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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


When perpetrators investigate themselves

If anyone ever believes that the Indians will ever prosecute their troops responsible for the rape and massacre of Neelofar and Asiya, then I would like to inform them that they are about to be disappointed. The precedent of the past two decades proves that; the tactics of the occupiers in the past few months reinforces this statement. All the Indians ever want is more time and distraction to drag this for as long as they can so that evetnually people are simply fatigued to do anything about it. Eventually, the incident will be shoved under the carpet and will rest just like other cases such as the murder of Javid and Amin of Bomai.

The newspapers yesterday carried news that there was commotion in the Assembly about reports of "fudging" the DNA samples of Neelofar and Asiya. As though we are even the least bit surprised about this news. It is clear from the outset that the Indians wanted the case to go away by whatever means necessary.

I challenge the PDP or other so called "representatives" to call for an international inquiry into the incident. This was called by various Hurriyat leaders early on after the tragedy, but it is clear that the Indians will never agree to that because then the truth will definintely be out, much to their embarrassment.

I challenge the PDP and other pro-India parties to demand an international investigation into this incident if they have any shred of sympathy for the victims or any sincerety to seek justice for them.

Calling for a CBI inquiry is no different than calling the perpetrators to investigate their own crimes.


Just what Sonia Gandhi had wished for

The Indian intelligence has succeeded in shattering the non-violent phase of our struggle with the militant attack at Regal Chowk and Batmallu today.

I had written about this recently and my argument was that the Indian government is provoking Kashmiris into a renewed armed struggle as it suits their propaganda machinery overseas. We have made many good strides by using a political approach and educating western leaders and the western public about our genuine and peaceful independence struggle.

Today's attack could very well have been orchestrated by the Indians themselves. As you can see from the news report of the incident, it seems very convenient that the Indian troops got just lightly injured in the attack but a Kashmiri policeman died moments later in a different attack. Both attacks were obviously well coordinated to take place at the same time. So it seems obvious that for the Indian agents who carried out this attack, Kashmiri lives are expendible as long as no harm comes to their own slumdog troops. 

After all, what can we expect from a disgusting country which harbours murderers and rapists of innocent Kashmiris. For the Indian intelligence agents, provoking chaos and hatred seems to be the current modus operandi. It is clearly in their interest to place the blame for the rape and murder of Neelofar and Asiya on the local police and not the real culpits: the Indian troops. The police in Shopian might very well have been involved in the heinous incident, but what about the Indian troops stationed there within shouting distance from where the bodies were found? A respected human-rights watch group has squarely implicated both the police as well the Indian troops in the heinous crime. Yet, why is it that the Indian staged-justice system is hell bent on prosecuting the police and turns a blind eye to investigate the involvement of their own troops?

The Indian justice system is a mockery and its not that we should expect anything better from these bottom feeding slumdogs. It has been six months since Javed and Amin of Bomai were murdered by the Indian army. Separate inquiries conducted by the state as well as the Indians implicated the Indian Army in the murders. The killers have perhaps been promoted by now because no one even knows their names or what the consequence of both the damning inquiries was. Omar Abdullah had promised an examplary punishment for the culprits. Just hot-air it seems!

Same has been the fate of every single murder committed by the Indian occupation troops here--the inquiries found them guilty but the culprits remain unpunished.

If someone were to ask me, these are clearly provocative tactics. They murder, rape, humiliate, and then conduct an inquiry, confirm that yes indeed they committed those heinous crimes but then show us the finger, that we cannot do a thing about it. Clearly, it is bound to provoke some people to commit violence against  the occupation troops--which is indeed what suits the Indians.

Shame on Sonia Gandhi and her disgusting country.