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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Biased Indian media

I have very high regard for most Kashmiri reporters. I admire their courage to report honestly in such dangerous circumstances. I cannot even imagine the psychological anguish they must have to bear while visiting victims' families and having to sit down and write about it. They are in fact one of the pillars of Kashmiri brotherhood. I mentioned earlier that Kashmiris consider themselves a part of one big family; reporting by Kashmiri reporters is one good example of that. Only a fellow Kashmiri can feel the pain shared by their fellow citizens, and this is evident when we read about their reporting of events in Kashmir. This is also primarily the reason why the Indians ban the local media from reporting every once in a while.

Indian reporters on the other hand are still not mature enough to come out of their prejudices against the Kashmiri freedom movement. This is evident in some of their reporting, which are outright lies in some instances, and in some others, the reporters choose to be too vague in what they mean because they lack the courage to be forthright. It would be a travesty not to mention rare exceptions such as Arundhati Roy. She writes magnificently, and we can only wish that more Indian journalists show similar courage to report honestly. (Click here to read Arundhati Roy's article)

I exposed the blatant lies of PTI in one of my earlier posts while they were reporting about the inquiry of Bomai murders. Seems like the racist and communal minded reporters at PTI are hell bent on inventing facts as it suits the Indian propaganda machine rather than being true to the journalism profession. Everyone knows the person murdered by the CRPF in Khaigam recently was an innocent carpenter who had nothing to do with militancy. But not according to India's "trusted" news organization PTI. They declared he was a militant even before full details of the incident were known. This is what the PTI reported, "Man suspected to be militant killed in CRPF firing in J and K"According to the PTI, there were no reasons to doubt their trusted CRPF. No benefit of doubt to the innocent victim, and no reason to believe the eye witnesses in the village. For them, the press release of the CRPF is the undisputed truth - some investigative journalism this is!

Similarly, other Indian reporters, who project themselves as being unbiased and objective, still have their underlying prejudices against Kashmir and their writing exemplifies this. They are never critical of the criminal actions of their soldiers occupying Kashmir, and find ways to be ambiguous so as not to be overtly critical of their countries' Kashmir policy. For instance, Barkha Dutt recently wrote an opinion article for the fundamentalist Indian newspaper, the Hindustan Times, in which she tries to applaud the courage of Pakistani reporters who report fearlessly, sometimes at the peril of being physically harmed by either some hardline Pakistani religious groups or even the Pakistani government. While I agree the courage of Pakistani reporters is commendable, the irony is that Ms Dutt herself falls into the appeaser category when it is her turn to be critical of criminal actions of Indian soldiers. I guess it is easy to pontificate about Pakistani journalists by writing with an aura of false superiority, but her efforts would have been more worthwhile had she been more critical of Indian journalism practices instead of mere token mentioning of their inherent biases.

She attempts to have the moral high ground by mentioning that, "Our young colleagues in Jammu and Kashmir carry scars that are both emotional and physical". This lone and vague sentence alluding to Kashmir epitomizes Indian reporting of the Kashmir conflict because it perfectly illustrates how Indian reporters try to play it safe, when in fact, it is in Kashmir that their honesty is most required. It begs the question whether she is referring to Indian reporters stationed in Kashmir or the local Kashmiri reporters. She also tries to have her way both ways because she never alludes to who is responsible for those scars. She could have been more forthright and blamed the Indian forces who routinely beat up and harass Kashmiri journalists, but she chose to remain ambiguous, and hence the irony, because that is what her article was about. (Click here to read her article)


  1. Anybody who voices different opinion than you are considered biased.

    I have one query about Pakistan and Afghanistan where both are muslim countries, why are muslims killing each other, almost daily, when all are blaming India, where it houses almost all the religions of the world with different religious identities living in harmony most of the times, except when some mischief is invoked with the help of miscreants within and across the border and illegal bangladeshis. Can somebody enlighten why is this happening in PAK & Afghan

  2. It is simple for You - Militants are freedom fighters and they are innocent even when they have guns in their hand and they fire those
    But my dear Indian reporters do not considers people with guns are saints.
    You can not make reporters all over world to call these militants who are similar to osama bin laden as innocents - US may be responsible for present condition of afganistan but who is real culprit - US did not start attacking unless 9/11 - US may have failed in restoring peace and may have killed innocents among folowers of osama.
    Real culprits are these militants who give army every reason to stay - get your voice against them

  3. So people like Bhagat Singh gave Britishers the reason to kill in jalianwala bagh???? Now you will say NO........INIDIAN HYPOCRISY...

