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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Dark clouds of death roll over Kashmir

Yet another innocent Kashmiri became the victim of Indian terror last night. Mohiuddin Malik, a carpenter, was murdered by soldiers of the Indian occupation force, CRPF, when they barged into his house and shot him dead at Khaigam, Pakharpoor. "He is survived by his wife and four minor children" reads the news story. (read the dreadful news here)

How can I even do justice to this story and truly express how I feel. How can anyone even fathom what the family of Mohiuddin must be feeling at this moment. How can anyone predict what miseries lay ahead for his widow and orphaned children. How the criminal acts of Indian soldiers turned their whole life upside down in a matter of a few minutes. How can we block emotions from overwhelming us knowing that his wife and kids will be crying themselves to sleep from now on and can never get an answer to why this had to happen to them. Thinking about this just tears you from the inside. Knowing that the murderers will go scott free just makes it that much more bitter to swallow. And the most atrocious fact is that perhaps a few days from now I will probably be here trying to express my sorrow for yet another innocent Kashmiri who will have become the target of some other criminal Indian soldier's ire in a different part of Kashmir. 

Are these unprovoked murders of innocent Kashmiris a payback for raising our voices against the Bomai Killings? Is it to provoke another wave of armed insurgency so the criminal Indian forces are not stripped of the AFSPA? 

Nobody has the answers. Why now? Why all of a sudden this renewed terror by the Indians? 

This story is very personal because my village is not very far from Khaigam. On our walk to Yusmarg, we used to pass through Khaigam. Many of my childhood friends are from Khaigam. I perhaps had personally known Mohiuddin.

I guess what this murder proves is that we all have to wait for our turns to become targets of Indian terrorist soldiers. 

I also will not be surprised that yet another inquiry will be called; a murder case will be filed against the personnel involved; a lot of lip service will be provided by politicians, and that's as far as it will go.

The murderers will never be punished. That is the fact of life in Kashmir.


  1. Now that Indian agencies know that Kashmniris have a firm resolve of fighting peacefuly for the freedom of Kashmir from India, Indian forces are trying the second phase of our freedom strugle.Indian army feels that by terrorising unarmed Kashmiris they can stop the pro freedom processeions in future.
    The second object would be to push new generation of Kashmiris to the wall so that there is a renewed armed struggle against Indian rule.This directly benefits Indian army as they get a reason to be in Kashmir. Indian army gives bribe to get transfered to Kashmir as there are lot of incentives to kill Kashmiris. Indian army is involved in so many scandals in Kashmir and no one can ever complian about them.
    However, Kashmiris should have a group of people who will kill these Indian killers (a small group though) and on the other hand majority of Kahsmiris should continue to take out processions and bear the hardships till Allah helps us.

  2. We need brave leaders to guide us. Present bunch of leaders are redundunt and have other priorities. Freedom struggle is a baggage they are unwillingly carrying on their shoulders. We need to retire them and move forward with our struggle. My recent post in my blog is on the same topic.

  3. till we learn to select our leaders - we have most corrupt people representing us - this is what we get

  4. The main problem is lack of accountability.We need a steadfast leadership.If leaders would have been true to their nation,these dreadful and unfortunate incidents wouldn't happen.We are in a mess right now.We need to invoke a serious culture and social revolution.Our ways of making reforms are corrupted.

  5. Our leaders are exploiting us and they want us to be butchered at the hands of army - to fill their bags

    how can we sail if our sailor is busy digging hole in our boat

  6. i am a kashmiri.. Studied in delhi and now working in delhi... once i met an accident with an army person and i caught hold of his neck and made him realize that he did a mistake and he admitted it... Had i done the same thing in kashmir, the same army official would hve shot me straight way to death.. This is the reality of kashmir and indian govt needs to realize this terrible difference and what military is doing in kashmir instead of protecting it...