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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Watch out Indians

I wish Indians would realize that they are an artificial amalgamation of states pretending to be a homogenous country. They are destined to fall apart and break up into smaller countries similar to what happened to USSR. Occupation of Kashmir will just hasten their disintegration because although Obama might not express it publicly, he favours an independent Kashmir. And the more India oppresses Kashmiris, the more the public outcry in the US for Obama to take action. His supporters are the left leaning American population, who are against the Indian occupation of Kashmir .

An Independent Kashmir will work in his favour in the long run. That will be his legacy, just as Bush's legacy was an independent Kosovo, who will remember him forever, and have a street named after him.

The American interest in Kashmir's independence from both India as well as Pakistan is bound to heighten given the fact that Kyrgyzstan has asked them to vacate their bases there (click here to view story). Kashmir could fill in that shoe perfectly and according to my sources, the Kashmir American Council has been lobbying to this effect very rigorously.

As far as I or any other Kashmiri is concerned, nothing can be worse than the Indian occupation, tyranny and oppression that we have been subjected to in the past 20 years. So if my freedom comes at a price of having a permanent US base at Badami Bagh, then I would welcome that with open arms!

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  1. Dear
    I had started reading and commenting on this blog as you were trying to bring in sane and forward looking voices. I think it is time to quit yr blog. But before I leave:
    1. Unlike USSR (and China), we all came together as a federal nation, with each state having its cultural and linguistic identity intact. Having their own choosen reps. But if CMs have bigger agendas, they have to be stopped.
    2. Your hate for India is so intense unfotunately, that you have mixed up a friend and a foe. You are willing to bring America into Indian soil- are you a true Kashmir. An 'independent' kashmir will suit them, but WILL THAT SUIT KASHMIRIs?? What about their lifestyle, their cultural preferences, their 'openness' and 'freedom'.
    You have forgotten Vietnam, Iraq and Guantanamo. CIA has toppled many governments, supports Israel (a no no as per yr earlier blog). You have contradictions in your thoughts because you are ashamed to see India as the true big family with space for everyone (besides special ones for Kashmir). Your site (and thoughts) seems to bring more separation than togetherness. Goodbye and may good sense prevail on you.

  2. Obama's public comments on Kashmir were a means to that effect. His talking about Kashmir was more than an indicator as to what is to come.

    A couple of years back Mirwaiz Omar was listed among the Youngest achievers of Asia; TIME put his name under Kashmir separately. I happened to ask an analyst about it then, his response was: Mirwaiz would be the Karazai of Kashmir. Would it be good? I don't want to change one group of masters for another for ever, but US - a country that accepts its wrong doings in Guantonoma - compared to a country that turns Papa-II into a museum of Kashmir art and culture (an insult to our sacrifices), yes US would be a good option in the long run.

    This news is of interest as well


    and as is Rafia Zakriya's article


  3. How can Obama just ask India to concede Kashmir? On a separate note, I have never seen any of the bloggers write against China on its invasion of Tibet, where more than a million have been killed. Nor have I seen any resistance in Kashmiris to develop a relationship with China. Furthermore, while many were outspoken against the recent Gaza conflict (and rightly so), no one seems to have a stand against China, even during the recent Olympics? So, one has to wonder: do outspoken Kashmiris value life differently depending on religion and do they pick and choose what they value depending on their own political agenda? Surely, I would conjecture that being oppressed yourself, you would understand what Tibetans go though.
    PS. I doubt this will get posted, but it was worth a try.

  4. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 21, 2009 6:17 PM

    Good Bye Anonymous. You were pathetically irritating and ignorant. Its better you go and join some blog about Bollywood or some blog about 'Indian greatness'. Kashmir is not your cup of tea.

  5. @anonymous
    what was so earth shattering in your post that it would have made hesitate posting it here? We have heard and debated everything, and your current post is nothing new.

    We have complete solidarity with our Tibetan and Uighur brothers currently seeking independence from China.

    thanks for the links to the other sites, very interesting reads.

  6. Koshur

    You are absolutely correct that an independent Kashmir is in US hegemonic interest. If not for the tacit support of USA & UK, India would have long consolidated the entire territory of Kashmir princely state under its control.

    If Kashmir turns an independent country, it will have a foreign policy aligned to that of USA. No more cribbing about Palastine on your blogs, okay ?

    "..I wish Indians would realize that they are an artificial amalgamation of states pretending to be a homogenous country. They are destined to fall apart and break up into smaller countries similar to what happened to USSR.."

    Or could get together and stronger like the European Union. We are a democracy unlike the USSR.

