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Letter to Taliban

A few weeks ago a video was making its way on youtube showing the public flogging of a 17 year girl by the Taliban. Today there is another video making rounds on the internet which shows a young woman with the most petrified look on her face and running for her life, before being shot to death along with a male acquaintance of her's in the Swat region of Pakistan, which has been overtaken by the Taliban recently.

They say this is because Sharia Law is in place now.

This is an open letter to Taliban from Kashmir. 

There is no place for criminals and thugs like you people in Kashmir. Don't even think of crossing over and expect us to show any mercy just because you claim to preach your twisted version of whatever religion you practice. It most certainly is not Islam and you people definitely are not muslims. You hideous criminals are in fact Devil worshippers because only those who belong to the creed of Satan can commit murders in such cold blood without even a pang of conscience. We have seen the creed of Devil worshippers first hand here in the form of the Indian Slumdog Army who also commit murder with similar brutality, so we know Devil worshippers when we see them.

You criminals do not belong in Islam. It is not our Islam. Do not claim to be muslims, because your criminal actions are giving our great religion a bad name. This barbarity and criminal mindset has no place in Islam. Should you ever make the error of judgement to tread the waters of Kashmir and start preaching your hateful teachings here, be forewarned that your fate will be no different to how we treat the Indians.

Our hearts go out to the people of Swat and Buner. May you succeed in defeating these thugs and criminals and reclaim your cities.  

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  1. Dear Kashour
    I was not expecting such a note on So called TALIBAN.You are sitting in Kashmir and taking bad about the people you don't know.If you have forgotten the punishment of adultery in Islam then who is to blame for that.You have compared these TALIBAN people with the GREAT SLUMDOG army which is totally a slander.Rasool(A.S) said to Saif ullah Ibn Waleed(Khalid) R.A,that if in the battle someone greets you from enemy as ASALAMUALIKUM dont kill him.may be He will be Muslim as you don’t know what is the hearts, Only Allah knows.This is a matter of faith and questioning it is a Sin
    “But no,by your Lord,they can have no faith,until they make you (Mohammad.A.S) judge in all disputes between them,and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions,and accept(them) will full submission.Sura no,4.An Nisa-ayat-65

    Adultery fornication has no place in Islam and Allah has ordained for them …..Death.who are we to challenge that.

  2. Dear Koshur, It is very usual for anyone to have this kind of feeling as portryed in your writing. However, remember we are Muslims and must not FORGET to follow the simple and basic teaching of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. As per the saying of Prophet, we must always investigate the news before accepting it as truth. Nowadays, media has become judge and chnnels as courts. Remember Arushi Murder case in India. How many versions and judgements were changed by media and police. There has been a whole lot of propaganda that Taliban do not want girls to go to shcool and are against women. I heard it myself from someone nicknamed Mullah Radio from Taliban that they are not against the education of women. This interview was aired on NDTV 247. Taliban never denies something which they believe in. How many people heard this interview, though it was a very short one. I am not saying that they do not need a reform. They do need to change the many methodoligies. I would say that we should not fall prey to false propaganda against anyone, be it Muslim,Hindu christian etc. We must evalutate truth. You know how Slumdog army of India killed 7 month old baby (in Vazarnagh)and Indian media declared in the evening news that a hard core terrroirst was killed. I would say let us not make judgements without analysis...ajaztam@hotmail.com

  3. What is happening In taliban is what Islamic law means - Let same law previal in kashmir. It is only then people will understand democracy and words like Freedom
    Kasmir Struggle is Fight for Slavery dear - Present is better than Taliban

  4. Koshur
    We should not discuss Taliban. We know very little about them. Whatever info we hav is either through Jewish media ar through Indian media. As everyone knows both of these are anti - Muslim and potray Muslims as demons. Having said so I do not mean that Taliban are angels, but they are still far better than democracies like Israel, India, US and Russia. These countries kill innocents enmasse whileas Taliban kill those alleged of some crime atleast. I can give you thousands of examples of Media partisanship and anti - Islamic bias but I feel lets not waste time for a futile exercise. Lets not judge Taliban, there are already thousands of Anti - Islamic blogs discussing them. Their discussion culminates at blasphemy against our Prophet PUBH, abuses against Muslims and so on. They call Quran, a manual of Terrorism (Nauzo billah min zalik). I strongly believe that after failing to contain Taliban, Alqaida, LeT and others, Media will shift focus and start a campaign against our Holy Quran.
    In one of the anti - Islamic sites the slogan reads:
    Know Islam, Know Terrorism
    No Islam, No Terrorism
    ( an eye opener for Muslims )
    We Muslims should not get influenced by Media. We know it is anti - Islamic. Lets not fall prey to propaganda. Lets confront it rationally, this is an appeal.

