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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Zulum (Tyranny)

One day, many years ago, on my way back from hiking a mountain along the eastern edges of Kashmir, I met a friendly farmer along the way and we started talking. Our discussion inadvertently veered toward the presence of the loathsome Indian Army, and their occupation of Kashmir, and I inquired whether his village has been affected by their presence. His words still ring in my head. That is because they were spoken in the most painful, broken-down, and distressed way. He simply mentioned that "yimav hassa che zulum karmeth" (They have committed unspeakable tyrannies).

How can one even write anything?

What do I even write about?

Writing about so much misery, and at the same time witnessing the hypocrisy of the world media is even more distressing.

The Indian maggots raped two young Kashmiri women - one of them only 14 years old. Then brutally murdered them and dumped their bodies in a river. The Indian Army cowardly swines who committed these crimes are still roaming freely in Kashmir perhaps staking out their next victims. 

The world media didn't even bother to mention the ensuing protests, and how they were brutally suppressed by the Indian forces - let alone highlight these heinous crimes like they are highlighting the events in Iran. As though the world were coming to an end just because a few Iranian teens are venting their frustration that their candidate lost the elections. The protests against the rapes in Shopian were a thousand times more larger than those currently being held in Iran. Then why is the world media mute on reporting the truth about Kashmir? Even when they are tripping over each other trying to report about a handful protests in Tehran. They keep calling Iran a dictatorship, even when the whole of Kashmir has been turned into a barbed wire cage by the Indian occupiers. I wonder why the double standards? Iran is labelled a "tyrannical dictatorship" and yet Iranians protested for over a week, even when Kashmiris dont even have the basic right of protesting.

They are the biggest hypocrites. Especially the British media.

Let me compare some basic facts about the right of protesting in Iran and Kashmir, and which has more democracy.

Mousavi is the leader of the opposition and is largely seen as being responsible for the current protests. The Iranian authorities have not arrested him. In contrast, Geelani has been jailed for over three weeks now, and for what? For demanding the universal right of peaceful protest over the rape and murder of two innocent Kashmiris. Similarly, Aasiya Andrabi has been jailed for peacefully protesting as well. Somehow I do not see either her or Geelani pelting stones at the slum dogs. Aasiya Andrabi has been imprisoned in a small jail cell in Jammu and placed with petty criminals. Why this unusual punishment, if not to break her spirit and will? In contrast, no political leaders of the opposition have been arrested in Iran. The only protestors arrested there were responsible for arson, vandalism, and violence. Does that mean Iran has more democratic values and the world media is simply turning a blind eye when peaceful Kashmiri political leaders are arrested by the Indian occupation forces and subjected to unusual punishment?

Even worse dictatorships show political prisoners more respect. The Indians should learn some common decency about jailing political prisoners. Even seeking dictatorship lessons from Burma would be a good start because atleast the Burmese have the decency of housing political prisoners separate from petty criminals.

The Prime Minister of India promised that those responsible for the rapes will be punished. These words will appease the gullible and naive. But what would he and his henchmen have to say to those Kashmiris who are keeping tabs of all the previous promises? Promises such as punishing the loathsome Indian Army dogs who murdered two innocent Kashmiris in Bomai? And that was just three months ago. Does anyone even know the names of those criminal army soldiers, let alone anything about criminal proceedings about them. How about the case against the CRPF dogs who murdered a carpenter in Khaigam? 

There are no words that could describe my disgust for India and everything associated with it.


  1. Welcome Back brother. We really missed you.

  2. Dear Kashur
    Peace be with you.
    Nice to see u back.Although we may have different views about some topics one thing which makes us one is our quest for exposing SLUM DOGS tyranny in Kashmir.Welcome Back to the family.
    Wallah Yasimuk Minan nas

  3. Koshur, my brother....the reason the world media is against Iran is because it speaks against the west and is therefore not with them.....the west wants to silence all voices of dissent and Iran is one of the most prominent voices against the western capitalist neo-colonial policies.

