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6 days to justice - Inquiry is concluded


Days to Justice

Although there are reports that the inquiry officer has indicted the Indian army personnel in the murder of Javed Ahmad and Muhammad Amin, I will not be the one felicitating the government for this outcome until the guilty personnel are tried in a court for their crimes.

In the same breath I would like to commend the inquiry officer, Baseer Ahmad Khan for not succumbing to pressure by altering his report as the the army had pressured him to. His report is based on facts and for that Mr Baseer Khan has earned my highest respect.

While I appreciate the remarks of Omar Abdullah when he reiterated that the guilty will be given "exemplary punishment"; however, we are a bit wary of what he means. "Exemplary punishments" given by governments are usually dismissal, dishonourable discharge, forfeit of pay, or demotion. If the government is contemplating any of these in lieu of trying these army men for murder, then they can forget about gaining trust with Kashmiris ever again. I would suggest that Omar Abdullah leave it upto the courts what "exemplary punishment" these Indian army men deserve.

Let it be known very clearly that Kashmiris want nothing short of the murderers being tried in a court of law. Let the judge decide what punishment they deserve. This crime was committed on Kashmiri soil therefore these accused should stand trial in Kashmiri courts.


  1. Koshur,if you ask me I don't even have an iota of respect for these pro-Indian politicians.Even if this inquiry is a success,it still can't cleanse the blood of all other thousands of victims from their hands.

    80,000 innocent people have been killed,countless have been unreported.There are no special provisions that would restore the dignity of their families.They need an earning hand,jobs,education-all necessities of life.

    The root of the problem lies in the mishandling of defensive powers by the state of India.All those savage laws must be revoked and efforts should be made in restoring the long dead social fabric of the valley.

  2. kashmri muslim or kashmiri hindu - they are culturally different from rest of India and even pakistan - On this point they should have a free kashmir but in order to achieve that they started by killing their own people pandits as well as muslims - as a result indian army got a permanent place - they killed more of their own people in bomb blasts etc etc - saying they are traitors- Now it has been decades that you see kashmir in bad shape - A land without my own people ,with blood on my hand of my own hindu and muslim brothers , hatred for my neighbour India ,inclination for terrorist nation pakistan will just lead kashmir to darkness - Kashmiryat has lost and even now a free kashmir can not get it back -There is no solution both ways - it is never ending destruction

  3. will more blood clean that - there is count of innocent army jawans who have got killed in kashmir . have you ever wondered how miserable life their families lives - your indian government does not support them . India does not belong to maharastrans , bengali's marathis's , people from assam , sikhs from punjab , tamils , so on - mujhe yeh batao yeh indian governmet hai kis community ki - konsa state hai jo uska hai
    Go and check that people from kashmir also constitute Indian army - not only hindus . there are issues with political system but that is for all states of india - kashmir is better off than many states - Think of ways and means to correct that political system not turning an assest for those who want keep the political system corrupt .
    kashmir independence is just a political stunt to help corrupt politicians and huge business houses earn money - stop being a scape goat
    STOP helping them

  4. The Kashmir CenterMarch 05, 2009 6:53 PM

    To punish the guilty, you have to identify the guilty by name and then arrest the guilty. Then court and so on. I can bet, that no one will be arrested in this case. Enquiry reports have accused Army in the past too, but no action could be taken as Army is beyond any law in Kashmir.

  5. @anonymous above regarding indian army.

    This is the wrong place if you came to gather sympathy for your barbaric Indian soldiers.

  6. @ Mr.Anonymous

    The 'first root of erosion' was initiated by extreme factions of Maharaja's army and armed gangs of RSS-ever since Maharaja signed the standstill agreement with Pakistan.This tradition of vicious vandalism continues till now.This actually divided the leadership into pro india,pro kashmir and pro pakistan.

    Only if Kashmiri's,irrespective of their ideologies stand together as one people-then any kind of resolution is possible.Omar Abdullah,Mufti Syed,Azad are slaves of Indian 'stubborn political machinery'.That is why, "there is no solution both ways and it's is a never ending destruction."

    Naveed Qazi

  7. You all are living in fools paradise acting blind. Use your sense sometimes and that will help save yourselves and your future generation atleast.

  8. @Mr.Anonymous

    When people gets killed like animals,what do you expect of us then?Are we lambs to slaughter?Infact, its you,Mr anonymous who is acting like a rapacious hooligan.You are arguing semantics here.Use your Brain for God Sake!