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Sajad Lone

I was watching Sajad Lone's interview on the local channel here a few minutes ago, and was going to write something altogether different, and favourable after reading an article about him in an overseas paper (read the article here) but watching his interview changed my views.  

In his interview, he repeatedly mentioned his stand of not speaking against the NC or PDP during his bid for the Lok Sabha seat. Yet he did not mince any words while speaking against Dukhtaran-e-Millet chief Aasiya Andrabi. He called her an "obnoxious" person. 

In order to discredit Aasiya Andrabi, he repeatedly questioned the interviewer who gave Ms Andrabi the authority to speak her views. In the same breath he called himself a Kashmiri leader. Then could someone not ask the same question to Mr Lone who made him a Kashmiri leader?

Ms Aasiya Andrabi has been a women's rights activist for longer than I can remember. I may not approve of many of her tactics to get her message across and may even disagree with a lot of her messages, but I would not question the fact that she represents the might of Kashmiri women and has a large following among Kashmiri women. To call her names on a television interview, like Mr Sajad Lone did is absolutely reaching a new low.


  1. Koshur
    I cannot understand what good were you planning to write about Sajad Lone. I cannot find anything good in him. He a shameless traitor who deserves our disgust only. He is a good orator, for which you may have liked him but that is not something heavenly. I can equate this ba...d with only Salman Rushdie. He does not deserve even my hate. He can sell even his mother for his personal goodwill. This lusty shameless brute should be hated not liked in any way.

  2. Kashmir center
    I thought he had some good ideas and that is what I wanted to write about. I am glad I didnt.

    But what is surprising is that he argued he will not speak against pro-india parties, yet he has no problem trashing pro-freedom people like Asiya Andrabi.

  3. You can say one more Sheikh Abdullah is born in the politics of Kashmir.....God knows how many are still in the queue....Truth will prevail in the end.We Shall achieve our goal of peaceful Islamic secular democratic independent Kashmir. ameen.

  4. JKLF started the movement and the leaders son was studying in britain - is it with all our great leaders . then why we poor kashmiris are fighting

    pro indian , pro pak , whatever you call sarni leaders bache paran nabre sun chur maren sadaken paeth

  5. @ anonymous
    You seem to be a hypocrite. We are Muslims and will be judged by our own deeds and not by the deeds of our fathers or children. One has to decide himself what he wants to do not his father should decide. Allah has clearly said
    Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as DEAD. Nay, They are alive, with their LORD, and have provision .sura 3 ayat -169
    You look at yourself what contribution you gave to the freedom struggle and leave others in peace.you talk about our leaders. what more do u want?.Geelani gave his whole life for the Kasmiri cause.Remember how we used to throw stones on him on the behest of NC halqa presedents. Ashfaq Majid,Maqbool Bhat,Abdullah Bangroo,Maqbool Elahi,Sheikh Abdel aziz.vHamid Sheikh,Tariq Sheikh,etc Etc already gave their lives for the cause.yasin malik,Shabbir shah handicapped in jails by relentless and brutal interrogations by

  6. @ Waleed

    That is what I am saying why our leaders don't allow their family to be part of it - why they keep them away from this struggle - we need to think over it. You are not aware of partied shabir shah and yasin malik has with indian officers - that is other part of story .
    Their Kids are not part of this struggle since they do not believe in it and that is what makes the struggle weak and till now we have achieved nothing - Geting independence from India a poor country of slumdigs was not difficult provided our leader ever worked for that instead on making their bank balances and having their kids safe at distant locations

  7. @Anonymous
    Dr. Waleed gave you the refrence of Quranic verse and tried to make you to understand that we should check the leader he himself and not his children. If you can it Jihad and the mujahideen that are killed in this struggleas martyers then you should definitely not faise you finger against the leaders that they did not bring their children to freedom struggle. A general invitation was given to join the armed struggle. Syed Ali Shah Geelani did not come to you house to force you or your family members to join the armed struggle. And the same is the case with other leaders. The one who had a desire to die for his nation for Islam he accepted the invitation. and What else should a 82 year old leader Mr. Geelani contribute. he spoiled his life, kidneys suffering from multiple ailments but still firm and energetic to fight and speak truth.
    people like you are paid traitors and obviously hypocrites who have always tried to befool people and create hatered in the hearts of people for our leaders but you should know it that this that you cannot crush this freedom struggle and it will get transformed from generation to generation till the goal is achieved and the paid workers of NC like you are hanged in open youknow why because our gret young men have watered this struggle by their sacred blood, our women have lost their honor for this cause and what more we can offer

  8. I would like to request all my Kashmiri brothers to contribute to the freedom struggle of Kashmir where ever they are. You should not get afraid or frightened because Allah is with you and Allah's help is with this freedom movement. remember those thousands of our young and old mujahideen who dropped their blood for this cause. the list is unending like SHAHEED:- Aijaz Dar, Ashraf Dar, Shamsul Haq, Abdullah Bangroo, Maqbool Elahi, Dr. Turabi, General Esa, maqbool Bhar, Hameed Sheikh, Engineer Imtiaz Alam, Qazi Showkat Ahmad-Shaheen, Nasrullah and thousand and thousands of others, Our women lost their honor. The whole womenfolk of Village Kunan Pospora were gang raped by Indian Security forces. The youngest vicitm was reported to be a 12 year old youg girl and the eldest victim an 80 year old elderly woman. our houses, shops and property is being burnt, our young boys being arrested, jailed and handicapped. Dont come in the trap of the natorious Kashmiri family of traitors -National Conference. The ugly souls of this party of traitors have always decieved Kashmiris to make their fathers happy lying at Delhi.
    I request you to keep sending me the photographs of martyers you are having and any kind of information or news of Indian brutality against Kashmiris. As I am living abroad, away from the freedom struggle, i am trying my best to make people aware what India and NC is doing with kashmiris
    my email address is voiceofkashmiris@gmail.com

  9. @ All Kashmiri traitors,

    Hassan Nasrullah(Head of Hezbollah in Lebanon) would not sit with the fathers of the martyred men who fought against the Israeli's....when he was asked why he does not go and join them, he would repeatedly say that he is not worthy enough to sit with these fathers....when Hasan Nasrullahs son was martyred fighting against the Israeli's, he smiled and said " Now, I am eligible to sit with those fathers and speak with dignity"

    When will our Kashmiri leaders reach that level or in other words Omar Abdullah, Salman Sagar, Sajad Lone, Sogami,Tanveer Sadiq etc etc etc are sons of traitors n yet we allow them n their Kin to live amongst us. These termites continue eating our bowels n r thriving.


  10. well as i am concered , i dnt at all treat him true leade we need to grow more still things are to be done please wake up