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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Vent it out of my system

This is going to be the most ridiculous of my posts that I have ever written, but as the title suggests, I want to get it out of my system and vent it out. It also is not going to be in the PG-13 category that I strive to keep most of posts as, but most likely in the 18+ section, with recommendation for strong language. (If you read movie labels, you probably figured what I am talking about). Therefore, if you're a kid under the age of 18, then swiftly cover your eyes with both your hands and slowly step away from the computer and yell for your mother. Ask her to read this post for you and translate it for you in a version suitable for seedlings - sorry, I meant school kids.

I could not get my snuggle with filthy waters out of my head easily therefore here's one more rant about it. I began to think that Kashmir has ample natural beauty to charm even the most sceptical of tourists. I doubt we need any self-centered bureaucrats trying to adulterate the gorgeous views of the hariparbat fort or the Takht-e-suleiman hills with unsightly cables and monstrous steel structures poking their ugly head out in the middle of Dal Lake.

Here's a message for the bonehead who thought of this lunatic idea! Lay your hands off our Kashmir! and don't mess with its natural scenery. There seems to be no limits to the insatiable greed of these spineless officials who simply see this asinine idea as just another opportunity to rob the state yet again. As if they havent done enough already to turn Kashmir into a cesspool and now want to destroy the natural scenery by turning it into a tangled mess of steel cables and towers sticking out in the horizon.

This insane idea of having the gondola in srinagar stands right up there with the moronic idea of turning Kashmir into a maze of ugly billboards placed on every corner and the brilliant mockery of our collective intelligence by bringing up the idea of tearing down the Ghanta-ghar that some nincompoop brought up last year as if that is the most pressing crisis facing Kashmir or as if that would have any bearing on the civic problems facing Kashmir! 

These brain-dead officials want to seem like they are doing something by suggesting these asinine projects; how about they lay off the cheap whisky they buy from the CRP in badami bagh, and think about something that would really ease the hardships facing Kashmiris and maybe make the place a bit more pleasant to live, which might just attract tourists to really think about visiting this hell-hole. Maybe they could do the unthinkable and pool in all resources to get rid of all surface drains in Kashmir. No, ofcourse not! that would be too lowly a development project for the "upright" officials because they can't hog up enough public cash to be worth their while. Or how about they do the ultimate sin a Kashmiri useless bureaucrat can do and research the idea of bringing in electric buses or the metro train. Of course not! How would these practical ideas that have solved the miseries of most major cities apply to Kashmir! The best these good-for-nothing officials could think of is the gondola!

Bringing in an electric metro train is just too cumbersome for them to even consider with too much engineering and innovative thinking involved on the useless-engineers' part! How could they even bother to think that it will solve the traffic congestion, the daily problems the commuters face, or even help tourism; because the tourists might think that there are actual civilzed people living in Kashmir who have functioning brains to solve problems such as traffic. No! the best these morons could come up with is the gondola!

Alright! it's out of my system! have a good day!


  1. Koshur..
    Morons? isn't that a strong word for people who have at least come up with an idea like Gandola, Let even for argument sake agree to your point ,but a tourist will not visit a place twice to see the same thing . Kashmir needs a little change , if gondola can be an option so be it.

    I always used to wonder why kashmir has remained under developed, This is precisely the reason. My friend you people don't let things start and come to the conclusions,dint we hear the same so very concerned thoughts from everyone when the Gulmarg Ganodla was initiated . Our problem here is that we have more Meneka Gandhi's in Kashmir then in India itself.


  2. Tanvir my friend I think you picked the wrong day to argue in favour of the gondola! My clothes havent even dried from my tryst with the sewage waters that shoulnt have been forming little lakes outside my house! Maybe the municipality shoulders the blame! i forget. you are part of the municipal corporation!

    I will calm down and politely ask why the same amount shouldnt be used to replace each and every surface drain in Kashmir into underground drains.

    just this one question.

  3. Koshur..

    I was waiting for hell to break lose, thank god you are calm.( Hahahhah)

    Coming to the point , my Bro stays overseas and he pays 50% of what he earns as tax, that includes Sanitation tax , Road tax , Water, Electricity, etc. I see people flashing their new cell phone gadgets every now and then, but they cant afford to pay a meager sum of 50 Rupees as sanitation tax. They will buy the latest SUV's but not pay Road tax, i don’t have to tell you that the tax received by the government is used for such purposes. For god sake you may shout from roof tops that your lanes , by lanes are all messy or you have small lakes outside your homes but will never write anything about paying taxes.

