliberately keeping them ignorant and backwards by denying them opportunities in education and advancement for fear they might get enlightened and thus get away from his clutches.

His pious followers innocently follow his every diktat because they consider it a religious duty as prescribed by Shia Islam. This mean-spirited moulvi is therefore a fraud because he is using his religious powers for his personal and political gain. That is a despicable and unforgivable thing to do: taking undue advantage of one's religious power for personal and political gains. For this reason, Moulvi Iftikhar Ansari is the 3rd worst treacherous person in Kashmir.

Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari's chances of redemption: He can redeem himself by asking for forgiveness from all his gullible and innocent followers and most of all from Allah (SWT) for committing fraud with Kashmir. Further, he should quit politics and permanently move to Lucknow, and relearn his moulvi lessons--but stay there, no need to return to Kashmir.

Moulvi Iftikhar Husain Ansari's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He is most likely to face charges of corruption, embezzlement and treason.

4. Mufti Syed
Maybe his corruption is second only to Farooq Abdullah and Iftikhar Ansari. This man, whose party sheds crocodile tears for the AFSPA, is the reason why AFSPA is applicable to Kashmir in the first place. He was the Home Minster of India during the culmination of the freedom struggle during the 80's. If there ever was a law of treason for any country, then it will most certainly be applicable for him. He is responsible for sending Jagmohan as Governor.

His PDP is most likely the creation of India's intelligence agencies. They created another one of these Kashmir based "muslim" pro-India party to counter-balance their other stooges, the NC. Divide and rule policy always works.

Mufti Syed's chances of redemption: He has so much to answer for, but asking for forgiveness is always a noble thing to do, especially when a person is in their prime age and only a small window of opportunity. He could start by admitting all he knows about India's machinations in Kashmir, which he must know since he was the Home Minister of India.

Mufti Syed's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: Because he was India's Home Minister when some of the most egregious atrocities occurred against Kashmiris, he will most likely be the among the first few to answer the war crimes tribunal.

5. Omar Abdullah
A clean slate no more. Although his name might not have been here had I compiled this list last year--being the son of a corrupt, treasonous, war criminal doesn't make the offspring guilty as well. But since assuming the title of head-puppet, Omar has raked in his own reasons for infamy.

Knowing that the new CM was one of their own, the Occupation Troops got emboldened to brazenly engage in beatings, murders, rapes, kidnappings, and arrests. The AFSPA protects them from prosecution, so no one has been punished. Omar did not know how the AFSPA works, so naively promised "exemplary punishment" for the troops who committed the murders. The Occupation Troops gave him the finger because no power can prosecute them while in Kashmir.

The reason Omar is the 5th worst unworthy individual in Kashmir is that instead of resigning when the troopers, who killed Amin and Javed of Bomai, were not punished, he should have resigned; but because he stayed in his position, he indirectly condoned the action of the murdering Troops. Why did he resign when he was accused of being involved in the sex scandal and not when the murderers were not punished? Is an accusation more important than seeking justice for the lives of two innocent Kashmiris?

Omar Abdullah's chances of redemption: He can still resign and ask for forgiveness from the people of Kashmir. He has lost too much credibility, so if he starts singing the tunes of pro-freedom, people will not buy it. Therefore, it is best if he left Kashmir for better pasture in his "Bharat."

Omar Abdullah's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: He will most certainly be charged with treason for preventing peaceful protests over the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya. He will also face treason charges for the unjustified arrest of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, and other pro-freedom activists. He will be investigated for war crimes to see if he had any prior knowledge of shooting deaths of unarmed protestors.

6. Mehbooba Mufti
If I had a rupee for every time this hypocrite opened her mouth, I'd already be a millionaire. Complaining about atrocities now for which she kept her mouth shut during the time her party was propped up to power makes her a hypocrite and for that reason, she is the 6th worst corrupt individual and enemy of Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti's chances of redemption: She is one of only a few treasonous pro-India persons who can be tolerated if she genuinely asks for forgiveness for her anti-Kashmir activities. But she has to come clean and be genuine while asking for forgiveness from the people of Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti's fate after Kashmir becomes independent: She will most likely be banned from ever participating in politics and be investigated whether she had any involvement or prior knowledge of disapperances, torture, or illegal police activities.