  5. @koshur,

    It takes courage to say that being a Taliban does not equate to being a good Muslim. Denouncing Taliban does not mean denouncing Islam - in fact exactly the opposite. Only by shrinking the room for Taliban can there be enough space for projecting a true, gentle, and tolerant version of Islam. It is a pity there aren't thousands more of you to say the same thing about the Taliban.

    - LiberalM

  6. @Dr Waleed, Ajaz Ahmed, and Kashmir Center

    I am not qualified to talk to about Sharia Law but I am sure that with my understanding of Islam, in cases such as these, there is a very high burden of proof on the part of the accuser and any one accused is entitled to be heard by a qualified court.

    I am just writing another post to argue we as Kashmiris should debate this very rigorously.

  7. There is no problem in debating Taliban,the problem is to question the Punishment which has been ordained by Allah.If here in saudi arabia we cut the hands of theives as per Quran, Behead a Killer or rapist no other muslim should question it or describe it as barbaric. These are HADOOD Allah and we have been told to stick to Quran and Sunnah .
    You say a heavy qualified court is needed to talk about or punish someone. My dear friend we have quran from 1430 years which clearly guides all of us in every sphere of life.If Kashmiris are ignorant to it then who is to be held accountable.Nizam of Islam is simple and easy to implement but there should not be hypocrasy in ones heart.Quran says follow the way Rasool(A.S) lived .Rasool(A.S)for example had beard,Tommoroow you'll say these thugs have beards etc etc.

    Our religion is complete and Muslims don’t need anybody to guide them .no special qualifications are needed to judge people.Allah says

    What Muslims and Kashmiris need to discuss herein if already made clear by our lord about our way of living.
    Allah clearly said if you have dispute among yourself refer to Allah and Rasool(A.S) so that you will not go astray
    Oh! You who believe! Obey Allah and obey the messenger
    (A.S) and those of you (Muslims) in authority, (And) If you
    Differ in anything among yourselves, Refer it to Allah and
    His messenger (P.B.U.H), If you believe in Allah and the
    Last day (Qayamat & Resurrection).That is better & most
    Suitable for final determination. Sura an Nisa.Verse-59
    And if someone still finds a pocket of resistance in him against the will and teachings then He/She is a
    Hypocrate and dosen’t have a true faith
    “But no,by your Lord,they can have no faith,until they make you (Mohammad.A.S) judge in all disputesbetween them,and find in themselves no resistance against your decisions,and accept(them) will full submission.Sura no,4.An Nisa-ayat-65

  8. Dear Koshur
    I don't care what other people think, but I support you. I dont support Taliban. And for those who support them, and talk about adultery, I wish to tell them that Allah is the supreme punisher and He decides who to punish and who to Forgive. Taliban attacked a mosque, tell me where in Islam is this justified. Regarding the girl that was flogged, her neighbour had complained about her, which means there was only one witness. But Islam stresses that if you want to prove anything, you need to ave FOUR witnesses. We already have hundreds and thousands of leaders in Kashmir and we don't need anymore. I hope my thoughts will find some takers.


  9. @Saadat

    Exactly. That is why any civilized government should have a strong judicial system, where the accused are innocent until proven guilty by a qualified court system. What we see in the Taliban system is that the self-styled protectors of morality start imposing their views on people and become the judges themselves, which is wrong, because there should never be any compulsion in religion. This quickly ends up being a revenge game where anyone with a grudge against the neighbours could have them eliminated and all they have to do is convince one Taliban thug that the person committed adultery. (Like you mentioned about the flogging)

  10. For once Koshur talked sense, while others do not know anything and not able to judge.

  11. @anonymous above
    but I only talked sense this once?!! :)

  12. Hi Kashour
    Peace be with you

    I was waiting for your condemnation of the Brutal Killing of a Kashmiri Girl by the Road Romeos and Killing of the In-laws of a newly wed bride by H.M militants.When taliban Killed someone on the pretext of adultery you were all out to call them bearded thugs and self styled protectors of ISLAM. Now Islam says EYE FOR AN EYE so what are the chances in Kashmir under TAGUTI laws .. I hope your highly educated judges will not sell their judgment under political pressure.

