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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


No justice - Now at least I know


Definition [des-puh-tiz-uhm]

1. the exercise of absolute authority.
2. absolute power or control; tyranny.
3. an absolute or autocratic government.

The despots I am referring to are the Delhi masters of our ineffective administration here. What a waste of time in writing all those posts thinking the current government really had the intention and more importantly, the means and power to implement changes.

I am a very straightforward person and weigh most things with the evidence at hand. The current evidence that I have in regards to the events surrounding the murder of Javed Ahmad and Muhammad Amin is that the current administration called for an inquiry which was concluded ahead of the deadline, five days ago, and indicted the Indian army soldiers in that murder. Since that time, the original deadline came and passed with us not even knowing the names of the culprits, let alone any indications of them being brought to justice. There is absolute silence from Omar Abdullah regarding this matter even though he had promised "exemplary" punishment if the soldiers were indicted.

In reality though, those soldiers are probably enjoying life here at their base in an occupied school in Bomai, getting drunk every night and laughing and sharing stories of this conquest with their cohorts knowing very well no power in Kashmir can lay a hand on them; the paper-tiger that the Kashmir government has always been, with the real power residing in Delhi.

The inquiry report is not even worth the eleven pages it was written on. However, simply for the sake of curiosity, I am really interested to find out what "exemplary punishment" Omar Abdullah had in mind while trying to pacify Kashmiris.

I feel that the evidence clearly points to the fact that Omar Abdullah wanted the killers punished; therefore, I will not accuse him of being a cohort or insinuate that he is responsible for the deaths. At the same time, I have to emphasize that the facts prove what Mirwaiz Umer and other Hurriyat leaders have all along advised Kashmiris - that the Kashmir government is merely a "puppet regime", with the strings infact being pulled in Delhi. The events surrounding this inquiry proves this beyond any reasonable doubt. It is clear that Omar Abdullah wanted the soldiers punished; a majority of the members of the Assembly wanted them punished, and yet no action was taken against the Indian soldiers; therefore, any reasonable person will come to the conclusion that the Indian masters in Delhi did not approve of this action of Omar Abdullah and his administration had no choice but to comply with the orders from Delhi.

As a result, it makes no sense in me wasting my precious time in writing about a government which is incapable of taking action even though it agrees with what you are saying but comes up with an excuse that the "boss upstairs disagrees".

I have better things to write about. I would rather use the same time and energy in writing about strengthening the Hurriyat and other more important topics. The deaths in Sopur really affected my writing plans. People outside of Kashmir cannot even fathom how these attrocities by the Indian forces affect our lives. These crimes thwart our creativity. Our thinking is blinded by grief, sorrow, and anger. How are people supposed to sit down, have a clear chain of thought and jot down their ideas when their minds are preoccupied by thinking about survival techniques when encountering barbaric Indian soldiers. When we know that these criminals do not need a reason to shoot us dead, and when they do, they wont even get punished. Such are the thoughts that go through our minds, and therefore I can be forgiven if I decide not to write about other trivial things, and just concentrate on using my talent in exposing the brutality of the Indian occupation of Kashmir.


  1. You and all the thousands of Kashmiris should thank their good fate that India intervened when the tribals invaded Kashmir with the help of Pakistanis. Had India not intervened then and had those murdurous tribals taken over Kashmir one need not go beyond Pakistan(your cheif benefactor) to understand what would be the state of Kashmir and Kashmiris.
    Thank heavens for that
    I hope you people with your little brains can understand that if not for your idiotic and blind belief in Pakistan who supposedly will be your messiah once you gain independence will only back stab you and take control or your state and use it for a thousand year war against India by spilling your blood, this problem would have been solved long time ago.
    Hey by the way I am not discounting or supporting the atrocities committed by Indian Army. But the main problem is not that. If you people had not sided with Pakistan and stoke the separatist feeling there will never be such a huge army presence. Also i do understand New Delhi has let you down time and again but your are not the only people to have experienced that. Almost all the Indian states had experianced it time after time.
    So what I am trying to say is good or bad democracy and India are still better than Talibanized Pakistand and Talibanized Kashmir. Atleast you have a forum where you can debate discuss protest and win your point of view. Try this against Taliban you will get a bullet as an answer.
    So stop hating India and try to think logically where you stand and what is good for you and all the Kashmiris