  7. Indian democracy changes into demoncrazy when it comes to our Jammu and Kashmir.I absolutely agree that Obama is inclined towards resolving Kashmir as per the wishes of Kashmiris (true democracy) and excert pressure on Indian dictatorship (as far as Kashmir is concerned).The recent Pak - Taliban deal had full backing on US though officialy US did not endorse it. I am very much sure that Kashmiris will love to have an alliance with US. That does not mean the Palestine will be forgotten. Actually our good relations can help change the mindset of Americans vis a vis Palestine and help palestinians gain freedom from Zionists....We are not really concerned whether India breaks or not......We just do not want to be under Indian occupation..Go Go India Go.......

  8. I had written a letter to Obama on his blog a month back asking for helping Kashmiris get rid of colonial Indians........I think more and more people should write letters and campaign for the freedom of Kashmir from Indian....

  9. The US administration will not get involved in this for many reasons. Any type of outcome must be agreed to by all parties, which includes the Indians. Now, in case, India is asked to make a concession, US will face many unintended consequences of this. This will open up a whole bag of worms, including China, Pakistan, and Israel to make concessions - they are not related to Kashmir directly, but then the US must be seen as fair. Next, India will definitely support Iran's quest to attain nuclear fuel (weapons) and India-Russia relationship (perhaps even India-China and India-ME) will improve significantly, and an obvious setback to the India-US relations, which will likely never improve. With a country that's projected to rise to be the 3rd/4th biggest economy in the world, economic consequences of this would be unfavorable say the least.
    My two cents. Feel free to comment on this issue.

  10. The fact is both NC and PDP had enough seats to make a government and yet they didn't. I wonder why?

  11. to anonymous above

    first of all, if the US and EU wish Kashmir to be independent, then India does not have a choice. India does not have the legal or moral standing to hold on to Kashmir to begin with. The other related consequences that you alluded to are hyperbole, therefore not worth discussing. The reason is that even the slightest hint of economic embargo on India by the west and the Indians will bite the dust the very next moment. Being the 3rd/4th largest economy will be of no use then. Iran has huge oil reserves and revenues and hence it has withstood economic sanctions. India has an equally huge reserve of self-denial, but a country doesnt sustain on that (slumdog put things back into perspective for them, but our anonymous poster seems to have missed the point)

    Ajaz Ahmad seems to have answered your post quite eloquently. to illustrate the point a bit further, have you seen Afghanistan cozying upto Israel? are they still friends of the Palestinians? then there is no reason why we will not always be pro-palestininans and anti-israel. US will understand that and respect our views. Having a US base in Kashmir will be mutually beneficial.

  12. Interesting comments. Firstly, I didn't mention Iran in my comments, but the others I did mention, you dismissed them as hyperbole. Secondly, India is not the same as Iran irrespective of what you think. Thirdly, US invasion, should it happen, is not always a bad thing - Kashmir and India (at least this part of the border) will both security from the US. You are right about the slumdog movie, but most Indians - other than the rich class - always had this in perspective.

  13. Sorry, I did mention Iran. My apologies.

  14. I am an Indian and I support the self determination of Kashmiris. You guys deserve to decide your own destiny. Do not assume that every Indian toes in line with our Government. I want peace and I know Kashmiris are peace loving people. If Gandhi were alive, he would never have left Kashmiri issue unresolved. You deserve a plebiscite and your decision is final. India and Pakistan are wasting their money and resources for the past 60 years. I want India to focus on its economic growth. I want pakistan to focus on its own affairs. Both our military and their military have turned Kashmir into their battle ground. I hope Obama brings all the parties together and enforces a resolution. The mutual hatred between Indians and Pakistanis is preventing the Kashmiris from getting their due justice. They are caught on the cross fire. Good luck to you guys.

  15. Thankyou anonymous. If there were more Indians with similar views as your's, India would be a very prosperous nation.

  16. i posted a long comment, how come i dont see it

  17. Obama or for that matter any US president has no intentions of making kashmir prosperous - see what is happening in afganistan and now pakistan

    Wake up before US makes another afganistan in Kashmir
    In my childhood my grandfather used to say never expect that a outsider is going to help you and if he does weigh his intentions. How badly you need it but before taking help check the outcomes
    kabali raid - lead to indian help now you want to be US slaves , pakistan slaves or china slaves
    freedom figters have their own footing - love for their motherland is all they need which my dear that is missing in Kashmir. Iet started with just love for religion and needs muslim homeland for all muslims in world - which seems impossible unless you have alQaeda agenda to have one religion on whole earth
    US is not a fool to support that