    I am not condemning whatever happened in Iran as wrong or right....just like the Islamic revolution, the people in Iran will judge their Government....I mean it is a continuous civilization for thousands of years and they are surely way more modern/sophisticated than their western counterparts.The western Governments at the time of the Islamic revolution were pro-monarchy and ironically the people in IRAN ousted the monarchs overwhelmingly. The west simply does not understand this great nation or in other words their intel is too low on Iran.

    Our motherland Kashmir is linked to the Islamic world as such the western media straightaway goes into a state of prejudice.

    The Indian media too while it moans about the death of Michael Jackson and gives so much air-time to events in Iran fails to highlight the plight of Kashmiris and the reason is simple......WE ARE NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH FOR THEM AS PEOPLE but KASHMIR as a territory is where their priorities lie alongside their jawans who are their kith n kin. You see whether its the rapes committed on our women or the hundreds of thousands maimed/slaughtered/killed/butchered.....the world will continue to turn a blind eye/deaf ear on us unless it affects them.


    Today the jews whose numbers are approximately as much as ours are the people with the most NOBEL prizes in science particularly physics/chemistry/biology. Jews are the GODS of the economic world etc etc etc. They control the media in the form of FOX/Warner/Reuters/AT&T etc etc etc.

    My brothers, our dream of an independent Kashmir is not impractical or impossible to achieve but to achieve it we have to push ourselves harder and reach positions of power n decision making. We have to encourage many of our scholars to migrate to the Americas and Europe where they can slowly influence the decision making of these nations.See how a paltry 300,000 Kashmiri Battas are able to influence our destiny(Because they are in positions of power n decision making),in contrast we are more than 7.2 million and yet commamnd no power like Kashmiri pandits do in RAW/CBI/ASHOK BHAN/THE GANDHI's/NEHRU/INDIAN ARMY etc etc etc.

    We as Kashmiris have fertile brains and can fit into any society powered by intellect but rather than focussing on getting jobs in the metros of India or the Gulf region, our prioroties should be on reaching the western shores, today you can reach Kashmir from NewYork in one day/24 hours just like a train ride from delhi.

    Guys our protests will fall on deaf ears continuously if we ourselves dont change our strategy.

    True the protests in Kashmir have to continue and should not stop but I REMEMBER TALKING TO A MILITANT IN LALCHOWK ABOUT 15 YEARS AGO, HE WAS JUST ABOUT TO THROW A GRENADE ON AN INDIAN SECURITY FORCE PICKET AND KISSED HIS DAUGHTER WHO WAS ON HER WAY HOME FROM SCHOOL AND SAID TO HER " Parzie kouri, mehnat Karzie, waryah parzie, Officer banzeye, Alim chui takat,waryah takat......
    Althought that militant was throwing a grenade but he was impressing on the value of education to his young daughter. Today a Kashmiri Muslim woman Farah Pandit has been inducted as an aide to Hillary Clinton....think what we can achieve if we continue on our path of enlightenment guys.

    Koshur your jehad is this blog, make people aware of what is happening in Kashmir...do not stop writing.

    I am with u guys n will continue to work for my motherland Kashmir.


  4. @Kashmir centre
    thankyou brother, I will continue to do my part. You also please keep writing regularly.

    @Dr Waleed.
    I agree we have differing opinions on some issues, which is expected even when we become an independent nation. But look how we all will band together for a common cause against our common enemy - India.

    Similarly, all pro-freedom individuals and parties have to band together. They have to start speaking with a common voice and not give any opportunity to the Indian thugs to take advantage of our trivial differences. Remember during the last Ragda, the Indians had started spreading the rumour that Shabir Shah had accepted 20 lakhs. These lies help the Indians because they have already succeeded in branding the freedom leaders as "opportunistic, rich people who receive money from overseas." All pro freedom people have to see through these machinations of the Indian intelligence. I see the solution as banding together no matter what. For instance, Geelani, Aasiya Andrabi, Nayeem Khan, and Fareeda Bahenji have been arrested. If any foreign reporter, delegation, or any representative is meeting any of the other freedom leaders, they should impress upon them about this fact that majority of the other leaders are political prisoners of the tyrannical Indian government.