  13. We donot know what taliban is doing.It is Media which is showing the images and creating the chaosand all know what media is all about ant that too Indian and american media.The Indian Media should be rewarded with greatest honour in the world for propoganga ,bias and lies.

  14. India is using its media to malign Muslims of Kashmir and its own Muslim citizens .India is a country where people are ignorant and stick to the versions which their baised media projects.

  15. AoA.

    I am from Pakistan.
    First of all, this blog has been very difficult and painful to read. I am sickened by your unfortunate and terrible circumstances and the violence and injustices committed against kashmiris.

    Sometimes I wonder if the indians are accurate in saying it would help kashmiris live their lives in peace and dignity if Pakistan drops the dispute. With such horrors in srinagar, i would be happy to see any option on the table that can put an end to this brutal massacre.

    I can only pray god gives your people, women, children and elders peace, dignity and azaadi (in any shape or form you desire). I know my country is not the best but we, the PEOPLE of pakistan will always wish you every happiness you deserve including outright independence.

    - Usman

  16. @usman

    Thankyou. Pakistanis will always have a special place with Kashmiris. Unlike the criminal Indians.

  17. Dear Koshur Salaam, Well, I am shell shocked to see a beautiful and sensible writer of Kashmir write 'this stuff' after watching a couple of videos on the internet. Before writing anything about Taliban--one must know who they are--who created them and what do they want, their groups, alliances and motives. First we will talk about Alexander's invasion of Afghanistan. The great sikanderi azam once wrote a letter to her mother from Kabul. Sikander wrote that he was under the impression that it was only her mom who gave birth to a lion. But in Afghanistan, he saw only lions living. Alexander writes that he would do everything to suppress, kill, maim and buy these lions, but every time they would undermine his efforts. All would fight—till they die or prevail. Koshur now take the recent reaction of a US admiral who was speaking before press in US. According to him, fighting with Afghans is much difficult that it proved with Sunni insurgents in district Anbar—Iraq…In Iraq, he said, insurgents would attack and then run away to escape. But in Afghanistan, the insurgents make sure that they attack and their enemy is either killed or surrenders or escapes. This was all about the fighting ability and courageousness Alexander and now US official spoke about the people of land which was always cruel to invaders.

  18. There are as many as three types of Taliban. 1 Who fight against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan 2 Who fight against Pakistan in Pakistan: (These include Baitullah Mehsud—who is reported to have links with Indians, Balouches and operates closely where three Indian consulates are located in Afghanistan near Pak border)-This group has sophisticated weapons as compared to rest of two groups. 3 Who fight against those fighters who are against Pak army in Pakistan. So if Mehsud flogs a girl and prepares a video, it will be squarely blamed on general ‘Taliban’, and a consensus will be made that PaK supports this kind of Taliban and the group also fights US in Afghanistan. Any untoward incident where a civilian causality is associated, as we have seen always, is blamed on Taliban—bearded, turbanators and all that adjectives plus. If we look back, it was Britishers who divided Afghanistan into moderate zones and tough tribal regions that encompass all Pak-Afghan border areas. The British did so to counter Russian Czars move. US was present almost six months before Russian invaded Afghanistan. It was US presence which provoked Russia to invade Afghanistan. The tribal belts have their own rules and regulations. A man living in skyscrapers cannot tell them to leave their caves and join democracy what he feels is the only way of living. Badl—The revenge is in their genes and life affair. Unlike cowards like most of us. Normally what happens is that if my brother is killed, his assassin can influence court or police and is free to go as we witness daily—Here tribals have a culture of revenge. They will not rest till they kill the assassin. That was why A US report recently said that drone attacks have killed only 2 percent of its target ( Taliban fighters) and 98 percent are civilian casualties. The report says since badl is in their culture, the drones have been instrumental in fomenting Taliban numbers as more people are joining them. Another CNN news report: Villagers of these tribal belts are joining Taliban because they are getting instant justice. Normally it would take courts decades to solve a case, the Taliban did it for them in days. A murder case which took years to solve by court was solved by fighters in three days while a land issue that lingered for years was solved in 2 days. I remember the headline has termed Talibans as Robinhoods-who work in favour of poor. At some areas land was given to tillers while zamindars and sahokars ran away fearing reprisal for what they had done for years with poor people. But how much coverage has been given to these incidents—almost negligible. There was documentary on Nat Geo on the people of this region. The documentary ends with a strong note. “Khyberdare key loogh waqehi taaraqi aur aeshu arram se door hain, par ye laough hamesha Azad rehna pasand kartey hain”—means the people of Khyber pass never ever bothered for worldly goodies and relaxed life, they love and fight to remain free. Dear Koshur, you know when we kill a dog; we give it a bad name first. Same has been done with these people. They first gave them a tag of Dog—then gave them a bad name. And now they are killing them.