Check later why I feel the following deserve to be #7 - #10 on the list...

7. Mustafa Kamal

8. Muzaffar Husain Beg

9. Mian Altaf

10. Sheikh Nazir



Psyc Ops and the "Autonomy Report"

A State Government that cannot be dismissed at a whim by the Centre; a Prime Minsiter instead of the Chief Minister, and a "Sadr-e-Riyasat" (President) instead of the Indian appointed Governor--these would be some of the consequences of the "autonomy" report presented by the recent Centre-State relations Working Group, if the recommendations were ever implemented. NC says that its version of autonomy advocates going back to the pre-1953 status, which only hands over sovereignty in areas of Defence, Communications and Currency to the State of India--all other areas remain under Kashmiri control.

While I am at it, should I also mention that the report notes that horses can fly and it will snow in July? That is because India is just as likely to grant autonomy to Kashmir as it is likely that horses will begin to fly anytime soon.

For those familiar with my blog, remember how I have relentlessly pursued the murders of Amin and Javed and continually keep referring back to the hollow claim made by Omar Abdullah that the culprits will be handed "exemplary punishments"? (For the uninitiated, those are the posts on the right hand column of this blog titled "15 Days to jusice .......1 Day to justice. Read them and you'll know what I am talking about) Similarly, I will also pursue and call the bluff of pro-India parties because of their bogus claims to seek autonomy for Kashmir. Their claims are another "Psyc Ops" ploy to fool Kashmiris. And neither the NC nor New Delhi has any intention to go through with Kashmir's autonomy or anything even close to it.

Therefore, this is an open challenge to all pro-India political parties to proceed further with this Autonomy Report if they dare. I very much doubt they will, because they know very well that this is just another drama played between them and New Delhi: just another act to beguile people. I can see through this sleazy politics--anyone can.

I personally have no problem with the essence of the autonomy idea. It is one step closer to independence. People seeking independence, like myself, will not suddenly forget about independence and settle for autonomy. But for now, I am not adverse to the idea. The rampant Indianization taking place in heaps and bounds for the past 40 years will somewhat be mitigated, and that is something to look forward to. Indians also know this and are well aware that all their efforts at Indianizing Kashmiris will be undone should Kashmiris have control over their everyday lives. Therefore, take it from me that this report will never be implemented.

Further, the question arises, why release the report now and why hand it over to Omar Abdullah instead of the PM? To answer this, rewind back to the earlier attempt at seeking autonomy and how it was rejected by the then BJP government. The result was that NC gained an alibi that they could take back to the people and fool them during election campaigns: "We passed the autonomy bill, but the evil Delhi government rejected it."

More importantly for the BJP, rejecting the Autonomy Bill at the time reaped them immense benefits in Jammu. Similarly, we can be assured that the current Congress government will also ignore this report. NC will once again mint an excuse that will last them till the next set of elections. The front-page photo-op covered by most major newspapers that showed Omar accepting the report from Mr Sagir gave him an opportunity to make himself the champion of "autonomy"--even though he knows very well what happens next.

The Centre also created a clever excuse for themselves that will allow them to reject or ignore this report. By manufacturing serious doubt about the Working Group, they now have an excuse to reject the Group's recommendations entirely. All other opposition parties in Kashmir clamied surprise that they were not consulted before the report was finalized. A common whine is that the final draft didn't consider the input from the representatives of Jammu and Ladakh and even Panun Kashmir. This seriously puts the credibilty of the report in jeopardy, which precisely is what New Delhi desires--to discredit the report.