    Our differences are cosmetic. Our goal is one and that is to rid our people of the most tyrannical and despotic rule our nation has ever witnessed. At no time in Kashmir's history have more than a quarter million of our people been killed, raped, brutalized and tortured than what the Indians are subjecting us to. If we disagree on what to call Taliban, those are trivial differences which we can argue about over nun-chai, on the banks of dal once we are independent and a free country. I am very glad that you called it 'family' Dr waleed, because that is exactly what Kashmiris should consider all freedom seeking individuals. No two people have exactly the same opinions on everything. But then, just like a family, we have to see what binds us together rather than let the enemies use our petty differences against us. Right now our goal should be oppose India and see through its evil and cunning ways of dividing our people.

    I hope all Hurriyat leaders, pro-freedom parties and individuals unite and speak with one voice. At no time will our common voices help us but now. I can see India being caught with its pants down. With Farrah Pandit's appointment in the state department, India knows that its lies about Kashmir will easily be detected. I couldnt agree more with Chinaar that if only there were more Kashmiris in positions of influence in western governments, we would have not been so vulnerable to being victims of Indian tyranny and yet the world powers are oblivious to our plight.

    Our fellow Kashmiri brothers and sisters living overseas can change that even now, even though they might not have position of influence such as Farrah Pandith. They have the opporutnity to write to their local papers. Write 'letters to the editor' for the local papers. If someone asks them where they are from, always answer "from Kashmir" and never ever say from "India." If at all one has an opportunity, always inform your western friends and neighbours about the Indian occupatioKashmir has been turned into a small prison which makes life in Gaza seem more preferable because atleast they dont have to encounter Israeli occupiers every corner like we have to see these slum dogs on every street.

    Thank you all, Kashmir centre, Dr walled and Chinaar for the encouragemnt, I will continue to write for my motherland till we gain our freedom.

  5. Its quite shocking that Om..Ar Abdullah administrationhas suspended the whistle blower lady doctor for her truthfulness. It is a slap on the face of those who think, Jan commission is going to deliver the truth. Our doctor faternity too is maintining a criminal silence over the issue. They should protest this punishment to their fellow colleauge for being upright and truthful.
    I personally feel real culprits are some big fishes. Jan commission is waisting its time. Those who have committed the crime have appointed the commission of enquiry themselves. No justice will be delivered as usual this time too.

  6. Dear Kashur
    Peace be with you

    Indeed we are like a family with different perceptions about the events of the day today in Kashmir .It is an obligation for every Kashmiri Muslim and other Muslims to help their Kashmiri brethren in the time of need and vice versa. The voice of dissent is welcome in a free Islamic society and maintains checks and balances. Your comment about the tyranny Kashmiri people are facing from Indian occupational army and it's sister forces is 100% true but the bias world media and Slum Dog media has against Muslims prevents the events from getting highlighted. Now it becomes our responsibility to highlight the oppression and tyranny
    of Slum Dogs so that common people who see one sided view can see the real face of the SLUM DOGS. Indeed we should always tell the people working around us about the genocide, Rapes and other atrocities India and its stooges perform on our people .Believe me in My hospital in Riyadh everybody calls me a Kashmiri and not an Indian. The Saudis know about Kashmir and the freedom struggle of KASHMIR. Kashmiris are treated respectfully.Moreover the Imams of the Mosques pray for the Muslims struggling against oppression in various parts of world and Kashmir in particular. Imam of Haram (GRAND MOSQUE) in Makkah also includes Kashmir in his (DUA) prayers .Every body cannot fight with a SWORD so we can fight for our rights which have been stolen from us by Indians by exposing them to the whole world. The majority of Indians are GOOD people and when we tell them about these atrocities their heart also bleeds. Only bigots can condone the tyranny in the name of so called NATIONAL INTEREST.I am looking forward to register a web site to expose these SLUM DOG soldiers and their politicians. The domain has to be registered outside India so I am trying to get it registered it in Pakistan with the help of my Pakistani friends. Or may be if that doesn’t work I'll register it in Saudi Arabia. Our struggle has entered into an important phase so it has become a collective responsibility of all Kashmiris irrespective of gender and location to act responsibly and not to botch this opportunity. The inclusion of Farah Pandith in the state dept. inshallah will prove to be fruitful for us as she will expose Indian atrocities and its lies to Hilary Clinton.India will reap what it has sowed in Kashmir and Inshallah our eyes will see Kashmir Independent.