  2. It is sad that you are blaming Delhi and not Om....Ar, the Hindu. How can you give a clean chit to Om..Ar by saying that he wanted but....Change does not come by following what is in place. Change comes by changing what is in place. If Om...Ar was a man of principles, he should have resigned and pressurized Indian govt to respect human right. At least in this case Om....Ar had the enquiry report to support. Had Om......Ar taken a truly strong stand on this issue, many many innocent kashmiris would have been saved in future. Alaas....Om...Ar's inaction on the pretext of lack of real power will has renewed the licence of Indian occupational forces to kill innocent Kahsmiris. The result was seen recently in Nowhatta and other places in Srinagar, killing of innocent Kashmiris. If Om....Ar was sincere, he should have resigned and trust me he would have gained so much of respect among kashmiris. This proves he is no different from other pro Indian politicans who love their power more than the human lives...Another sad day for Kashmiris......May Allah help us....ameen... ajaztam@hotmail.com

  3. Why did the locals start rioting when all the security forces were doing was their job as ordered of frisking outside passengers for obvious security reasons? what counter-evidence do you have that they were not attacked first & provoked to open fire in self-defense?


  4. Alexandar Pushkin renowed Russian poet wrote:
    To decieve me is not so tough
    I myself am happy to get decieved. (traslated to English)
    Same holds true for us Kashmiris. We think people like Om... Ar are well wishers of Kashmiris and try to keep our hopes very high on them. But at the same time we also know, that these rascals are lusty blood suckers and have nothing common with us Kashmiris. And we still try to exonerate them of the crimes and attrocities inflicted by their henchmen on us by ranting about their helplessness. This attitude has to change. Its like, "he was so nice,that he killed that child with a valuable rare golden sword".

  5. @Anup
    what evidence do we have?
    how about the government's own inquiry report!!

  6. @Ajaz
    My point is that Omar cannot be implicated in this crime if we merely look at the evidence that we have at the momnet. He however does hold moral responsibility for this because he is the face of the occupation here.

    @Kashmir Center
    I am not at all going to say that the only reason the Omar Abdullah administration cannot take action is because they are helpless. The term I used was "incapable" or to better explain what I mean I used the term "serfs". Which shows that they really are projecting themselves as being all powerful but in reality even the lowest ranking army officer in Kashmir has more power than the so-called elected government of Kashmir. I will not inflate their egos by claimining that they have power.

  7. @Anup,

    Well, how easily can you believe a story that an armed man was firing his gun in "self-defence" against unarmed people ?

    Indians should wake up to the bloody reality of Army occupation in Kashmir, before it is too late.


    You are wrong when you say that the Kashmiri government has less power than the armed forces. In India, armed forces are subservient to the parliament. This is something enforced in the constitution and Indian army is a disciplined unit (it has never participated in mutinies or military coups).

    If there is continuing army presence in Kashmir, the reason is due to the policies of the parliament .. whether that be the local parliament in Srinagar or the union parliament in Delhi, I am not completely sure of.

  8. the pigeon brains who used to talk about merging with Pakistan or independence ever since they started this madness in 1989, never really try to figure out why in the first place did the Indian army come on the streets of kashmir only after 1989 and not before that.
    IF and i emphasize IF they figure out why, they would know what they have to do to get the army out to where it belongs to safeguard them from the impending Talibanization of Kashmir.

    its pointless to make the pigeon heads understand that it is them who put their heads to saw in the first place.

    come out of your impractical romanticism of this so called independence, the way u came out of the merge with Pakistan romance dream.

    Sooner you realize this, the better it would be for you. India is for you as long as you want it.
    get out of denial and accept your mistakes and blunders

  9. Hey Ray,
    Indian army is not a disciplined unit.
    I will tell you how.

    Take a record of two decades and see how many times, only in Kashmir, they have killed their officers and colleagues.

