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1 day for justice - Serfs and bank tellers


Day to Justice

I am sure most readers must be wondering why I am counting down the days even though it has been proven beyond a doubt that the current Kashmir government could literally be thought of as serfs of their lords in Delhi. By analogy, the present government can be considered as bank tellers, who are tasked with dealing with irate customers but have absolutely no say on setting bank policies.

I remember one of the commenters while back advising me that I am wasting my time because the current government doesn't even have the power to move a CRP bunker let alone arrest Indian army soldiers.

I have decided to stick to my imposed deadline because I am a man of my word, and will wait for one more day to see if the murderers are arrested. Failing which, this blog atleast, will give up on cooperating with the Omar Abdullah government on developmental issues.


  1. Oh.. So this elaborate countdown is just an excuse for not writing anything about development work in Kashmir ?

    Great ! You are turning me into a cynic now.

    And by the way, that assholes in the army who killed the Kashmiri youth have nothing to do with Omar Abdullah's government or even the Indian Parliament. But very nice trick to alienate the rest of the Indians from Kashmir.

  2. Koshur ..!

    May be you dont have a topic to write else you wouldn’t make your blog a laughing stock.

    The sympathizers of Omar Abdullah are on his side because he has the guts to fight terrorism in spite of all that is happening around. Kashmir is a different ball game, my friend, its a Herculean task to run a state like Kashmir .

    It’s more about emotions, statesmanship and politics and not just bloging by some unidentified coffee lovers!

    If ever your conscience tells you to give something back to your mother land , start supporting people who are sincere and not opportunists like your separatist leader’s who tell yesterday were wailing about Kashmiris being killed suddenly find the Indian parliament a place to help kashmiris .

    Take care

  3. Tanvir Sadiq
    Which terrorism are you referring to. You believe, those killed in Bomai were terrorists. What a maniac you are. You think by licking Om- Ar's ass, you are going to acheive something big. You are a real oppurtunist and you are going to get disgraced soon.

  4. It's not about Indians and Indian Parliment.It's about the miserable lives of Kashmiris!It is responsibility of CM Omar Abdullah to drive us away from this mess.I agree, its too early to say this but atleast these crooks deserve to be punished.

  5. That should help Kashmir get independence and develop better. Keep it up.

  6. Please no swear words.
    We can convey our thoughts without resorting to them

  7. Yeah. I was carried away in my comment. Read those ^army-men instead.

    There was a medical student of Kashmiri origin (aman kachroo) who got killed by intense ragging of senior students in Himachal Pradesh. How about connecting this also to how Indians hate Kashmiris ?

  8. dear he was a hindu - killed by hindus - it was not kasmir vs himachal - it is insane people like you who want to breed hatred from all this

    It is was young boy vs another young boy - basic flaw in society where every senior wants to make junior bow and every junior wants rebel
    It starts from our houses where parents crush independence of child and then when children become young they rebel

    It has nothing to do with religion , region , caste , sex - it could have happened anywhere in world with those two personalities where a no from junior provokes senior to end up like that - almost all colleges in india juniors get beaten by seniors

  9. It were Abdullahs who are solely responsible the mess we are in--Their sheer hypocrisy brought us miseries and misfortunes --A leader with wisdom foresees the things--The 62 years of uncertianty and unfairness on the the nation of kashmir is because of their misdeeds and greed.

  10. Kashmirs are themselves to be blamed for the mess they are in--they were never serious & stable minded. The ALLAH says no nation will change unless it is within them.We are now sufferings from the indian demons- whom we brought here..What you expect from them --Omar abdullah and his company wants kashmiri muslim girls to be married to hindus as he married his own sister to a hindu.--Abdullahs,Bakshis,muftis etc are curse on nation of Kashmir