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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Underestimating the power of your voice

An ocean is but a mass of individual droplets of water. Each droplet, a harmless little sparkling sphere, is insignificant when looked at on its own, but when it becomes part of the ocean, its power is unmatched; its fury unforgiving.

The above sentence is my attempt at paraphrasing that age old saying.

All Kashmiris, whether in Kashmir or living overseas, have to do their part in voicing their opposition to India and its crimes in Kashmir. Our collective voices will resonate so the world will take notice, like people take notice of a tsunami even though it is formed by individual, insignificant droplets of harmless water. You might think that your's is but an insignificant voice, or that it doesn't matter what you have to say because no one is listening anyway; but please take time to think for a moment. It is this resigned outlook about our freedom aspirations that our voices have not been heard till now. Every drop counts! Every email that goes to the US embassy or to your local MP's in western countries adds to the effort. It is not only your duty toward your motherland, but also the right thing to do. 

It is our duty to tell the story of how Amin and Javed of Bomai were murdered by the RR in February of this year, and how the government established that infact they were murdered in cold blood. And yet the murderers are still free: free to terrorize innocent Kashmiris. Maybe they were the same Indian army personnel who raped and murdered Neelofar and Asiya; after all, punishment for one murder or mulitple murders is the same. Or in the case of Indian occupation troops in Kashmir, the punishment is a pat on the back - for a job well done of subjugating Kashmiris. Not a single Indian trooper has been prosecuted for any human rights violation even though inquiry after inquiry concluded that the Indian forces were at fault.

Is it not our duty as Kashmiris to bring this to the attention of the world? The world media is hypocritical and under the influence of zionists to have the conscience of bringing this absurdity to the attention of their viewers and readers. How absurd it is that two inquiries set up by the government so far this year have implicated the Indian forces and not a single Indian personnel has been punished. Any responsible news organization would have reported about this, but only if they weren't prejudiced.

Is it not our duty to to tell the story of Mohuiddin Malik, an innocent carpenter from Pakherpoor who was shot dead in cold blood at his home in the presence of his young family? Is it not our duty to inform the world that Kashmiris are still awaiting justice for his death even though the murderers have been known all along and yet are still free, patrolling the streets of Kashmir - free to commit more crimes?

If you can use email, you can help bring the plight of Kashmiris to the world attention. Four innocent unarmed protesters have been killed within the past week and the world is still unaware that Kashmiris are being denied even the most basic of rights: the right to protest. The world is still unaware that these four Kashmiri youth were killed while protesting peacefully against India. We are not a "bilateral issue" between India and Pakistan - as the hypocritical world media projects us as. It is up to us to flood the inbox of all leaders of western countries with our story, and relate our yearning for freedom and an escape from Indian tyranny. It is our responsibility to bring the protests from the streets of Kashmiri to the attention of the world leaders. 

Please do not shy away from writing a few sentences to the most powerful man on this planet and let him know about what you as a Kashmiri want. Let him know about the crimes that the Indians have committed and how we are being denied the same rights that he has been a proponent of for citizens of other counttries. Just last week, President Obama, commenting on the protests in Iran, had this to say, "The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights." Then why is he silent on the Kashmiris being denied the same rights? Why have four innocent lives been lost when criminal Indian troopers deny us the right to protest, and not a word of sympathy from the Whitehouse? Why does President Obama similarly not chastise the Indian government? Is it because our voices have not reached him?

Please write to him about this and let him know in your own words.



  1. Dear Koshur,

    Thanks for your encouragement but to start a blog, I would need to leave my present job which is my bread n butter.

    If and when I do start a blog, I will pursue it with a passion.On a different note, I completely agree with your views viz a viz the Taaliban and as Kashmiris we must ensure nothing of their stone age mentality enters our beloved Kashmir.In other words I don't want my sister to share her husband with 3 other women and would Farrah Pandit have reached the position where she is now if her father had acted like the Taaliban n never sent her to school.

    However coming back to your present post, I have written to President Obama, Prime minister Brown and have petitioned the European Parliament on the issue of unidentified mass graves in Kashmir.

    Although we are creating a small ripple on the western shores but we need a lot more co-ordination.Our leaders today are a bunch of small children(nit wits) and except maybe Syed Ali Shah Geelani whose views sometimes I must admit are constipating but nevertheless he has continued to show a lot of integrity and passion despite the circumstances.