    Did you forget the mysterious death of a brave army officer -Capt.Sumit Kohli. His wife Ms Deepika and her mother-in-law Veena Kohli had alleged that the Captain was killed by Army officers to stop him from revealing their role in the murder of four porters in a ''fake encounter'' in the frontier district of Kupwara. The Army had ordered a probe into that encounter.

    she had even said that the Army spokesman is lying, there was no sign of a bullet injury on his face or chin, but a horizontal cut on his throat." Endorsing her mother-in-law’s view, she claimed, "My Sumit was killed by Colonel Rahul Pandey and three other officers of the same unit.

    So that punctures your claim of disciplined army. Now you can imagine what .8 million troops would do to 65 lakh population and just 800 militants...( read official documents for this)

    @ all above.
    I don't feel the defense ministry AND oMAR is going to do anything with the Sopore killings, BECAUSE PUNISHING THE TWO CULPRITS WOULD MEAN " DEMORALIZING THE WHOLE INDIAN ARMY"

  10. @ anonymous above who calls us pigeon-brains
    since you seem so excited that you finally figured out that Kashmiris started demanding independence only after 1989, let me for arguments sake accept that theory. So what you want us pigeon-heads to understand is that as long as we behave properly and obey the Indian masters, the army will not harass us.
    The argument has an eerie similarity to what the British rulers used to advise Indian freedom fighters. But we are pigeon-heads, what do we know!

  11. @ Koshur said... The argument has an eerie similarity to what the British rulers used to advise Indian freedom fighters. But we are pigeon-heads, what do we know!

    Hey Koshur, don't even compare the terror movement in Kashmir with Indian freedom struggle which is based on non-violence and freedom for all, Unlike yours which is hell bent on spilling blood and terrorizing people and driving away Kashmiri Pandits.

  12. This Anup is spreading lies. Lakhs of Kashmiris of on roads protesting in July last year and yet not even a single hindu yatri killed, attacked or hurt....Is this talibanization???? or Lakhs of Hindu fanatics on roads in Jammu and scores of innocent Muslims burnt alive,hutments set on fire, burning tyres thrown around the neck of innocent Muslims....Gujarat riots, Mumbai riots, demolition of Majid, raping pregnant women and killing the feutus of muslim women by hindu terrorists.....Isnt this Hindu Talibaniztion??????Ask Renuka Chowdhary... ajaztam@hotmail.com

  13. @ Anyonymous, re: pigeon heads
    As an Indian, I suggest you stop insulting people and act in a mature way. Calling people 'pigeon heads' will not solve the problem.

  14. @ Ajaz,
    Its always nice to hear a one-sided view of things to boost your theories, isn't it? You make it sound like Hindus haven't suffered. Just because Hindus are in a majority doesn't mean anything. Stop beating the drum on mosque demolition and Gujarat riots. We already know that happened and it was wrong. What you didn't mention is that majority of the ones asking for justice are Hindus as well. With respect to innocent Muslims, you should stop generalizing. Ask those Pundits who were driven out of their own home. I don't need to say more. If you knew my religion, you'd be surprised.

  15. there we go again!
    when nothing else works, blame kashmiri muslims for the pandits leaving kashmir. Seems like these guys just came out of a cave and arent aware that these allegations have long been proven a figment of imagination by unbiased independent observers, and I will provide information regarding this shortly.
    But in the meanwhile, instead of starting an argument that has been beaten to death many times over, I would suggest the newbies do a bit of homework before they are qualified enough to enter a debate.
    Here are a few links that might help you get up to date.
    1. Click here for link to debate about Pandit exodus
    2. Click here to read my recent post about Pandit exodus

  16. I don't see any solution in the cock fights above.The existence of Indian Army would continue till existence of Armed secessionists.Demilitarization is not an easy solution,my dear friends.There are 700 armed resistance militia still active.You think Indians regard JK police as competent as Indian Army?!There are more psychological parameters attached to it rather than political.

    Im all for independence and independence is the most genuine solution.DISS ME ON THAT!Both countries should pursue a joint solution which should decommission armed secessionists and Indian forces to barracks.There needs to to a solution which should address Indian stands.Pakistani stands and ofcourse Kashmiri stands.

    The fact is that Omar Abdullah is a slave of Indian interests.Demilitarization is a national issue.Omar can't facilitate it nor he can punish these convicted crooks.It's not his cup of tea.He can only facilitate a dialogue between separatists and government at central level-if he wants to!The other unfortunate fact is that there is a mutual distrust between both countries which is not allowing any resolution.Both countries are ruined with a fatal overdose of bilateralism and they both want to pursue a resolution by giving us riddance's.

