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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Diversion tactics

It is well known that oppressive and belligerent governments use all means at their disposal to create a diversion while they engage in their unlawful acts. Take for instance the most hideously racist regimes of our time: Netanyahu's Israel; Sonia Ghandi's India; the former US vice-president Dick Cheney and his subordinate, former president George Bush. It is well known that they will try to rake up other issues to take the heat off their racist and oppressive agendas.

Israel has all along tried to divert attention from its unlawful occupation and building construction in Jerusalem by raking up the Iranian nuclear issue. Now that President Obama has put his foot down and remained steadfast that no construction will be allowed in Jerusalem, Israel has countered by diverting attention from this and bringing up the Iranian nuclear issue: diversion techniques!

We saw how Cheney and Bush tried to divert attention from their failures in Afghanistan by invading Iraq: again diversion techniques! 

It will not be an overstatement by claiming that Cheney and Bush were entirely under the influence of Israeli advisors. Likewise, we are aware of the influence of Israeli Mossad on the current Sonia Gandhi government. 

The Indian intelligentsia will try their best to divert attention from the Bomai, Khaigam, Sopore killings, as well as the Shopian rapes and murders. Therefore, it suited them perfectly to bring the moot point of Omar Abdullah's name on a mysterious list prepared by the CBI (another intelligence organisation), and then the very next minute, the same CBI states that Omar is not under investigation. As you can see, drama was created thus diverting attention from the real issues at hand: the Bomai murder of two innocent friends by the Indian army; the Khaigam murder of an innocent carpenter by the CRPF troops; the Sopore murder of four innocent unarmed protesters by a CRPF officer; and the Shopian murder and rape of Neelofar and Asiya by the Indian troops. 

The diversion techniques taught by the Israeli Mossad to the Indian intelligence community are unfortunately effective. We saw that in all the excitement about Omar Abdullah's staged resignation, attention of the public withdrew  from the gruesome murders by the Indian occupation troops to the ensuing drama in the Assembly.

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When slumdogs attempt writing about Kashmir

They end up embarrassing themselves.

Take the case of a dimwit who wrote this mindless drivel (click here to read article).

I knew we had a pretentious poodle on our hands the moment I read his first few sentences: "..[plebiscite] excites the cerebral neurons of a libertarian...[self-determination will have] deleterious consequences for its protagonists and antagonists..", he writes.

You perhaps already have an idea what a conceited slumdog we are dealing with here as soon as you read that sentence. When someone has to resort to the use of such needless pompous words to attempt concealing a weak argument, you know they must have lost their bearings. It reminds me of a great English professor in university, Mr. Noor-ul-Hassan, who once bestowed us with this simple advice: "Never use heavy-sounding words where simple ones will suffice: readers will figure out your attempt to cover-up a poor argument regardless, " he cautioned us. This gem of an advice holds true at all times, and is very apparent while reading our slumdog friend's blurts!

Let me attempt to see what else this clown has in store for us.

"Do Kashmiri Muslim aspirations qualify for legitimate independence or is this brouhaha nothing more than a devious design by a majority to establish its hegemony.", he writes.

He seems to have a fetish for the childish word "brouhaha" for some reason and has used it in some his previous write-ups as well. This is clearly an indication of his limited slumdog vocabulary, and evidence of a cut/paste job of words from an online thesaurus. Nowhere is this more evident than in the next sentence where he attempts to paint the recent protests against the murder of Neelofar and Asiya as mere tactics of Hurriyat to remain relevant in Kashmiri politics, and not the genuine outburst of an oppressed people: "..the Hurriyat is in a tizzy, resorting to obfuscatory tactics to remain relevant.", he foolishly attempts to explain.

Even novice writers can figure out that his pretentious use of "big" words such as "obfuscatory" is to conceal his naivety. In the same sentence, his use of other childish and immature words such as "tizzy" clearly expose his naivety when it comes to the use of English language. In reality, the word "tizzy" would more likely suit adolescent girls than in this pretentious writer's article--not that his article is any better than a child's rant. The writer attempts to appear as though using such words will cover for his laughable argument. 

Will continue later...


Desperate enemy: Sonia Gandhi

Without a doubt the Indian intelligentsia have stooped very low this time--not that we ever doubted that the slum-dogs couldn't stoop any lower--maligning the reputation of two innocent girls who were raped and murdered when they are not alive to defend themselves certainly exposes the desperation of the Indian Intelligence Bureau. As though their operatives here have no sisters and mothers of their own. 

Accusing the poor victims of immorality when they are not alive to defend their reputation is such a repugnant accusation, it only serves to display the delinquency of the Indians running the show.

As if we have not witnessed such tactics before. We all saw how they tried to use these same antics when they murdered Javed and Amin of Bomai and tried to claim that the innocent students were "terrorists." How those claims fell by the wayside later!

Then they tried to paint Mohiuddin Malik of Pakherpoor as a militant who was killed in an "encounter." It was proven that he infact was killed in cold blood by the Indian troops. 

In both these cases, we saw how the Indian officials as well as their propaganda machinery tried unsuccessfully to paint the innocent victims as anything but innocent. And the culprits are still unpunished and maybe even have been rewarded.

