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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Desperate enemy: Sonia Gandhi

Without a doubt the Indian intelligentsia have stooped very low this time--not that we ever doubted that the slum-dogs couldn't stoop any lower--maligning the reputation of two innocent girls who were raped and murdered when they are not alive to defend themselves certainly exposes the desperation of the Indian Intelligence Bureau. As though their operatives here have no sisters and mothers of their own. 

Accusing the poor victims of immorality when they are not alive to defend their reputation is such a repugnant accusation, it only serves to display the delinquency of the Indians running the show.

As if we have not witnessed such tactics before. We all saw how they tried to use these same antics when they murdered Javed and Amin of Bomai and tried to claim that the innocent students were "terrorists." How those claims fell by the wayside later!

Then they tried to paint Mohiuddin Malik of Pakherpoor as a militant who was killed in an "encounter." It was proven that he infact was killed in cold blood by the Indian troops. 

In both these cases, we saw how the Indian officials as well as their propaganda machinery tried unsuccessfully to paint the innocent victims as anything but innocent. And the culprits are still unpunished and maybe even have been rewarded.

Who is responsible for all this mayhem? Certainly we cannot keep blaming Indian Intelligence pawns or operatives for these repugnant crimes; they are only following orders--But the question is, whose orders? Is Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and their other henchmen privy to all this mayhem, which without a doubt the Indian Intelligentsia is perpetrating on our streets in Kashmir? I hold Sonia Gandhi personally responsible for all the deaths in Kashmir: This is my conclusion from my analysis of all the events of the past few months since Kashmiris came out in unison, peacefully protesting against Indian rule.

It suits Sonia Gandhi's families' hegemony as future rulers of India to keep Kashmir as an Indian possession. Anything else would make her family fortunes doubtful as the opposition would pounce on her perceived weakness were Kashmir to secede under her watch. Therefore, for her, it's a choice between innocent Kashmiri lives, or the future Prime Ministerial job for her son. Her choice seems to have been obvious with the recent events. 

I do not make this accusation lightly. Ever since Kashmiris starting protesting peacefully, all subsequent murders have an uncanny similarity. All victims have been innocent Kashmiris who were falsely accused of being something else: clearly an attempt to enrage Kashmiris to either take up arms against the Indians or simply take other drastic steps. Anything to justify the presence of Indian troops here. These events seem to have taken the most sinister turn since the Kashmiri people took to the streets in silent protests as opposed to taking up arms. It does seem that the Indians prefer that Kashmiris would rather take up arms. After all, it becomes easier for them to paint us as raged up Islamic fanatics with AK-47's by our side. They fear that the world will see the truth about them suppressing an unarmed resistance. As it is evident, it is easy to paint themselves as fighting an armed insurgency rather than being seen as oppressors.

This is also evident from the recent statements from their top officials, who keep repeating the concocted fable of "fighting insurgency" as a reason to keep the million Indian troops on the streets of Kashmir.

We will call their bluff and bring the truth out to the world: this I promise.


  1. Dear Koshur,

    I don't agree with u on this, the enemy is the state and its policies and not an individual. Sonia/Manmohan/Chidambaram/Omar Abdullah are a part of a machine that is against Kashmiris. So you cannot indict one individual...you have to attack the policies and the portfolios that these individuals are following.

    For e.g in this case, you can attack dynastic politics in India and Kashmir rather than attack one particular family or Individual.

    Hope you get my point.


  2. Dear Chinar,

    I feel Sonia Gandhi is taking her nation as well as the lives of Kashmiris hostage just to safeguard her own narrow personal interests. It would be an understatement saying that she runs the affairs in Delhi--She is Delhi!

    Not a single Indian policy is approved unless it has her blessings. She runs the country. It is my belief that IB people had infact run the repurcussions of their current tactics in Kashmir before her, and that she gave her tacit approval, knowing well that innocent Kashmiris will be victims.

    The things that people are capable of doing just to hold on to power.

  3. She's been in Power for how long now, what was happening to us before her and what was our state of affairs when the congress party itself was out of power.

    Bro, its the policies and debauchery of the Government of India that is our enemy, Sonia Gandhi is just a passing phenomenon in the corridors of power.

    By the way I just started my blog, do post the address on your website and gimme your comments.


  4. http://abodeofthesaints.blogspot.com is the website



  5. dear koshur
    It is true that people in kashmir are being implicated into crimes that they have never commited or murdering them so that the kashmir issue remains alive ,Kashmir is a cold war between India and akistan with no political will to solve it, as long as india and pakistan are enemies of each other these things will never stop ,If pakistan wants peace for kashmir india will never let it happen because they are hellbent to prove pakistan is a terrorist country and they are sending terrorist to kashmir and on the other hand if India wants peace for kashmir pakistan will never want that because they want to prove that india has a very bad human rights record and they are killing kashmiris and targetting muslims elsewhere which is true and has been proved ,sonia ghandi is a foreign lady ruling india, the day she says anything about kashmir it will be end of her political career and for her party so as far as i see it she should not say anything about a place which is a minute fraction of a large chunk she rules.
    Kashmir is a chess game and kashmiris are pawns, India and pakistan the two players, the first to die are the pawns. I am not surprised what ever is happening here but i am worried what worse is in store for us.
    abdulla's,mufti's and others are traitors and in no way represent kashmir ,they are only concerned how to stick to the chair and suck the lollipops forever

  6. U r a race that's atleast is dying in your homeland; we are dying and being killed even after we fled from our homeland thinking that we will be safe here. btw, if Bengalis had been a bit of the violent that kashmiris are; then the world media would have known about us. dear friend, 30 million people living a wretched existence and nobody cares about us. how many Kashmiris are there in this world?

    All said I envy you Kashmiris because of your strong filial ties-we as a race don't care if the Bengali near us is killed how. We just trying to eke out a living; It really is something when you come out of homes in thousands and battle live bullets--its a spirit I ENVY-FROM MY HEART!