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Indian army mocks inquiry report

Shame on the biased Indian media 

The occupation forces showed their true colors today and inadvertently divulged the truth about all inquiries that have ever been called by the so-called government of Kashmir.

The following statement of the army has been reported by most dailies,"...the army’s Brigade command has informed the government that such an inquiry was not valid under the Army Act". Although this attitude of the occupation army does not surprise Kashmiris at all because we have known their colonial attitude all along. What is evident from this statement is that it exposes the fact that all previous inquiries were in fact shams. We have known this since the first Kashmiri fell prey to the bullets of the criminal Indian Army, and the first ever inquiry, that still has not been concluded, was called many decades ago. This statement just reinforces what we had known all along - that the inquiries are a mere lip service to pacify an agitated population. 

The present inquiry into the deaths of Javed and Amin of Bomai was an anomaly in the long list of inquiries because it was infact concluded and submitted within the promised time. Another big anomaly was that it implicated the army in this crime, which the occupation forces had not anticipated, and caught them off-guard. So the Indian occupation forces have improvised their approach and started to backpaddle.

The Army act!

Delayed reflexes of the occupiers  - that's how I characterize this latest antic. And because the inquiry officer, Baseer Ahmad Khan, did not succumb to Indian pressure to alter his report, and surprisingly Omar Abdullah is holding his ground, the Indian occupation forces have changed tactics and started feeding the media that they "will not participate in the inquiry". Too late for that. One thing about criminal minds is that their reflexes are usually slow. The world already knows that the Indian army officers testified before the inquiry officer and had even tried to pressurize him to alter the inquiry report in their favour. And now that the inquiry report has already been concluded and has indicted the Indian army, they want to give the impression that their officers never testified before the inquiry officer. But it is too late for that, unless they can destroy all news reports of February 26, 2009, when the commandants of that base camp testified before the commisioner, then their attempts to backpaddle are futile. (click here to read the news report of that day).

Now that things did not go as they had planned, they want to spin it the other way and invoke some "Army act" to discredit the inquiry report, which fortunately they will not succeed in because Kashmiris are a million times smarter then these petty criminal Indian officers.

Guess who bought this line of their newest nonsense? The biased, communal minded and illogical Indian media.

Here is what a reporter named Sumir Kaul reported for the Press Trust of India (PTI) "Army refuses to be part of govt probe into J&K killings"  was the headline, and this is how the story starts, "Army has refused to participate in the inquiry being conducted by the Jammu and Kashmir government...." (click here to read this biased reporting). It is very unlikely that a news organisation like PTI would be unaware that the army had already testified in the inquiry and that the inquiry has already been concluded and submitted to the government. The fact that they chose to report this story as though the inquiry was still ongoing, clearly exposes their bias and malicious intentions.

If people are not able to see through this mockery as a spin and an attempt to rewrite the outcome of the inquiry, then they need to pay a bit more attention. The Indian media is too biased  and blinded by their hatred against Kashmiris to have the ethics to report honestly.

Contrast the above biased reporting with how Greater Kashmir, a Kashmiri newspaper, accurately reported the same story:

Here is what GK reported, "ARMY ‘REJECTS’ BOMAI PROBE", was the headline, and this is how they developed the main part of the story, "The inquiry report is reported to have blamed the army personnel for not verifying the claims of their informers before shooting down the innocent civilians." (click here to read the full article)

I will leave it to the readers to decide for themselves whether they feel the Indian media is infact biased and unreliable.

Shame on Indian democracy and their biased media.


  1. Can such events of killing innocents by Indian army result in terrorist acts in Indian main land?? The answer is big YES......Indian public should put pressure on the occupational Indian govt to stop such killings by Indian forces and resolve Kashmir issue as per the wishes of Kashmiris. This is key to peace in India and in the neighbourhood. Indian public pressure can save many Lives in India as well in Kashmir and help the economic development of the region. India will be benefited the most if the Kashmir issue is resolved and at least killing of innocent lives stoped at the moment till the permanent resolution of Kashmir.. Remember...When things become unbearable there is a revolt (read terrorims)....Situation creatd by Indian forces in Kashmir is undoubtedly unbearable....

  2. A basic lesson which we fail to understand

    suhail snatched toy from vivek and vivek who was 5 year old like suhail became furious and tried to get it back they had fight and each voilence made them fight more and now suhail began thinking of toy as his and would leave no stone unturned to keep it - they turned adults then old and the enemity continued each time growing stronger

    Now same story - first time when suhail snacthed toy his mother interfered - instead of scolding suhail she told vivek why are not you hugging him he is your brother - instaed of fighting he hugged him and suhail anger melted even vivek felt good .suhail gave back the toy and even gave some of his own toys
    both grew and lived happily as neighbours -voilence can never bring love or justice - history has answers
    now whether it is india or kashmir -all are motherless so no one is going to solve this once and for all - everyone has to bear their share of pain

  3. Britishers also claimed this toy (India) to be their's. However they had to retreat. Immitating Brits, Indians claim the toy (Kashmnir) and Indians shall also have to retreat......

  4. Earlier Brits were ruling physically now they are ruling Indian soul - Killings atrocities injustice would have been more in last 50 years than 200 years of british rule.
    It is better to be slave then be a independent nation like INDIA where every state wants to be free

  5. I was telling you that this farce we are wathing from 1947.Once again India showed the Abdullahs it's real teeth

  6. This is an understood truth that the exact condition of Kashmir is only known to the residents of Kashmir.How ever, being Indian every Indian national would want to comment on any topic raised on Kashmir.It is a heart breaking truth that we Indians,who are not residents of Kashmir are proud that Kashmir is a part of India,but the residents of Kashmir don't think that they are Indians.With all due respects towards MR. AJAY AHMED KASHMIRI i would like to tell him,the example which you are giving can not be related as India is a part of Kashmir,and only due to some citizens like you we are facing this issue.If every state would want want their own independence and their own federal government ,then unfortunately India would not be India anymore.We have article 367 for Kashmir,which is unique in our country.

    Its my personal opinion that armed forces working their in Kashmir are trying their best to maintain peace,but that wont be possible until or unless the residents of Kashmir take part openly.
    I also understand that writing all this is quite easy,compared to implement it,but someone has to take initiative....!!