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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


When perpetrators investigate themselves

If anyone ever believes that the Indians will ever prosecute their troops responsible for the rape and massacre of Neelofar and Asiya, then I would like to inform them that they are about to be disappointed. The precedent of the past two decades proves that; the tactics of the occupiers in the past few months reinforces this statement. All the Indians ever want is more time and distraction to drag this for as long as they can so that evetnually people are simply fatigued to do anything about it. Eventually, the incident will be shoved under the carpet and will rest just like other cases such as the murder of Javid and Amin of Bomai.

The newspapers yesterday carried news that there was commotion in the Assembly about reports of "fudging" the DNA samples of Neelofar and Asiya. As though we are even the least bit surprised about this news. It is clear from the outset that the Indians wanted the case to go away by whatever means necessary.

I challenge the PDP or other so called "representatives" to call for an international inquiry into the incident. This was called by various Hurriyat leaders early on after the tragedy, but it is clear that the Indians will never agree to that because then the truth will definintely be out, much to their embarrassment.

I challenge the PDP and other pro-India parties to demand an international investigation into this incident if they have any shred of sympathy for the victims or any sincerety to seek justice for them.

Calling for a CBI inquiry is no different than calling the perpetrators to investigate their own crimes.


  1. I laugh at the stupidity of the Kashmiris, although being a Kashmiri myself means that Its a laughter directed at my own zameer/conscience/Eeman.

    Why would the culprit investigate himself or to be more precise......over the last 60 years how many times has the Indian army personnel been punished or gone to the gallows.

    Wake up guys, what sort of a retribution are you expecting. This is a WAR and we are being treated exactly like how an alien army treats the conquered population.

    Mass rapes/brutal killings/arson/extra-judicial killings etc etc etc etc are a long list of things that an occupation army is bound to follow.

    The only way we can stop this mayhem is by fighting these slum-dogs tooth n fail till we get them out of our madre-wattan Kashir.

  2. @chinaar

    I agree. Case in point-Bomai murders. Inquiry conducted proved murder by army. Results--nothing!

    Therefore, to expect that anything will come out of the present farce is foolish.

    Link will be posted later..it is definitely a good site.

  3. There is no need to challenge that for you can take it for granted that nothing will be done in this case too. Now that the enquiry is in the courts of the CBI which has been proven to be a puppet at the hands of the centre I expect the least out of the inquiry!

    In any case if out of blue moon the CBI comes up with an unbiased finding and the absolute truth even then I am certain that no one will be persecuted, coz that would bring the inevitable batter on the Indian forces which has been carrying the burden of "Holier than Thou" on its shoulder. :|

  4. Kashmiris are hopeless people. On the eve of 15 August, places like Pahalgam and Gulmarg were overrun by them. People had to spend the night on roads as there was no accomodation available. I wonder instead of sleeping on the roads of Pahalgam and Gulmarg just to enjoy the Hartal away from the Hartal, People could have marched to Shopian to express their firm will to fight for the freedom of Kashmir and rewarding Shopian sisters with Free Kashmir.
    But not the case this time again. We need Mahmud Ghaznavi or Mohammed Ghori to liberate us. We ourselves are hopeless and helpless lot.

  5. Dear Blogger,

    For non-kashmiris, please describe the sentiment in srinagar in Indian "administered" Kashmir on August 14th (Pak Independence day) and August 15th (Indian Independence day).

    This would be useful information coming from a kashmiri. Thanks.

  6. I had predicted in my blog about the said investigation and its outcome.We Kashmiris very well know Indian farce of conducting enquires.They are performing these atrocities in an occupied territory on the people who are not Indians so they dont mind if Kashmiri womens modesty is outraged or Kashmiris are killed in fake encounters to obtain gallantry awards.
    Kashmiris have to become Muslims first and have to implement islam on themselves in every aspect of life and then fight against the persecution.As Allah said in Al Quran,persecution is worst than slaughter.
    Kashmir centre Gaznavi or ghori or Kahalid Ibn Waleed (RTA) can rise every now and then if Muslims reject usury,Pray regularly,Shun jealousy and read and understand Quran and Kutub of sahi Hadis like Al bukhari,Tirmidi ,abu dawood ,Muslim.How many Kashmiri muslims have these books in their at their home?

  7. http://www.voanews.com/english/2009-08-14-voa10.cfm

  8. it will be our own kashmir's who will be heading that cbi team - now if they fail to nail the culprits who is at fault
    If our own people would not have betrayed us we would have tasted freedom long back
    It is intrests of our own rich upper class which is making poor kashmir's suffer

  9. Why is Army in kashmir....had we seen any Army personal or CRPF is Kahmir roaming around in cities bfore 1989. Army has been Brutal every where be it in Iraq...Afgnistan or Pakistan. who knows all 50 or 60 persons killed by Army in swat are Talibans.Think what can we do so that Army withdraw of its own. There is no army in Punjab now....

  10. Victims were drowned
    Locals did it
    They had an affair with the policemen
    Why did they go into camps on late hours
    We will launch a probe
    We have arrested 4 ( who are not the real culprits) in the case
    We will keep them in jail till public anger boils down
    They can genuinely come out through bails,since they haven't committed the crime,but we won't release them coz public will demand real culprits and make our day bad during assembly.
    Now that the assembly is over, we will release all the four guys.
    Why is Aga Asharf Ali threatening hunger strike.
    Did he initiate it?
    O we will hand over the case to CBI since we are unable to solve it.
    We can also give Rs 20lakh to anyone who can lead us to culprits.

    Meanwhile police within 24 hours of the grenade blast identified the culprit who was killed in the gun battle in Sopore. We swung into action. We are quick.Aren't we?