  4. Killings in jalianwalla - led to birth of bhagat singh but it was not bhagat singh's voilence which made britishers bend - it was Gandhi and England's change in governance which made them leave . It is because of extremists that Jinnah could put demand for pakistan - it is extremist who were responsible for hindu muslim roits - be it hindu , muslim or sikh . It is dominant nature of west pakistan which led to birth of bangladesh
    Voilence in any way never leads to prospertity - it was not fighting between states which makes USA most developed nation - it is their strength to stay united irrespective of differences
    California belongs to mexico - do you say that it should go back to mexico - that would mean progressing or decline . Life evolves - we evolved from Monkeys - look forward and dont call yourself monkeys
    past is good to know and learn but you should not go back. As a human I feel pain for both - mother of army person or a militant who are dying for nothing at all - fake prides , ego's fuelled by opportunists who are making money in swiss bank - check your leaders , separatists and what not - they are all the same
    It takes more strength to forgive and GOD is always with those who can forgive - we human beings have no right to judge . Lets not try to be GOD

  5. What diffferences between states in US are you referring to? Then howcome Canadian provinces do not want to join US? or then why does half the population of Quebec want independence. Why dont you use the same logic to lure in Nepal and Srilanka?

    The underlying reason in unity is freedom of choice and respect for real democratic values which Indians seem to have a hard time comprehending.

    Yes we could have become prosperous as neighbouring countries but your colonial attitude and the nonsensical "atoot ang" argument is the real impediment to progress in south asia. The problem lies with India's occupation and not Kashmir's quest for independence.

  6. @ koshur
    Lets restrict ourselves to USA - not Canada
    Each state is usa is cuturally different - california ,texas - the differences are more than what you see in kashmir and delhi
    Yet they are part of one nation which at present even in recession is best
    Had texas and california been seperated or been part of mexico - they would have been like mexico of today (labour class for USA)
    Kashmir culturally is different from rest of india so are other states - present scenario it is better to be with india than to be with pakistan or independent like bangladesh
    INDIA may not be trye democracy but it is far better tah most of the democracies in world at least our neighbours

    Religious fanatism is what is real impediment to progress in south asia and all other developed nations have intrest to keep that burning - divided they can control and crush which they are doing

  7. which InDYEya are u talking about? Supreme court considered to be unbiased has shown its communal colors. Justice Katjoo will be hanged in public in Kashmir. Let him come. How dare he make communal remarks about beard.Muslims have no future with communal Hindus. Good Hindus and Muslims should fight for a separate nation in India distinct from fanatic hindus. ajaztam@hotmail.com

  8. People Like katjoo are outcome of what britishers wanted to do to this land - it already resulted in pakistan and india which actually should have been one - both countries are wasting their resources on wars etc etc
    Had these people not existed we would have seen muslims and hindus living together without any issues - now as intelligent humans we should not get carried away by remarks of such narrow minded people and make then succesful by follwing with a seperatist idea - such people whether Hindu , muslim or sikh are the ones who should be thrown out to a seperate land - let those fanatic hindus and muslims live together and end up killing each other - why 95 % of people are following them - lets us stop that Ajaz

    Indian PM has a beard -isn't that enough evidence , last indian president if you have ever met him -highly regarded personality and one feels and great positive energy in his presence - that is india I am taking about

  9. Everyone knows hw baised the indian media is. there is no need to discuss all this. kashmiris are fully aware wat d indian media has been playing with them.

  10. every kashmiri knows wat the indian media has been playing with kashmiris. there is no need to discuss all his nw.