Eventually, New Delhi will reconstitute the Working Group, which will take its own sweet time of another 3-4 years, thus giving plenty of time for the NC to play the victim card once again and befool the people for the umpteenth time. And of course Sonia Gandhi will reap the benefits from Jammu and Ladakh and even Panun Kashmir for rejecting the report.

Thus the game works well for both sides in this drama: all the pro-India parties as well as New Delhi. A symbiotic relationship between the two most cunning enemies of the people of Kashmir.



India must disintegrate for the sake of world peace

After former Yugoslavia, it is India's turn to naturally disintegrate (I cannot wait until the day when we can finally refer to India as "former India"). Just imagine, had the former unnatural federation of balkan states, called Yugoslavia, not unravelled, we would still be witnessing the grotesque bloodshed that the Serbs perpetrated during the 80's and 90's.

The war in former Yugoslavia resulted in a genocide perpetrated by the Serbs against Bosnians, which parallels what the Nazis did to minorities. In one instance, Serbs sequestered 5000 Bosnian Muslim men, and shot them execution style--all the while, the world stood by silently.

In comparison, India has massacred ten times more Kashmiris, and the same--if not worse--horrors are being unleashed by them on Kashmiris and yet the world is again standing by silently.

Over a 100,000 martyred Kashmiris, mass graves, mass rapes, kidnapping, murders, torture--all perpetrated by India; what else do the Kashmiri have to suffer through to get the world's attention?

Not only must the world censure India for it's heinous acts in Kashmir, the world must also move toward policies that call for India's disintegration. They should do this to ensure world peace. The Balkans is a peaceful region now only because Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo are independent of each other, instead of being hobbled together to form an unnatural federation called Yugoslavia. Allowing Yugoslavia to function as a federation of unwilling states would have been a crime against democratic principles and a crime against humanity--and we would have witnessed hundreds of thousands more deaths. The world community took decisive action, and thus prevented more horrors. Similarly, each state that seeks secession from India must be allowed to declare independence in order for there to be peace in South Asia. The similarities between former Yugoslavia and the forced union of states called India are self evident.

India is a country that should never have come into existence in the first place. It is an amalgamation of states with entirely different ethnicities, religions, languages and cultures that would have never come together naturally, freely, in a democratic way. The only reason why it exists within its current borders is that first the Mughals and later the British conquered successive smaller nations to create this monolith called India--held together then and even now by sheer military power and untenable repression.

Currently, India is a federation of unwilling states--an unnatural entity which will crumble under its own weight of repressive policies. A country standing on the might of its illiterate, poverty stricken, ignorant, and gullible population to subjugate Kashmir and other states seeking freedom is a crime against all humanity. The Indians are using their only source of power--the sheer number of their military, whom they recruit straight out of slums--to subjugate secessionist states, and also to occupy and invade neighbouring states such as Kashmir.

Assam, Jharkand, Punjab, Sikkim, Hyderabad, Maharashtra: just to name a few states where there are strong secessionist sentiments and active groups seeking secession for their respective states. This unnatural amalgamation of ethnically disparate regions would never have come together to form any sort of federation that would require them to relenquish the sovereignty of their states.

This unnatural imperial leftover of a mess called India has caused millions of deaths if we add up the casualties of India's suppression of all the secessionist movements in Assam, Punjab, Jharkand, and Kashmir combined. Is it worth to let this exercise in modern day imperialism to survive without threat of more deaths, more misery, and more subjugation of peaceful freedom seeking people? Above all, is it humane to witness India's grotesque tactic of befooling their gullible, poverty stricken population by spending billions upon billions on their military when a majority of Indians cannot even get a decent meal or clean drinking water?

India must disintegrate for the sake of world peace and humanity. Any more "wait and see" approach chosen by the world community will only result in more deaths, mass graves, mass rapes, and torture perpetrated by the most hideous of all countries in the world--India.



History of a nation is written by its occupiers

I could've opened this post with an expression such as "I am outraged" or "This is presposterous," but that would only be in case I was surprised. The Indian CBI report that ruled the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya as a mere case of drowning was no surprise to me or any Kashmiri for that matter.

