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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


7 days to justice - Government acknowledges army occupation


Days to Justice

Government acknowledges army occupation of public buildings, schools and agriculture land. People of Bomai refuse to attend school unless army vacates the schools occupied by them.

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  1. what kids will do at school - read indian history , indian education system and then study at various colleges in india ultimately to work as freedom fighters and become shahids - better send them to pakistan and they might get trained better and may end up earning as suicide bombers for their family - This My dear is direction less kashmir now - there is not even a single leader who can lead kashmir and achieve objectives peacufully since noone has objective of making kashmir wealthy and happy place where our kids and learn in free atmosphere - All terrorist organization , muslim outfits, politicians just busy in making money for their own kith and kin - they want kashmir always burning and they will keep it burning - poor kasmir has even lost now common sense and doesnt even know truth - for decades it has been all lies
    i still remember events when dal used to freeze , markets during id so on and so forth but this generation may never see how it used to be before 1989
    i even know youths who had joined the moment in 1989 and later in 2004 repented and ultimately got killed as traitors in kashmir by kashmiri only - chunks of them
    This can not be freedom struggle where basis is opression of weak -all chief ministers are kashmiri why does even one minister make army move out of state - if they are indian mukhbirs why they never get killed by freedom fighters
    Think over it -
    if we replace army by kashmir police of kashmiri's believe me atrocities would be more - for women it would all be same - suppression in name of religion