  11. I don't think media have complete info about Kashmir situation.
    Indian army killing kashmiri pepoles anr raping our sisters but media cannot publish truth. They publish only some cases.

  12. I request all patriotic Indians who comment on this blog, to first think about the positive aspects in Koshur's post and trust that there could be an element of truth in what he says.

    Why should India impose a military occupation on Kashmir ?

    Why should peaceful demonstrations be banned ?

    Why should local media be kept under censorship ?

    Why should people be prevented from peacefully organizing themselves ?

    If we are not careful about the abuses of the state, the same thing might happen in our own cities and neighborhoods. We should allow absolutely no compromises on the freedom of human beings.

    Otherwise, we can never say we are living in a free country.

  13. Have you ever wondered what makes us follow religion - any religion. It is our hunger for love and acceptance. Every human being wants to be accepted by other loved by his family and friends . Be it Army person who gets killed or kills , be it a militant who fights for freedom , who fights for money , or innocent person who gets killed.
    It is only religion of love and compassion which will bring prosperity in kashmir abd Quran as I know has strong focus on community service , helping poor and all these prayers whole day are just to fill our hearts with love for all
    Lets not breed hatred - it has already shown us the worst

  14. Hi, I have Kashmiri friends. I have never known any of them to be other than gentle and supportive. The venom being spewed by separatist 'leaders' in Kashmir is making Kahmiris venomous. I beg all my brother Kashmiris to give a thought to this:
    1. What will happen if Kashmir is 'freed'?
    Ans: Pakistan will move in and promptly attack India & World
    2.Free Kashmir?
    Ans.No exports, no currency, slavery to terrorist. they will starve you and make you and your children terrorists
    3.Free Kashmir?
    Ans: What will you get? Failed state like Pakistan.
    4. Why are security forces against you?
    Ans: How many terrorist are you horbouring? How many innocent children and women have they killed in cold blood? Do you think all the money being spent on Kashmir (not for security force alone) is some thing which will be provided to you by any other country in the world. We consider you all as equal. It is the venomous separists leaders- who have a huge terror business running billions of dollars- who are spoiling the future of Kashmir. Dear brothers and sisters of Kashmir wake up and fight the terrorist-fight the real enemy- the 'Leader' who are leading you.

  15. thanks Ray.
    you hit the nail on the head.

    valid points some of you have raised
    I will reply soon.

  16. Wait for some more time, and Taliban will be coming to be part of you to take you to stone ages which you all want.

  17. If Indian media is biased then what will you call pak Media . At least it is a fact that it is much more free than most of the nations especially neighbors.

  18. Anonymous
    Taliban has nothing to do in Kashmir. Its Indian media and Indian army which wants Taliban to come to Kashmir. They want to give a twist to our freedom struggle. Twist of Talibanisation. But, as usual this gimmick of India is also going to fail. It will rebound and Indian occupational machinery will get dejected. Taliban is perhaps being supported by India. World will come to know. So Taliban or no Taliban, Kashmiris will not stop aspiring for freedom.

  19. Arundati roy - have you read her first book - that is kind of writer she is - A true Muslim and follower of Islam does not require support from such people who believe women can sleep with anyone she wants. She in every aspect is infidel - the way Quran would describe her

    It is a shame to even mention her as someone supporting a noble cause like kashmir

  20. @Anonymous Apr07 10:38 AM,

    Come on. Please don't compare our nation with Pakistan, or with any other country (whether that be in Europe or America). We Indians have a responsibility to lead the world towards freedom. As home to 1/5th of humanity, this is our duty. Looking sideways at how others are faltering is not an option.

  21. Hi Ray,

    here are your answers:

    Why should India impose a military occupation on Kashmir ?

    India doesnt have to and nor does it. It has to protect its borders from fanatics particularly on its western side.
    You personally may percieve it as an Occupation, even I am a Kashmiri and I dont and nor do the other 85% of the valley and i am not counting jammu & ladakh.
    If you are referring to Army being present in the valley, it wasn't there before 1989. Was it?
    And it will remain there to protect you from yourselves and from those who brain washed you guys to think like the thinking is prevelant in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    It will be back at the borders, once you stop putting your foot into mouth which started in 1989.