  19. Ashfaq Ahmad KhanOctober 25, 2009 9:17 PM

    ASA. Very well said. I have been following this blog since quite a while. I believe there are two faces to every coin and same is the case with the Taliban as well. There are many good people in it and a some who i must say are ignorant and continue to do things their way and malign muslim name. These people for obvious lack the basic understanding of humanity and Islam but hey, didn't we had such people before as well. we have so many instances in history where we could find them. We know and have to sternly believe that the entire world is against Muslims , crushing and brutally murdering them in every possible way, portraying wrong images of Islamic world.
    I am a kashmiri and have been traveling since past 8-9 yrs and all the places I been, I met people had a very annoying picture of Islam, I have been purposely going and meeting people and using the best possible way to show them the real Islam.
    I have realized the biggest threat to muslims is not through US or any other non-muslim nation but from another Muslim.
    Picture the present condition of Islamic world before you, where ever you lay your eyes you would see muslims being butchered everyday by our enemies and at the same time you would see our own muslim brother siding with our enemy.
    Until we become true muslims and unite, I am sorry to say but this would continue to be our plight.

    Ashfaq Ahmad Khan

  20. taliban needs to be condemned. they have defamed islam. they are killers and are anti development

  21. Islam says eye for an eye and then it says that if you forgive, its more pleasing in the sight of Allah. Its because of TALIBAN, that people have so many misconceptions about Islam. Religion should be the cause of peace and unity but in these blogs, I only see hatred towards other communities which defeats the very purpose of religion. We all belong to one family, we should use the power of the word to unit and not divide. Fuzul har baat hei, hamari ek zaat hei, jaha jaha hei aadmi, wo khandan hei mera.

  22. Let aside the view of non muslims about the Islam and muslims. At least being muslims we should be on one page and avoid so much difference of opinion. The fact is that our centre of thought and opinion making is Holy Quran. What a pity, if ten muslim sit to speak on a certain topic, ten different directions will be the outcome. Uniformity of thoughts is only way to be united and to end the differences. Muslim are not being destroyed by the external forces, although they wish so. Muslims are being destroyed at their own, from within, by dint of the internal forces. Islam is an objective reality, it is there to guide. Muslim man wants to guide islam. Islam is a guiding doctrine, we want islam to follow us and that will give nothing. ISLAM is ALLAH's 'WILL'. Man is endowed with a 'OPTION' whether lead his life under the 'WILL' of ALLAH or to lead under HIS own 'WILL' (THE OUTCOME OF HIS PASSIONS). If we use this 'OPTION' and lead our life under the WILL of our PASSIONS, the result is FASAD FIL ARZ. And if we will use our FREEDOM OF CHOICE under 'WILL' of Quran, peace and tranquility prevails. We become united and when united, none is there to harm us. Now look around, only mischief is there all round. Whether democrat or a Islamist, want to take power in his own hands just to manuplate. And world is a clear picture of 'ZAHAR AL FASADU FIL BARRE WALBAHRE BIMAA KASABAT AAYIDINNAAS' . turmoil in land and waters earned by the people with their own hands. LET US ALL UNITE and serve the purpose of UNITY. WE SHOULD NOT RELY ON MERE PASSIONISM, WE CAN ONLY GET THROUGH, IF WE USE OUR INTELLECT UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF AL MIGHTY OF ALLAH. IT WILL GAURANTEE US; la khauofun alaihim walahum yehzanoon. no fear , no grief will over ride. wassalam.