    They call off a peace process after an act of violence which further devastates any chance of a solution.Starting a resolution is not a final solution.Civilized behavior depicted in submits is actually nowhere close to any civilized behavior.

    Kashmiri Pandits are the most morally corrupt people around.They enjoy special provisions in job sectors and universities.How many grief stricken Kashmiris get any provisions?Do the math:What is the ratio between Kashmiri pandits killed and Kashmiris?One lakh kashmiris have been butchered.10 times more!Hindus were the first among many who initiated erosion among masses.Read history(What happened when Maharaja signed the standstill agreement?).Now they pretend to be bereaved!What about us??

  17. Koshur, I am not beating the drum. I am just presenting anecdotal evidence from those displaced Pundits living in other parts of India. Maybe you should've said the same thing regarding the individual who talked about atrocities on Muslims b/c as you put it "there we go again!"

  18. btw, I didn't blame "Kashmiri" muslims

  19. Listen Pigeon Head(s),
    (by the way Pigeons are considered intelligent birds).
    I am not sure whether you were born after 1989 or or not. But I turned 16 there before the mosques started blaring out the message for KPs to leave Kashmir and abandon their women folk from Jan20, 1990 onwards.
    What I knew over my 16 yrs of existence was that Kashmiri people were going along with their lives just as any other citizen in the rest of India. The only difference, they had, was they had this romance with a Muslim Pakistan(and wanted to be part of the mayhem of which they are safe off now).
    Beyond that there was no knowledge of the so called 60 yr independence struggle nor 120 year and nor a 400 yr old struggle, which these days many of you seem to have discovered.
    Now that you guys are in a mode of Denial and seem to have a new history, you wont agree to it. So ask your parents and elders.

    Learn from the Denial movements of Pakistan/Afghanistan. And save yourself and Kashmir from further blood shed. Get into the main stream. India doesn't want to waste billions on a self inflicted disease of its own citizens. The sooner you realize this, the better it would be Kashmir and its people. And sooner will the Indian army be back in its barracks to take up a task which doesn't allow the same fate of our religious places as that of the shrine of Rehman Baba in Peshawar.
    I hope the PH got the message.


  20. Kashmiri Pundits. Who drove them out. This topic has been discussed a million times. By the way, Kashmiri Pundits consider themselves Indian patriots. Whats the problem then, they migrated to integrate themselves with India and those pundits who stayed back in Kashmir are true Kashmiri patriots. They are living here with dignity and pride. Although Indian occupation has made life in Kashmir a virtual hell, but still these true hearts do not migrate. Hats off to them.
    By the way post above was about Bomai killings. Why dont we discuss that instead of non issues like Pundit Integration sorry Migration etc etc

  21. @Naveed
    I dont agree with the statement you made in the first sentence of your last paragraph. But you are entitled to your opinion. Painting the whole community with a broad brush is wrong. I feel it is wrong to malign the vast majority of our Pandit brothers and sisters for the antics and shenanigans of Panun Kashmir and other hindutva groups.

    @anonymous aka pigeon head - you are not worthy of a reply or being engaged in a debate

    @Kashmir center - great point and excellent example of the Pandit brother and sisters still living in Kashmir.

    @Tanvir Sadiq
    did we scare you away??
    heated arguments are bound to happen in a debate, i thought you were brave enough to defend your views
    do you have any thing else to add or have you been ordered to adopt silence by Omar Abdullah?

  22. If KP's come back,we would be more than happy.The mindset has changed now among people.Most of separatist leaders want them back.What happened during 1940's-1950's to muslims?They were treated like animals!

    What I hate about Kashmiri Pandits is that they think that they have a bigger lion's share in Kashmir.We have suffered more from the hands of Indians(Both moderates & extremes).People have given their blood for the cause.Pandits are more pro Indians rather than Pro Kashmiri.That's why they are immoral.Same doesn't go with other minorities.Some sections of Sikhs are still true to Kashmir.

