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4 days to justice - Their thirst for blood


Days to Justice

There are still no visible efforts by the state government to arrest the Indian army troops who murdered Javed Ahmad and Muhammad Amin in Bomai; there are four more days for the deadline.

Yesterday, yet another young Kashmiri was shot dead for the crime of protesting peacefully. Another was crushed to death by CRPF personnel when they ran over him with their Jeep.

If anyone had the slightest doubt about the vested interests of Indian forces to keep Kashmir in turmoil, I hope those doubts are cleared with the recent actions of these ruthless Indian armed forces. Their thirst for the blood of innocent Kashmiris seems insatiable.


  1. Seriously, I fail to see the vested interests of Indian forces in keeping Kashmir in turmoil. What good can accrue from it for India ? Please enlighten me.

    And you know Koshur, that I ask for the Indian army to be withdrawn from Kashmir valley (I have actually blogged on that). I never trust people with guns : whether they be the army or the "freedom fighters".

  2. @ray
    money and power
    will explain later

  3. @ray

    GUNS are meant for destruction - who ever has those in hand become slaves of it and no more remain Humans - army , militants , freedom fighters anyone

    They are all the same - trying to empower weak and innocent

  4. I dont understand what we are discussing here.India wants to subjugate Kashmiris by any means so that they forget how India Occupied it in 1947.How India betrayed Abdullah in 1954 when this tyrant country decided to be a republic Instead of a federal country.Abdullah and maharaja was befooled.Afterwards India upto this day is Killing Kashmiris if they ask for occupational troops to leave their pious land.India democracy and secularisim is a big farce when it concerns Kashmir.

  5. @ Waleed,
    Your emotions are understandable, but they are not objective. Just blaming India won't cut it. Do you know what Pakistan's policy is on Kashmir? And don't give me Musharraf's plan. It was half-baked and many have come out to say that Pakistan wouldn't have accepted this. Why doesn't Pakistan declare its part of Kashmir, so called "Azad" free, that is, declare a border b/w Kashmir and that rest of Pakistan and get NATO forces in that area. Surely, that would make the job of IAK's people a lot easier. IMHO, Kashmiris, at least to start with, should ask for autonomy with an international border at LOC. This would mean that army would only control the border and Kashmiris would have complete autonomy to run their state as they like. At least that would mean peace in the Valley. Maybe its time Kashmiris give this a chance.

  6. The only solution would be from supporting pakistan - let them make azad kashmir free and have nato and india would take back army
    But all of us know pakistan will never leave azad kashmir - it just wants destruction in kashmir not peace. As far as guns are required it will help and for peace it will back out