    Why should peaceful demonstrations be banned ?

    They shouldn't and nor are they. but as we have seen that every time this "peaceful" turns violent. So better to stop it in the bud.

    Why should local media be kept under censorship ?

    i don't see any. Try publishing stuff which you read in Greater kashmir and the like(subject which are completely anti-state) in POK or any other country,and see whether you would be able to survive, forget censorship
    The way you guys write blogs here. Imagine you guys being citizens of Xiang-Jiang or Tibet and you writing similar blogs from China? Just imagine and leave the rest to Chinese.

    Why should people be prevented from peacefully organizing themselves ?

    OK, I dont think in Kashmiri Vocabulary "peacefull organizing" mean stone pelting. If this "peacefull organizing" means that people will get hurt sooner or later, so better not allow this "peaceful organiztion".

    If we are not careful about the abuses of the state, the same thing might happen in our own cities and neighborhoods. We should allow absolutely no compromises on the freedom of human beings.

    I completely agree on this point. As soon as every one of us starts respecting State laws and work towards our upliftment, which in turn would help in upliftment of the society, which has been put to halt from 89 onward,

    I don't see any reason why we would have any compromises on our freedom

    Otherwise, we can never say we are living in a free country.

    I agree.

    A Kashmiri

  22. Some food for thought for you guys:


    read this to open your eyes

  23. Kashmir Center,
    Your ideas, as many times before, are illogical. Taliban supported by India? Are we talking about the same Taliban that boasted to help the Pakistanis in case of a war between India-Pakistan? The same ones that mentioned to send 500 suicide bombers into India? The same Taliban rite?
    @ Ray
    You are quite a liberal. What do you suggest we do? I agree on giving Kashmiris complete freedom in the sense that there be no military in the state except the borders. But things aren't that simple. This actually reminds me of an interview by the Late Benazir Bhutto in India who said that LET doesn't represent the Kashmiris and in fact they sidetrack them to represent their own agenda

  24. Ha...Ha...Ha... Taliban supported by India. Joke of the Century. Kashmir Center, you are great.
    Common Sense is uncommon is apt

  25. http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Defeating-Osama/

  26. The Pandit argument is that Kashmir has always been part of India ?
    A:- Kashmir has never been part of India and has no cultural, traditional, ethical and religious semblance with India . Even we Kashmiri Pundits have totally different religious ceremonial and ritual days than of the Indian Hindus and we practice a different mythology. We have no religious attachment with river Ganga ; we used to put the ashes of the dead into the "Naraan Nag Gangbal" near Sonamarg . We never celebrate Diwali but "Hearath". We celebrate a religious day which is called "Sheshar Shenkraat" which is celebrated in the winters in order to avoid demonic influence in winters and there is no example of celebrating such a day in the Indian Hindu mythology. Moreover, Kashmiri Pundits celebrate "Shiv Raatri" differently than Indian Hindus; we prepare a lot of non vegetarian food to break the fast, contrary to Hindus who abstain from meat on the day.
    Similarly Kashmiri Muslims have a different culture with no relevance with that of Indian culture. Politically, the UN resolutions stand witness to the Kashmir dispute and promises the right to self determination. Had Kashmir not been a disputed state then why Kashmir has its own constitution and flag. And why Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru took the Kashmir issue to the United Nations. It was only because of Indian political prejudice and insincerity that autonomy of Kashmir was eroded.

    Professor Manohar Nath Tickoo
    as told to http://umarblogs.blogspot.com/2009/02/two-decades-of-exile.html

  27. Kashmir views,

    Each state in India have separate festivals within Hindus and Kashmir is another such state.

  28. @kashmirviews
    thanks for that interview.

  29. we dont believe in indian so called democracy. dont talk about indian media.our sisters are raped and murderd no national tv has shown any coverage at all if same thing happens in rest of india barkha would have camped there.