  23. Pigeon Head,
    Its not that you dont find me worthy for answers. The reason is you DONT have answers.
    Because I always hit the nail on its head.
    You don't have to answer me. you have to answer yourself and your people to get yourself out of misery.
    Till that time you blame a third party for your miseries and don't see within,you will continue to suffer.

    And now I have started believing in the belief of Karma.
    You guys will continue to remain in this state of Denial till the time you don't attain atonement for your sins.


  24. I'm a bit curious - when you guys talk of an 'independent kashmir', geographically what do you perceive it as...

  25. Koshur,
    Figment of imagination? Wow buddy, nice one. Don't you dare tell me that. Don't expect people to respect your views if you can't respect theirs. Don't call people "newbies" just b/c they don't agree with the populist, denial mode agenda you have. If you regret that Pundits had to leave (around 3-5 lakhs left according to sources?), and obviously they weren't asked to (according to you), then care to explain why they left in such a hurry? And what's stopping you now to give them an open invitation to come back publicly? And why aren't they coming back? Maybe those haunting memories? Are you telling me that their houses weren't looted, religious institutions burned? Blame the Indians for 'occupying' Kashmir as you put it, but the seeds were sown by militants there. Again, this is not an agenda against you, but your idea of "independent sources" indicating the exodus of Pundits is ludicrous. There are a lot of independent sources that would point to just the opposite. Maybe can you can sincerely ask those who suffered to clarify your viewpoints. Take care.

  26. @kashmirviews,

    Thanks for providing that information.I didn't say that every single soldier working for the Indian army is beyond reproach. My point was something else : that the control structure of the Indian army and especially their top leaders are very disciplined. They have always succumbed to the writ of the civilian leaders, even when they were very much against their judgements.

    Actually, the worst shame of Indian soldiers is in Africa, where a country (don't remember which) specifically requested not to send Indian soliders in the UN peace-keeping force because of all the atrocities being committed by them in that country.

    I can understand the situation in Kashmir very much. There are no excuses for all the suffering that Kashmiris went through (and are going through).

    I have always maintained that Indian army should be recalled from Kashmir proper, with its presence limited only to safeguarding the frontier.

  27. Ray Lightning

    ---The Army in India cannot 'occupy' on it's whims & fancies even a stone, forget about a state- it's high-time the handful of urban middle-class citizen's of the valley wake-up from their self-delusion before it's too late.

  28. Pigeon's hole,you are not hitting anywhere,you are haplessly misfiring.I can't see any sense in your last comment

    An inquiry which was promised to be 'genuine' has resulted as a failure.What do you expect from us?Congratulate them?Throw a party to CM?!Why should we not be in a state of denial regarding this?

  29. @anonymous said ...then care to explain a.) why they left in such a hurry? b.) And what's stopping you now to give them an open invitation to come back publicly? c.) And why aren't they coming back? Maybe those haunting memories? d) Are you telling me that their houses weren't looted, religious institutions burned?

    here are my answers briefly. I will post detailed article in few days:

    a.) Jagmohan facilitated that
    b.) all separatist leaders have done that including salahudin
    c,) taken up jobs in india. settled there. without proper leadership, Panun Kashmir is exploiting their sentiments
    d.) yes I am

    read my article for details in a few days. those living in camps in Jammu have my heartfelt sympathies, and I couldnt answer why they are not returning. Maybe they have succumbed to Panun Kashmir propaganda.

  30. @ananymous
    Q. Why Pundits left in a hurry?
    A. They left in a hurry because they were told by the agencies of Indian Intelligence and state administration to do so. They thought their can be a backlash against them. India was preparing itself for a big bloodbath of Kashmiri Muslims. Basically those Pundits who left thought, every thing will be over in 3 monts but to their dismay it is still continuing and blood baths are happening even after 20 years, but their is no blacklash against Hindus in Kashmir.
    Q. Why do not Pundits return to Kashmir?
    A. During these 20 years, things have changed. They have sold their houses and properties to Kashmiri Muslims on very exhorbitant prices and have bought properties in India. Their children have forgot their Kashmiri origins. The have married off their sons and daughters into Dogra, Punjabi, Gujrati and other communities of India. So the new generation of KP's is an adultrated generation. Only Pundit factor remaining in it and Kashmir factor gone away from it.
    And by the way, if anyone among KP's want to return to Kashmir, dont expect us to welcome them with garlands and drum beating. They left Kashmir of their own and left us in the lurch. They should come of their own and buy houses to live in Kashmir. No sops, reservation and concessions to please them! We wont tolerate that.