We had already predicted this tactic long time back. What else would you expect when perpetrators investigate their own crimes?

It is quite well known that history is always written in a version that suits the victors. Currently, just because of military personnel--the slumdogs--, and unfortunately for us Kashmiris, the Indian occupiers have the upper hand in this battle just because of sheer numbers of criminal Indian soldiers who don't even think twice before pulling the trigger on unarmed Kashmiris. Therefore, Kashmir's history is what the Indians want it to be, even though most of it is imaginary spin. Kashmiris have little power to influence the version of events that the Indian propaganda machine wants to be believed as fact.

Many years from now, there are two possibilities for Kashmir's future. If Kashmir is independent, our history books will tell the truth about the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya. The story of these two young women, who were victim of the Indian Army, will find a place in our history books just like the stories of the rapes in Kunan Poshpora, and other murders, brutalities and mass graves that India similarly dismisses as concocted stories will. If we unfortunately are still under Indian occupation, then we know the history will be what the occupiers want it to be.

Interestingly enough, using the same tactics, the Indians had labeled the Kunan Poshpora mass rapes as a concocted story as well.

If the world media has any concern for truth, justice, and human rights, they will call for an international inquiry into the Kunan Poshpora and the Shopian rapes.



The dead are the lucky ones

You did not bear the humiliation that we living Kashmiris bear everyday
You stood up to the Indian dogs and resisted like brave men and women do
Sacrificing your lives for freedom, justice and honour

Amin, Javed, Mohiuddin, Neelofar, Asiya, and Sajad Ganayie: these are just a few names of martyred Kashmiris in the past months, of whom I have written and I know of--out of the hundreds of thousands of fallen Kashmiris whose stories will never reach the world.

I will not attempt to justify my absence. The injustice of it all is so overwhelming that it pains to express it in words. How can the world let the Indian dogs get away with so much horror, bloodshed, and brutality on Kashmiris?

Just when we were coming to grips with the murder of Amin and Javed by the Indian Army, and the subsequent murder of Mohiuddin by the Indian CRPF troops, shortly after, we were subsequently made to suffer through the agonizing ordeal of rape and murder by the Indian Army of Neelofar and Asiya and numerous other murders of unarmed protesters--the numbers for this year alone surpass 2000. And then came the murder of Sajad Ganayie of Langate by the Indian occupation troops. No one was punished for the murders of Amin and Javed; no one was punished for the murder of Mohiuddin; no one was punished for the rapes and murders of Neelofar and Asiya; and no one was punished for the murder of Sajad.

The Indian-appointed puppet-administration's bluff of "exemplary punishment" for the culprits involved in the murder of Amin and Javed was turned up on its head by the puppet administration's Delhi based masters, the merchants of death in Delhi, headed by the mercenary-of-death named Sonia Gandhi, who dances devilishly like a "Kali Mata" on the freshly shed blood of innocent Kashmiris and who is personally responsible for their murders, since she is the de facto head of state of India--Manmohan being her other lapdog, whose sole purpose apart from sycophancy is to be her "Indian face" to her illiterate and ignoramus populace.

The puppets were shown their proper place--by the feet of their Indian masters, like obedient dogs that they are--and retaught that of all those who speak against the Indian occupation troops, the least of all who will be tolerated by the Indian despots are the weasels running the show currently for India in Kashmir. One weasel is just as good as another weasel. Weasels have no character or conscience and will sell their souls just to cling on to the title of head-weasel. Lest Muftis take the coveted spot of the head-weasel.

And hence, no more barkings of "exemplary punishment" are heard from them as they has learnt to obey his Delhi masters, and therefore have adopted the more acceptable terminology of "It's being looked into" as his predecessors had done for decades. That's what was told to Tim Sullivan when asked about the murders taking place in Kashmir.

Thank you Mr Tim Sullivan of Associated Press for writing about this. Read Mr Sullivan's article here.