    I do not know if the policy of hartals is the right one but under the circumstances what other avenues does a common Kashmiri have of appraising the world about his/her destitute condition. Maybe we should explore other means of peaceful protests on the Kashmir Forum.

    We as Kashmiris should also start writing to all major journalists in the world and appraise them about our condition. I mean go to CNN/FOX/CNBC/ABC/ALJAZEERA websites and write to their journalists. These people are quite open to suggestions and repeated queries will definitely make them think about Kashmir in a different way.

    I have called the offices of the OHCHR in Switzerland on 4 occasions and each time a person of Indian name/descent answered my call but repeated calls eventually forced them to issue statements against Indian forces and AFSPA in Kashmir.

    A lot of Kashmiris that I come across in the west are too busy with their lives and no longer care about the Kashmir cause but then there are quite a few who have done a lot.

    Bottom line: we need more co-ordination, we need to educate more people about the Kashmir issue and how India is subjugating us. We need to ensure continuity and last but not the least we need to continuously denounce the Indian rule over Kashmir.

  2. Dear Chinar,

    I think the idea of writing to the journalists of CNN etc. looks good. Do you have some more information on that? In case you do, please share it with us here. I mean an e-mail ID would be really helpful!


  3. @theunheardvoice

    Very warm welcome to the world of blogging.

    I also agree with unheardvoice that your suggestion about contacting journalists from all the western media is fantastic. I will also try to find out names and emails of reporters I find might be sympathetic to Kashmir and then I will post them here so that other can also write to them

  4. http://www.cnn.com/feedback/cnni/

    check the bottom of this website, u can actually write comments to all the international journalists for CNN

  5. Kashmir Scenario- Anger on streets –Is CM listening?CHOOSE YOUR RIGHT FRIENDS???
    - A HELPING HAND OR MUDSLINGERING? you should try to read the intentions----we want ou to succeed.
    the electrifying short speech in parliament had made even the strong critics of Abdullah family stop to loosing complete hope in the present day Governance ,and to re- think that in some nook or corner there exists a young Kashmiri who can think above the dirty politics and ancestral mistakes, and at least can make future Kashmir a better place to live in. But, the man badly let down his recently acquired admirers.What harmed his credibility is that he blindly chose; what is a brutal crime at one end is an immense human tragedy at the other? And, to discard hurriedly it as a case of accidental death by drowning invoked public suspicion, anger and unrest. Kashmiris for some time are living in a world where there are people who commit crimes and create chaos in society. There are people who commit robbery,steal cars, abductions; rivalries. There are people who vandalize cities. There are people who torment others. There are officers who are knee deep in corruption. Common innocent masses face harassment at the hands of law enforcing agencies.There are officers who are not fair and just when it comes to their dealings with general masses . Often times, they get away with their wrongdoings. There can be no peace without the firm establishment of justice, and security; an unjust social system is a temporarily dormant volcano whose eruption can be expected any moment. How can there be peace, when honor ( izzat Aabroo ka muqam-) is not restored to the owner,people w feel insecure even in their homes or when criminals go free after blatantly breaking law and order?Despite that the General public,s disagreement with his political emancipations, or how a political legacy divides and rules the fortunes of J&K’state . Definitely many people carried a good will for him and considered him as an honest and a well meaning person ,a futuristic administrator, and daring, and also had firm belief that he was mis- led about the Shopian incident; protests across the Valley which subsided only after a probe began to identify the culprits. This is where from he should have re-evaluated his advisory panel.,He failed to pick loose threads from the opportunity public had provided him by giving him margin of misinformation. There was a chance for him to tie up the loose knots from where he could restore his lost credibility.But no one in the government has tried to find out who misled the CM on such a sensitive issue — also underlined the lack of control the government had over the administration. It seems his poorly PR advisors are not performing well;Srinagar erupted again Violent protests are becoming routine, Shopian first than it was Barmaulla; now almost whole valley is under the grip of anger and grief. Unless the writ of law and order is re- established on emergency war footing ,the hopes of giving J&K a “politically serious and administratively accountable” government" under present leadership seems to be very dim……..before at least questions will creep bout his efficiency to Govern a hot state like Jammu and Kashmir, the murky writing on the wall is becoming readable as days pass .
    -- a recently acquired admirer ( crtiic turned admirer) who just missed including you in his face book as "My favorites " .

  6. Koshur
    I have posted few rare pictures of Abdullah clan in my latest blog post. I appeal to every Kashmiri blogger to publish these pictures in their own blogs.