  31. So the question is how do we stop martial law of Indian occupational forces...go back to gun culture and teach them a lesson.We can think of alternate means of weapons if not gun...processions, etc.......please throw ideas......

  32. Mirwaiz Umer made a wise appeal to all Kashmiris to stop "kanijung" because that gives a reason to the occupation forces to commit terror acts.

    there is no other alternative but to restart mass processions with absolutely no stone throwing or property damage.

  33. @kashmir-center,

    Your explanation of how Kashmiri Pandits left the valley rings very close to how the Israelis explain the Palastenians left Palastine to live in refugee camps.

  34. There are only two solutions for Kashmir Resolution:

    A)Peaceful Negotiations.
    B)Armed Resistance.

    The first point is the most sensible and genuine solution.However,I should add that violence substitutes only when negotiations prove as a disaster.People should realize this.

    Indian political machinery has to realize that the ongoing political and social resistance movements,continual loss of life and property is an indicator and reminder that ignorantly holding on to the land by armed aggression,hijacking freedom of choice and keeping the dispute unresolved totally violates accepted principles of liberty.

    Delay tactics may favor India but it is not an advantage to the people of Kashmir by an means.Kashmiri psyche has somehow always resolutely refused to be a part of Indian integration.This is a harsh political reality.

    Every Kashmiri citizen has a tale of torture or arrest or indignity while being frisked at a check point.India never had a majority sentiment among the major sections of Kashmiri society.India has miserably failed in binding together the people of Kashmir because attitude of India has left negative imprints on resolution process.

  35. @ Kashmir Center,
    Yes @ exorbitant prices, living in Delhi in a 3rd class house on rent. Living in poverty. Yupp, you are absolutely right about the exorbitant prices.

  36. Let me present with you a different perspective, Koshur and Kashmir Center.
    ---link deleted---
    Again, this is not to target you both specifically in any way, but there is a lack of understanding of the "other" point of view amongst many people in Kashmir. For instance, Jagmohan facilitated this, they did that, we never did anything wrong, you get the gist.

  37. @above poster
    your site is too biased to be advertised here - sorry

  38. Bias depends on the perspective, Koshur. What's biased to one may not be to another.
    Best Regards.

  39. Kashmiri pandits left kashmir - and all of you agree that oldest inhabitants of land left kashmir - You say it or not the days of darkness started - all the efforts for freedom got wasted
    The way it is impossible to have Pandits back on the land which is equally theirs -same way having peace in kashmir looks like a dream now.

    When I created atmosphere at my home that my elder brother left me -house was shattered now I blame him for that or call him coward what not . he will never come back and I will never welcome him - we will never have a happy home
    It is human not to accept mistakes and to fight against suppression
    But it is heroic to be united and we would have won only when we would have holded hands together - may be my brother was reluctant to join but i could have given him strength and assurance

  40. Anonymous and Kasmiri Pundits.......5% of Pundits still sruviving for the last 1200 yrs among 95% Muslims in Kashmir itself speaks aobut the liberalism, secularism, communal harmony and peace provided by right understanding of Islam in Kahsmir.5% of Kashmiris pundits would have long perished had it not been for the the liberal and non communal mindset of Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmiri Pundits owe a lot to Muslims.Things changed in 1990 due to your own misdeeds. Ask Professor Tikoo, a kashmiri pundit living in Jammmu. He does not blame Muslims for this. You should have supported the freedom struggle and at least not worked aginst the movement..... ajaztam@hotmail.com

  41. Look within you and your contribution for improvement to the society other than blaming Om...ar, Military and anything around you. Whenever I see unreasonable and illogical things happening in my office, I peep into this blog and gets satisfied that what is happening there is far better off at least, on seeing whole bunch of half cooked brains here and your thoughts. Long live Pakistan. Down down India to make you happy