  7. @Dr Waleed

    Inshallah our dreams will materialize through cooperation and peaceful means. No weapon is stronger than the written word.
    I will look forward eagerly for youe website.

  8. "Pro-Indian Bloggers will not be advertised here anymore", a pleasant and welcome change on your blog. But I am surprised what made you change your mind after so long? Probably Shopian incident, I guess. If that is so, then may I dare to ask you a question(at no risk though since you have already expelled me from your blog). Was the martyrdom of over a lac hapless Kashmiri not an eye opener enough for you to desist from advertising (in your own words) and supporting pro-Indian stooges over your blog. On the contrary you expelled a Kashmiri blogger who supported the cause of independence just for exposing the real face of one of these pro-Indian puppets. I wonder why Kashmiri wake up from deep slumber so late only after losing their dignity at the hands of Indian security forces and their henchmen in the Valley.It is indeed a matter of grave concern for all of us. We don't take even a minute to abhor and excoriate our own like minded fellow bloggers but wait inordinately when it comes to expelling pro-indian supporters at an appropriate time. May Almighty show us the right path.Ameen

  9. All pro-India channels as well as those who support them should be boycotted the same way as Indian Papers/channels give airtime to Kashmir and it wouldn't hurt to add the preposterous bias on their part.

  10. Alhamdullilah.....
    Dear Kashmiri Brothers! After going through this blog, i am really very jubilant that our intellectuals are trying their best to expose the criminal faces of indian security forces...
    Your comments are appreciable in the sense that gaining education is the only possible solution if we want to see an independent KASHMIR.The Indian Government has adopted one more heineous policy by allowing JK Police to supress any uprising...In short, Kashmiris are killing other Kashmiris.....Very Painful....
    These cops (JK Policemen) should abstain themselves from such acts ...after all Kashmir is their Mother Land too!!!!!
    if they are reluctant or uncoperative....Then we should adopt full SOCIAL BOYCOTT with them......
    Insha Allah, Very shortly...We will have our own nationality, Our own Country which will be the most BEAURIFUL and most TOLERENT country in the WORLD>>>>>

  11. @Irshad

    Thankyou for the kind words.
    Re: what some Kashmir police are doing: remember many of them are ikhwanis and surrendered militants with a lot of innocent blood on their hands. Boycott is a very good idea but first we have to identify them. My site is open if we start the identifying campaign. We all know "rashid byull" SHO from soura. he has killed many innocent kashmiris, if anyone knows anything current about him please post it here.

    you write very well. please start a blog

  12. long live kashmir freedom struggle peace b upon all martyrs and fighters in kashmir

  13. May Allah Help Kashmiri Freedom Fighters.

    Jiss Kashmir ko khoon se seencha,
    Wo Kashmir Hamara hai,

  14. Salam Alaikum

    Iam Tariq from lahore, pakistan. My best wishes to all the kashmiris and their cause of independent kashmir.May Allah help you all to succeed in getting an independent kashmir. Quite truly independence is the biggest gift of God and its worth giving your best effort.

    Praise to all kashmiris women who have given birth to such freedom fighters.

    Peace on you all and Khuda Nagh-e-baan