    For a prosperous nation my friend you need vibrant economy, Gandola is a project that will be funded from outside, the government only shares the profit, and that profit will eventually be used on things like you suggested.

    The day you learn to pay taxes will you get better services? Kashmir is not America, they day we enforce a strict law your friends in the separatist camp will issue fatwa.

    So be content that Gondola is here no to disturb the ecology but to make our place a better place to live in. At least for the poor people involved with the tourism sector .

    Well as for the day is concerned I am happy that I made you stay calm .

    With much love

  4. Mr Tanvir
    I am on my phone as of now having already safely traversed the lake outside my home, on my way to university. I promise a befitting reply later today as I would not let this issue fade so easily.

  5. Koshur
    Gondola Project must be a Dream Project for the new J & K regime. Dont spoil their plans. Afterall, they were jobless for six long years. They have already exhausted a big chunk of their ill gotten wealth on day to day expenses and ofcourse on winning the elections. Let them fill up their pockets again, its their 'Right' and 'Aim' afterall. God damn it.Projects like these are suitable for minting the money.
    You must be aware that a Drinking Water Supply Project is at present going on between Aalstaing to Narbal via Soura, Eidgah, Shalteng. It is being executed by ERA (Economic Development Agency). The contract for the work has been awarded to Pritibha Constructions, Mumbai. The CI Pipes are being supplied by the Son of a prominent politician of Maharashtra. O! ofcourse, if a tree comes in between the pipeline, it is being felled by a Kashmiri 'Tabardaar'. That it. Whether our villagers will get the drinking water or not, remains to be seen. But one thing is sure Pratibha Constructions, Son of a Politician of India, Imported Engineers/Officers of ERA and last but not least Public Servants of Kashmir (read Politicians and Bureaucrats) have minted fortunes out this so called developmental work in Kashmir. That was under previous regime and is "Fait Accompli".
    For this regime, Gondolla is the key. Projects like these are really feasible for the further economic upliftment of the people in power and authority. Ha, Ha. Dont deprive them from this privilege. Afterall, it their 'Right' and 'Aim', so let they achieve it.
    While I am writing this, Someone in India must to already making the plans to hire a big army of Kashmiri 'Tabardaars' for this work. Good Luck to our 'Tabardaars'.

  6. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 09, 2009 6:55 AM

    You must have seen that beautiful marvel of art and creativity in the heart of Srinagar. Had I been in the higher echolons of power, I would have honoured the brains behind that splendid marvel with highest honour and recommended them for Nobel prize for creativity.
    That marvel of art is a suspense. Let me tease your guts a bit. I want you to guess what marvel I am talking about. Any takers. Come on its not the Fly over at Jehangir Chowk, its something else.

  7. @Tanvir
    Your arguments might have seemed very convincing but here are a few gaping holes in your claims:

    - The damage caused by the Gondola far outweighs any benefits.

    According to your justification, the gondola will attract tourists; but unfortunately, the only tourists it will attract are yatris who are going to be here anyways. If you are striving to attract western tourists with deep pockets, they have no inclination to visit Kashmir just because they'll get to ride a gondola on which they'll be able to have a bird-eye-view of a stinking Kashmir. If they have come all the way to Kashmir, they want to experience Kashmiri culture by interacting with common Kashmiris, visiting downtown, seeing the old architecture, going for a shikara ride by experiencing nature - without their view being obstructed by monstrous towers and steel cables, or them stepping on human, dog, and cow feces while walking through most roads of Kashmir.

    What will definitely attract paying tourists is if they have sufficient amenities available so they extend their stay in Kashmir, thus pumping in more of their dollars into our economy. If the government shows an equal enthusiasm in making Kashmir a more pleasant place to live by making it clean enough to seem that Kashmir is governed by humans and not brain-dead zombies; tourists will want to visit and stay here for an extended period of time because God has blessed Kashmir with the most breathtaking scenery, climate, and views of any other place in the world. Tourists will not visit here because a stupid gondola has been hung between two hills. They have seen plenty of them on all ski hills. What tourists come to see Kashmir for is our scenery, culture, and people.

    What scares them away is the filth, stench, bunkers, dogs, corruption, and lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, lack of sufficient transport.

    your reply on taxes follows....

  8. @Kashmir center
    Just a guess is it the useless water fountains, in dal lake, near centaur that I have never figured the purpose of?

  9. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 09, 2009 7:57 AM

    I had a purpose to tease your wits. Our future Gondola will be something as attractive as this marvel. And this peice of beauty is the steel foot bridge adjacent to women's college, M. A Road. What a peice.