  42. @ Ajaz
    if someone dislikes violence and does not want to go for it - it is a misdeed - this is person who talks about freedom struggle
    Muslims are 95% for last 1200 yrs and you say that it was liberal attitude muslims followed and then in 1990 they were fed of being human and turning devils
    You yourself are saying that hindus in india since they are more in number have every right to be like you in 1990 - then simply say for so many years were liberal now die or follow us whether you believe in it or not
    Dont say it was just few wrong people in 1990 who did it since every crime goes to few wrong minds - even it is not all army who is culprit - wrong minds always head the right ones

  43. @ajaz

    you talk about Tikoo and he has same opinion as yours but what about 1000 others who do not have same opinion
    There are 1000 khan who say kashmir is part of India - even muslim actors from kashmir .
    They even say that it is few militants who for money and power are trying to continue this agitation and common person has nothing to do with this.
    Every Army person who kills innocent kashmiri's believes this that he is killing enemy of kashmir - My dear it is rational thought based on fact not opinions we want.
    We kashmiri muslims never had heart to share the land with hindus's and wanted just Muslims and that is a fact - why not say that instead of seudosecularism

  44. Anonymous.........I never said that Indian Hindus are communal.It is only a secion of Hindu society who are communal, though dominant group. Had it not been to the larger population of Indian Muslims in India, Hindu terrorists would have long done what they want to do. Look what is happening to christians in India. Comparing how Muslims and christians are being treated in India, you pundits should be proud of Kashmiri Muslims..

  45. Have you ever been to Orissa ?
    There are places where still there is no electric connection nor water -if Christians feed them and ask them to embrace Christianity do you think anything is wrong
    now a religious leader would come and brainwash them and make then kill on name of religion
    But there is no leader who will tell them to appreciate good work by christain missionaries and still educate them to follow their own religion yet appreciate Christianity for community services
    Same with kashmir India was helping it - not asking to change religion but religious leaders like orissa made kashmiri who was peace loving insecure about religion and scarce resources. It is religious leaders who got kashmir in this trap
    Taking about kashmiri pundits - they were creme of kashmir due their intellect especially teachers and doctors so had muslims massacared them it would have been end of kashmir - it is just the bunch who was killed that freedom struggle lost its essence - had people involved them as not as physical fighters but as negotiators , brain behind struggle -kashmir would have been free
    it is not only muscle it is brain also which is required - kashmiri muslim is brave but lacks foresight and pandits are good at look 10 years ahead
    the day freedom struggle will get free from religion and would focus just on kashmir -it can be achieved with all pillars together supporting based on their specialties.
    It is Father who may be bread earner but no one can deny role of Mother in shaping a family
    when pandits left it was love compassion that left valley so valley is in tears - anyone who has lived in kashmir before 1989 can tell you life before that and hell after that

  46. Can we know How Muslims and Christians are treated? In a country with more than 1 Billion population, with more than any religions in any country with as many people living together,do not take isolated incidents as a norm. Can I come to Kashmir and try to convert you to a christian and will you keep quiet and allow this, I bet not even one, and it is only those who does this gets the backlash. Otherwise all who keep the identity as Indian, irrespective of religion gets the same preference and treatment.
    Same is the case of Muslims as majority of them are as patriot as an other religions, but those who look at Pakistan or resort to violence or get brainwashed gets into trouble. This is the case of Hindus who resort to violence, except that Hindus do not have any other place to look and follow

  47. This will happen only in India even when all claim that Muslims are treated bad to get the benefits. see this below which is being implemented in Kerala.

    Kochi (Kerala): Welfare measures being implemented in the state on the basis of Paloli committee report shall take effect from this month. About 50,000 Madrassa Teachers will be covered by Pension Fund by this new programme. The government will provide about 4 crores rupees as initial deposit. Under this scheme, each Madrassa teacher need to contribute Rs.50/- per month and the Madrassa Management Committee will contribute Rs.50/- per month. Persons with at least 10 years service shall be eligible for the pension and the maximum amount of pension shall be Rs.4000/- per month.