Who is responsible for all this mayhem? Certainly we cannot keep blaming Indian Intelligence pawns or operatives for these repugnant crimes; they are only following orders--But the question is, whose orders? Is Sonia Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and their other henchmen privy to all this mayhem, which without a doubt the Indian Intelligentsia is perpetrating on our streets in Kashmir? I hold Sonia Gandhi personally responsible for all the deaths in Kashmir: This is my conclusion from my analysis of all the events of the past few months since Kashmiris came out in unison, peacefully protesting against Indian rule.

It suits Sonia Gandhi's families' hegemony as future rulers of India to keep Kashmir as an Indian possession. Anything else would make her family fortunes doubtful as the opposition would pounce on her perceived weakness were Kashmir to secede under her watch. Therefore, for her, it's a choice between innocent Kashmiri lives, or the future Prime Ministerial job for her son. Her choice seems to have been obvious with the recent events. 

I do not make this accusation lightly. Ever since Kashmiris starting protesting peacefully, all subsequent murders have an uncanny similarity. All victims have been innocent Kashmiris who were falsely accused of being something else: clearly an attempt to enrage Kashmiris to either take up arms against the Indians or simply take other drastic steps. Anything to justify the presence of Indian troops here. These events seem to have taken the most sinister turn since the Kashmiri people took to the streets in silent protests as opposed to taking up arms. It does seem that the Indians prefer that Kashmiris would rather take up arms. After all, it becomes easier for them to paint us as raged up Islamic fanatics with AK-47's by our side. They fear that the world will see the truth about them suppressing an unarmed resistance. As it is evident, it is easy to paint themselves as fighting an armed insurgency rather than being seen as oppressors.

This is also evident from the recent statements from their top officials, who keep repeating the concocted fable of "fighting insurgency" as a reason to keep the million Indian troops on the streets of Kashmir.

We will call their bluff and bring the truth out to the world: this I promise.


Underestimating the power of your voice

An ocean is but a mass of individual droplets of water. Each droplet, a harmless little sparkling sphere, is insignificant when looked at on its own, but when it becomes part of the ocean, its power is unmatched; its fury unforgiving.

The above sentence is my attempt at paraphrasing that age old saying.

All Kashmiris, whether in Kashmir or living overseas, have to do their part in voicing their opposition to India and its crimes in Kashmir. Our collective voices will resonate so the world will take notice, like people take notice of a tsunami even though it is formed by individual, insignificant droplets of harmless water. You might think that your's is but an insignificant voice, or that it doesn't matter what you have to say because no one is listening anyway; but please take time to think for a moment. It is this resigned outlook about our freedom aspirations that our voices have not been heard till now. Every drop counts! Every email that goes to the US embassy or to your local MP's in western countries adds to the effort. It is not only your duty toward your motherland, but also the right thing to do. 

It is our duty to tell the story of how Amin and Javed of Bomai were murdered by the RR in February of this year, and how the government established that infact they were murdered in cold blood. And yet the murderers are still free: free to terrorize innocent Kashmiris. Maybe they were the same Indian army personnel who raped and murdered Neelofar and Asiya; after all, punishment for one murder or mulitple murders is the same. Or in the case of Indian occupation troops in Kashmir, the punishment is a pat on the back - for a job well done of subjugating Kashmiris. Not a single Indian trooper has been prosecuted for any human rights violation even though inquiry after inquiry concluded that the Indian forces were at fault.

Is it not our duty as Kashmiris to bring this to the attention of the world? The world media is hypocritical and under the influence of zionists to have the conscience of bringing this absurdity to the attention of their viewers and readers. How absurd it is that two inquiries set up by the government so far this year have implicated the Indian forces and not a single Indian personnel has been punished. Any responsible news organization would have reported about this, but only if they weren't prejudiced.

Is it not our duty to to tell the story of Mohuiddin Malik, an innocent carpenter from Pakherpoor who was shot dead in cold blood at his home in the presence of his young family? Is it not our duty to inform the world that Kashmiris are still awaiting justice for his death even though the murderers have been known all along and yet are still free, patrolling the streets of Kashmir - free to commit more crimes?

If you can use email, you can help bring the plight of Kashmiris to the world attention. Four innocent unarmed protesters have been killed within the past week and the world is still unaware that Kashmiris are being denied even the most basic of rights: the right to protest. The world is still unaware that these four Kashmiri youth were killed while protesting peacefully against India. We are not a "bilateral issue" between India and Pakistan - as the hypocritical world media projects us as. It is up to us to flood the inbox of all leaders of western countries with our story, and relate our yearning for freedom and an escape from Indian tyranny. It is our responsibility to bring the protests from the streets of Kashmiri to the attention of the world leaders. 

Please do not shy away from writing a few sentences to the most powerful man on this planet and let him know about what you as a Kashmiri want. Let him know about the crimes that the Indians have committed and how we are being denied the same rights that he has been a proponent of for citizens of other counttries. Just last week, President Obama, commenting on the protests in Iran, had this to say, "The universal rights to assembly and free speech must be respected, and the United States stands with all who seek to exercise those rights." Then why is he silent on the Kashmiris being denied the same rights? Why have four innocent lives been lost when criminal Indian troopers deny us the right to protest, and not a word of sympathy from the Whitehouse? Why does President Obama similarly not chastise the Indian government? Is it because our voices have not reached him?

Please write to him about this and let him know in your own words.