  10. @tanvir

    in continuation of your grilling...

    so as I was mentioning, you take away the "filth, stench, bunkers, dogs, corruption, and lack of basic amenities such as clean drinking water, lack of sufficient transport." and you'll be attracting tourists without any effort in luring them here because Kashmir has its reputation as the most scenic places already established.

    What we need is to rectify what is scaring them. I hope the government has the slightest shred of basic intelligence remaining in their collective zombie brains to figure that further deteriorating our scenery is going to hinder rather than attract paying tourists.


    Tanvir that was an easy escape route you had planned..here is what the crux of your argument was:

    "If Kashmiris paid municipal taxes, which they have vever paid, the civic amenities would not be in shambles, and therefore we need the gondola, which is not being paid by public money and the government will share profits which in turn will fix the sewage nightmare in my mohalla"

    I hope that is an accurate paraphrasing of your argument.

    That is not a good excuse. Has the municipality ever given notice in the media about non-payment of taxes by residents? Have you ever served notice to people that their 20 or 50 rupees is over due? I personally have never seen a bill from the municipality mentioning that sanitation tax is due. How are people supposed to know that their 20 rupees contribution will ensure that their front roads will not morph into cesspools if the municipality doesnt advertise this?

    regardless, these are valid points ypu made, but still not a good excuse to impose the gondola which will have irreversible effects on our scenic beauty, and on our privacy.

  11. @Kashmir center
    well said
    the purpose of that steel bridge is noble but I agree with you that it is the ugliest piece of architecture ever conceived. That also in the heart of srinagar!
    Paradise on earth!!

  12. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 09, 2009 8:34 AM

    Those fountains are actually meant for airation of polluted waters of Dal. For the sake of fishes! This is the answer our Einstiens have for the conservation of aqua life in The Dal of Kashmir. And those STPs conceived by LAWDA and constructed and commissioned by Indian Thermax Ltd. at a whopping cost are not working effectively. Bacteria culture treatment used in these STPs is not working in Kashmir Weather Conditions. And STP means sewrage treatment plant not drainage treatment plant. We are filling Dal with drains not sewers. Those dumb heads sitting in LAWDA do nothig except loot and plunder. To them Dal is a treasure, they will take it brick by brick. I can write endlessly but who listens.

  13. kashmir center
    I couldnt agree more. I always wonder are we the only big city situated on the banks of a lake and witnessing the lake slowly choke to death infront of our eyes?
    There are thousands of lakes around the world that faced similar problems but the only difference in how they tackled the same problems there and saved their lakes from an imminent death was a combinattion of government interest (whose governments were not obsessed with diverting resources to set up a gondola over the dying lake) and the keen interest of knowledgable and research oriented officials.
    With our unfortunate fate we have neither.

  14. @Tanvir
    We may not be paying direct municipal taxes. However we do pay other taxes in a variety of forms.
    It is no secret what happens with the taxes that a common man pays. Or is it?
    What is the guarantee that if we start paying 20 or 50 rupee taxes towards municipal upliftment, it does not end up in someone`s pocket or turn into a somebody`s grand villa???

  15. And here is another misplaced ornament being flouted on the bruised bride.
    They are now digging up beats, in and around down town, to turn them into fountains.
    I guess they should have the roads first, to complete their fantasies.
    A spectacular fountain sprinkling divine water... situated at a junction where roads with craters, pot holes and ditches, filled with mud and slush meet.. God it will look awesome!

  16. I think the money should be used for preserving the lake and improving the peripheries of the lake by installing garbage bins, better footpath beautification
    It will affect the people who make a living because of the lake Skikara pullers Houseboat owner hotels, restaurants and gift shops.
    Tourist who want go to the old city would use taxis, rickshaws, and other form of transportation that provides a living for those people .
    I am not sure about the environmental impact of this project I would definitely be concerned.
    I had a chance to meet few people from Canada who are doing some research on the lake and they are of the opinion that at present rate the lake has a life span of 10 years
    We have a lot of other areas that could use a gondola .If this kind of project is started in a n area that’s not developed not only will it bring tourism to that area but would generate employment for the locals
    All our efforts need to be focused on conserving the lake and not putting any more strain on it

  17. @basim
    well said. I liked the analogy of the bruised bride. Instead of patching up the wounds, these guys are trying to place ornaments on the pot-holed roads.

  18. @anonymous
    great idea about setting up the gondola elsewhere where it could even help the local economy. That is a compromise I would whole-heartedly support. Some remote area such as Assar that was in the papers lately. Why not take the gondola there?

  19. haha, Kashmiris like to blame the officials or better yet, Indians, for everything. Have a look at the taxes you pay and you will see.