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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


5 days to justice - Culprits still free


Days to Justice

The inquiry report is already out and the culprits who have been indicted are still free roaming the streets of Kashmir with loaded guns. No word yet on what action government is taking.

The state government promises to remove the Indian army from a school they have been occupying in Bomai, Sopur within twelve days.


  1. Indian Forces killed yet another innocent person today by firing at him in the chest. A probe has been ordered again as usual. Great! These probes are adding insult to our injuries. We are dying and probes are unending.

  2. Do you know more than 75 % of people conducting these probes are kashmiris - so who is insulting us our own people - now lets us call them indian puppets and kill them - they will be replaced by another set of kashmiri's and they will repeat the same - when will this end when we will finish whole kashmir

    It is kashmiri who orders army to go with those barbaric acts - had our own people not been involved No one would have touched kashmir
    "Paney kakur aesey ne badh doyame send aagnas mai taravey thuul "

    Think over it

  3. Let me add - the violence started after stone pelting - why do you always see small picture and hide the truth

    Gis dobes mang taravakh kaen taure kya eey

    why people had to throw stones when they knew they will get bullets - what will happen by hurting one army person with stones - our aim as i know is to take them all away from our land

    For so many years we have seen by starting violence we just got bullets - there are peaceful means of achieving goals like GANDHI

  4. there was article vent it out - where there was mention of potholes- has ever all the neighbours got together contributed 100 and tried to fix that themselves - since that is nuisance for all

    We lake community service - we never think of those roads as our own and expect someone else to do that and just crib
    In america people pick up others trash and put it is trash bin - that is why their roads are clean - it is people who keep them clean
    they teach their kids community service and discipline before they learn their a b c

    we need to learn that and instead of cribbing try to take action to fill those pot holes