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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Zulum (Tyranny)

One day, many years ago, on my way back from hiking a mountain along the eastern edges of Kashmir, I met a friendly farmer along the way and we started talking. Our discussion inadvertently veered toward the presence of the loathsome Indian Army, and their occupation of Kashmir, and I inquired whether his village has been affected by their presence. His words still ring in my head. That is because they were spoken in the most painful, broken-down, and distressed way. He simply mentioned that "yimav hassa che zulum karmeth" (They have committed unspeakable tyrannies).

How can one even write anything?

What do I even write about?

Writing about so much misery, and at the same time witnessing the hypocrisy of the world media is even more distressing.

The Indian maggots raped two young Kashmiri women - one of them only 14 years old. Then brutally murdered them and dumped their bodies in a river. The Indian Army cowardly swines who committed these crimes are still roaming freely in Kashmir perhaps staking out their next victims. 

The world media didn't even bother to mention the ensuing protests, and how they were brutally suppressed by the Indian forces - let alone highlight these heinous crimes like they are highlighting the events in Iran. As though the world were coming to an end just because a few Iranian teens are venting their frustration that their candidate lost the elections. The protests against the rapes in Shopian were a thousand times more larger than those currently being held in Iran. Then why is the world media mute on reporting the truth about Kashmir? Even when they are tripping over each other trying to report about a handful protests in Tehran. They keep calling Iran a dictatorship, even when the whole of Kashmir has been turned into a barbed wire cage by the Indian occupiers. I wonder why the double standards? Iran is labelled a "tyrannical dictatorship" and yet Iranians protested for over a week, even when Kashmiris dont even have the basic right of protesting.

They are the biggest hypocrites. Especially the British media.

Let me compare some basic facts about the right of protesting in Iran and Kashmir, and which has more democracy.

Mousavi is the leader of the opposition and is largely seen as being responsible for the current protests. The Iranian authorities have not arrested him. In contrast, Geelani has been jailed for over three weeks now, and for what? For demanding the universal right of peaceful protest over the rape and murder of two innocent Kashmiris. Similarly, Aasiya Andrabi has been jailed for peacefully protesting as well. Somehow I do not see either her or Geelani pelting stones at the slum dogs. Aasiya Andrabi has been imprisoned in a small jail cell in Jammu and placed with petty criminals. Why this unusual punishment, if not to break her spirit and will? In contrast, no political leaders of the opposition have been arrested in Iran. The only protestors arrested there were responsible for arson, vandalism, and violence. Does that mean Iran has more democratic values and the world media is simply turning a blind eye when peaceful Kashmiri political leaders are arrested by the Indian occupation forces and subjected to unusual punishment?

Even worse dictatorships show political prisoners more respect. The Indians should learn some common decency about jailing political prisoners. Even seeking dictatorship lessons from Burma would be a good start because atleast the Burmese have the decency of housing political prisoners separate from petty criminals.

The Prime Minister of India promised that those responsible for the rapes will be punished. These words will appease the gullible and naive. But what would he and his henchmen have to say to those Kashmiris who are keeping tabs of all the previous promises? Promises such as punishing the loathsome Indian Army dogs who murdered two innocent Kashmiris in Bomai? And that was just three months ago. Does anyone even know the names of those criminal army soldiers, let alone anything about criminal proceedings about them. How about the case against the CRPF dogs who murdered a carpenter in Khaigam? 

There are no words that could describe my disgust for India and everything associated with it.