    Based on another recommendation of Paloli Committee, 5000 Muslim girls shall start receiving scholarship from this month. Distribution of scholarship will be launched on 15 February at a function being held in Malappuram. Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty will preside the function and Minister M.A Baby will inaugurate the function. According to this additional scholarship programme, Muslim girls studying for graduate, post graduate and professional courses shall receive scholarship at the rate of Rs.5000/-, Rs.4000/- and Rs.5000/- respectively every year and the scholarship will continue until the course is completed. During this fiscal year itself the government will implement a stipend of Rs.1000/- per month to Muslim girls staying in hostel for their studies and through this programme they shall be receiving Rs.10,000/- per year. To help the educated Muslim youth to face the competitive exams and come out successful, the central government will commence 5 coaching centers across Kerala

  48. @ AJaz
    Imagine you get killed by your brother for property - the pain in one shot and everything is done
    but when your loving brother makes you leave home when you refused to build wall to protect home since you thought the wall can never be bulit or is very difficult ,the separation makes you die 100 times.

    and makes makes things worse when you see that the one who made you leave is in immense pain and trying to make that wall again and again - it is complex human emotion where irrespective of pleasures who have in your life you feel pain which no one can understand.

  49. Isn't it amazing how we Indians,esp Hindus, get blamed for so much. These very same people never question why Pakistan's minority has become almost non-existent. Irony never ceases to amaze me.

  50. Koshur,
    Earlier you said that a link I provided was biased. I respect that. This is another link for you.
    Take care.

  51. good link.
    had not seen this before.
    thanks for posting this.
    just proves Pakistan had nothing to do with Pandit exodus.

  52. It simply proves people like Musharaf can lie through their teeth - and proves pakistan had everything to do with pandit exodus - it is they who fed poison to our brains and are still doing so - two bothers can have differences and one may be better in one thing other may be better -there is every reason they should never get separated .

    why weak Pandits were made to leave their mother - does mother just belong to one who can fight bravely or foolishly like we did and trapped Kashmir more and more into Indian hands.

    I may look like a pandit supporter which gives me pro indian rank , traitor etc etc - but it is truth . It is pandits who supported me for my education outside kashmir it is there I felt how similar we are and I could realize their hardships and pain and yet just being from kashmir made them shower their love on a kashmiri Muslim
    we better come out of our so called cages and see world outside - pandit is more like me than same religion pakistani

  53. Koshur,hmmmmm, don't know what to say. Not sure how it "proves" anything. He said a lot of things that weren't true even on face value. All this proves is your bias. Well if Pakistan had nothing to do with it, then I guess Kashmiri Muslims did. But more importantly for me, Pandits continue to live in exile b/c of fear for their safety in Kashmir. That speaks volumes to outsiders looking in.

  54. @anonymous above
    This is a very emotional topic therefore I am not posting my write-up until I have ironed out the bugs out of it.

    here is the crux of my argument:

    -Jagmohan wanted to instill fear in Kashmiri muslims by killing scores of them. In his view, like in the view of any dictator, he thought he could suppress and root out separatism merely by death and violence.

    -he thought that killing scores of Kashmiri muslims (which he did as planned later after the exodus) would have a backlash agaisnt Pandits and that is something that he could not have on his record - to be held accountable for not foreseeing pandits would be killed in retaliation by "muslim mobs", therefore he engineered the pandit departure by providing material support. There was mass hysteria amongst the pandits and most left because their neighbours were leaving rather than because of a real threat to their safety. (in reality, even though Kashmiri muslims were massacred as planned, they never attacked the pandits that were still in Kashmir)

  55. @ koshur
    what about those announcement that were made in all mosques - was those Jagmohan announcing - what about stones thrown on our window panes - i guess you will say jagmohan did it

    and all those posters - he pasted , then announcement in urdu local newspapers
    You did not want kashmiri pandits whatever may be reason - it is truth and kasmiri muslim succeded in that - celebrate your victory
    I will pray that God forgives you for the injustice you did with Pandits and your sufferings will end with whatever you want - free kashmir or merge with pakistan

    May kashmir get its glory back . Having said that a honest advise to my muslim brother - had I been a muslim I would have figured out ways to make kashmir glorious under indian umbrella instead of fake pakistan or becoming independent and getting crushed - that was easier and simple solution - but everyone has right to have has opinion and own likes

    Kashmiri Pandit who left valley

  56. no one replied to my comments - actually you all know truth about pandit exodus but want to put blame on jagmohan - human tendency
    Grow up dont be like small immature kids with a gun in hand

    Kashmiri pandit who left valley