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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Diversion tactics

It is well known that oppressive and belligerent governments use all means at their disposal to create a diversion while they engage in their unlawful acts. Take for instance the most hideously racist regimes of our time: Netanyahu's Israel; Sonia Ghandi's India; the former US vice-president Dick Cheney and his subordinate, former president George Bush. It is well known that they will try to rake up other issues to take the heat off their racist and oppressive agendas.

Israel has all along tried to divert attention from its unlawful occupation and building construction in Jerusalem by raking up the Iranian nuclear issue. Now that President Obama has put his foot down and remained steadfast that no construction will be allowed in Jerusalem, Israel has countered by diverting attention from this and bringing up the Iranian nuclear issue: diversion techniques!

We saw how Cheney and Bush tried to divert attention from their failures in Afghanistan by invading Iraq: again diversion techniques! 

It will not be an overstatement by claiming that Cheney and Bush were entirely under the influence of Israeli advisors. Likewise, we are aware of the influence of Israeli Mossad on the current Sonia Gandhi government. 

The Indian intelligentsia will try their best to divert attention from the Bomai, Khaigam, Sopore killings, as well as the Shopian rapes and murders. Therefore, it suited them perfectly to bring the moot point of Omar Abdullah's name on a mysterious list prepared by the CBI (another intelligence organisation), and then the very next minute, the same CBI states that Omar is not under investigation. As you can see, drama was created thus diverting attention from the real issues at hand: the Bomai murder of two innocent friends by the Indian army; the Khaigam murder of an innocent carpenter by the CRPF troops; the Sopore murder of four innocent unarmed protesters by a CRPF officer; and the Shopian murder and rape of Neelofar and Asiya by the Indian troops. 

The diversion techniques taught by the Israeli Mossad to the Indian intelligence community are unfortunately effective. We saw that in all the excitement about Omar Abdullah's staged resignation, attention of the public withdrew  from the gruesome murders by the Indian occupation troops to the ensuing drama in the Assembly.

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  1. Ajaz Ahmed KashmiriJuly 30, 2009 7:30 AM

    Divergence techniques....True......but Kashmiris need to be blamed for being getting distracted from our focus on our goal of achieving indpendence.Onus is on the citizens of Kashmir to remain steadfast and firm in our convictions. If we firmly strive for our freedom from India and Pakistan, we can very well repel the forces of such techniques.The fact is that we are week in our belief of Independent Kashmir. We have become pessimistic. While as we are doing many things to keep the freedom struggle going, we are not doing enough to reaffirm the belief of Independent Kashmir. We need to do aggressive campaigning among the masses of Kashmir and let them know the importance of being steadfast in our goals. ajaztam@hotmail.com

  2. @Ajaz
    I think it is fatigue. The spirit of achieving independence from India and Pakistan will never die, but people are fatigued by indifference of the world even though India has mercilessly killed so many innocent protesters. They have nothing to show for supporting the freedom struggle thus far. India has got away with suppressing us for so long that truly fatigue has started to creep in. 90% of the movement leaders are in jail or under house arrest. Is there even a whisper from the world community about this mockery of all democratic norms?

    Even though people might show fatigue, I think it just a matter of time before Ragda II. That will be the deciding factor and will uproot the Indian occupation tree. It has to be coordinated with immense and hectic information campaign overseas to inform politicians from western countries about our peaceful movement, and the undemocratic oppressive techniques that the Indian barbarians are using to suppress Kashmiris.

  3. What kind of "movement leaders" are you referring about?

    The ones who can be easily sold and manuevered?
    Is the freedom of Kashmir entirely and solely dependent on bunch of these few astute people?

    I suppose its high time that "the people" of Kashmir got together and started premeditating about the freedom of Kashmir.
    Ragda II will be a failure if the people there time and again become handicap due to few people under housearrest or in jails!

    I guess now its up to the people there to decide what they want and how are they going to achieve it!

  4. @sadaf

    I can see your point. But how many Kashmiris are willing to go to jail for simply voicing their desire for independence? I do not think there are many. Most Kashmiris want independence but bring tortured, jailed and humiliated by the slumdog Indians is not an option for them.

    There are about 20 bloggers from Kashmir including myself who chose to remain anonymous because we are aware that the Indians can detain us indefinitely using the PSA. Is this an exaggeration? No, because we are aware of how barbaric these low-life Indians are.

    In contrast, peaceful Hurriyat leaders are still in jail for their convictions and for that they have my respect. Geelani, Nayeem Khan, Shabir Shah, Asiya Andrabi just to name a few, are these names in any way invloved in violence? Not by a long shot. What about Fareeda bahenji, mirwaiz, yasin Malik, is their frequent house arrest anything but to deter other Kashmiris from joining the freedom movement overtly?

    Indians are despicable. Their democracy is a sham.

  5. Fine. agreed to your agrument but seriously tell me what have they done for the people there? Just one thing that they have given people - a common agenda a common goal of Freedom, other then this what have they done?

    If you are not ready to pay the high price that comes along with Freedom then how are you going to get one? By sitting at home and making speeches and being under house arrest by a bunch of morons? And how many of their children have come forward for the struggle?How similar is their life with that of the common Kashmiri who is time and again brutalised by the India forces?

    And one more thing, Indians or for that matter no country is despicable its the various state related policies that are despicable. The fight is against these atrocious policies and not the people! :)