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Omar Abdullah's other blog discovered

I just learnt that Omar Abdullah had started another blog after he quit the one on the NC website. (Click here to visit the blog) The blog is called "A voice from Kashmir".

To be honest, the only reason to have a post regarding this erstwhile unknown blog of Omar is - curiosity. No matter how much we try to ignore Omar Abdullah, he remains the most powerful man in Kashmir with the power to have either direct or indirect influence on the lives of each and everyone of us by a mere stroke of his pen. Aspects of our life such as dealing with the trigger and baton happy CRPF on our streets, beating the omnipresent traffic chaos, settling in with the heaps of garbage, litter and packs of stray dogs lining our streets or even coping with the most corrupt petty officials the state has ever witnessed.

This blog is about my observations of day to day life in Kashmir, and I cannot think of any aspect of a Kashmiri's life at present which is not affected in one way or the other by bad government policies. Bad policies that have resulted in filthy surroundings, pollution, traffic chaos, corruption, unemployment, and even oppression and torture. All these are either the burden or responsibiliy of the government of the day to rectify. This government is currently headed by Omar Abdullah, and granted Omar has inherited these problems and cannot be blamed for causing them; but he has taken it upon himself to succeed where his predecessors failed; therefore any information about the person who has such a profound effect on our daily lives and how he intends to rectify these wrongdoings by his predecessors is soaked up by people like a dry towel soaks up moisture - I am no different.

The reason for being curios about information reminds me of a saying by a wise person: "Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it."


  1. @Koshur
    What is so big deal about it? Why are you behaving as if you have discovered some goldmine. If at all we believe that Omar has himself initiated this alternate blog, there is only one post there that too made on July 4th, 2008. Nobody has given a damn to this blog since then. so why are you getting so hyper about it? There is no point in getting so desparate about getting in touch with Omar. After all he is no angel from the heavens. When he himself hasn't bothered to traverse through this abandoned blog for the last seven months, why are you so hopeful of reigniting his zeal to blog that too at this time when he is so overburdened with his own official work and would hardly care a fig for this blog anymore. First you started with ruthlessly castigating Omar in almost every post, calling him a coward and what not, followed by self-censoring your own comments. You continued your indirect excoriation of Omar by placing comments mistakenly posted for Omar onto your blog and now this alternate blog business. What are you upto Koshur? Can't you stick to your own business? Your blog was doing so good earlier on, I am at loss to understand what is wrong with you. You are badly spoiling your own (well-built) image. You are getting cheap and pointless, by getting so maniac about Omar and his blogs. Please Beware and introspect a bit.

  2. @crisis

    I do not think it will be a bad idea to have him blog again. I wish hurriyat leaders would think about starting their own blogs as well. The more information there is out there, the better. You must have figured by now that I am a strong beleiver of disseminating as much information as possible. in kashmir we have an information vacuum from our leaders. with the local dailies our only line of communcation between leaders and the public. the other source of information is when these leaders give speeches in rallies and sermons on fridays.

    being busy is no excuse for not blogging. If David Miliband, the foreign secretary of britain cna take ttime to update his blog daily, then kashmiri leaders are just looking for an excuse to escape. I am a prolific reader and read as much as i can from as many sources.

    you said i should beware. beware of what?

    this blogging thing aside, kashmir crisis, i had asked you a question in the other post (titled "everybody and their hens"

  3. I agree with Koshur....we need to work towards changing the pro Indian ideology of people like Omar, who is very young. We can try..God knows if he can get guidance and lead Kashmiris as the president of indpendent Kashmir. That is why I have suggeted Omar on his blog to declare Kashmir as Independent Kashmir right now. I know it is not that easy....but there is no harm in exchanging views and debating with opponents.....(Pro India).....I am hopeful till we get the power to oust them, we can use our voices to counter them........ajaztam@hotmail.com

  4. @Koshur
    When I say Beware, I only mean beware of losing your credibility and reputation by resorting to such meaningless blogging. I didn't mean to threaten you by any means though I realize that I have been a little harsh in my previous comment. What to do, I couldn't bear one of my favourite bloggers pathetically making a wild goose chase. I can't stand attaching needless importance to Omar's blog. Whenever he wishes to do so, he will do, why madly crave for it. Is he the only genuine voice left in Kashmir? In fact he is not genuine at all and the way Aijaz Kashmiri is pinning hopes upon him to declare Kashmir an independent nation only makes me laugh. I don't know what to call it, ignorance, naivety or simply stupidity. I never said it is a bad idea to have Omar blog again, but it definitely is a bad idea to venture into abandoned vistas with a hope against hope for something that is really not worth it. I am all for widespread exchange of ideas over blogs but making it a one-point agenda of your blog is ridiculous. I am no personal assistant of Omar Abdullah to cite his pre-occupation as a reason for not blogging. I just meant that when didn't really care about continuing to blog when he had far greater time than he has now as CM of the state, why should we expect him to care about it now? I see so many blogs (including yours) having links to Omar Abdullah's erstwhile blog and fail to understand why people want to keep this link over their blogs when they very well know that the required pages cannot be accessed? Do people like you and Tanvir Sadiq want to grab Omar's attention and please him by providing this senseless link? I don't know what are your real intentions behind such acts.May be you can clarify a bit!!!!!I hadn't seen your question on the other post. I have answered it now.

  5. @ kashmir crisis

    thankyou for mentioning that this is one of your favourite blogs. I guess my edit of the post answers your question. If you click on the link to omar abdullah's blog on here, it goes to my post. Not to omar's old blog.

    Tanvir sadiq can answer for himself.

  6. @Koshur
    Good that my comments are sometimes making you self-censor your own comments and sometimes edit your posts, links etc, as you have done with your present post. I admire your acceptance of reason and respect you for that. I would have understood your curiosity to some extent, had Omar's newly discovered blog been active at present. There is no point in making such hulabula about a dilapidated blog that hasn't seen any posts or comments eversince it was created seven months back. Nobody knows whether Omar Abdullah himself created it or somebody else. First and last post that is available on this blog is in all probability a trial post made by some novice attempting to learn how to post. That is the reason I requested you not to resort to meaningless blogging. Your blog was of course one of my favourite until you started unnecessarily Omarizing it. Thereafter it seemed to be losing its sheen because you seemed to have lost your focus by deviating from the main aims and objectives of your blog.

  7. I do not see any logic in arguing amongst ourselves over Omar Abdullah. He cannot be trusted. I cannot imagine Omar Ab. as a leader of Kashmiris at large. Fact of the matter is that if he is so called CM today it is only because of his allegiance to Indian nation. He cannot think out of the box and project Independence as a solution to our miseries. That is as impossible as making you and me sing jana gana mana through our hearts and without any compulsions.
    See how many top ranking militant commanders have been got eliminated so silently and cheaply during past few weeks. It exposes Omar Abdullah's real face. I am not a supporter of militant activities in Kashmir, but I also do not like to see Kashmiri militants getting killed like sitting ducks as well. If they were asked by Kashmiri People to have a low profile, stay dormant and not intimidate the Indian army, then why are they being eliminated. It did not happen during Mufti or Azad or Governor's rule. Why is it happening now. It is because Omar Abdullah is more loyal than the king. He is carrying forward his grandfather's legacy. It was his grandfather who promulgated EEA (External Enemy Act) in Kashmir. Under the EEA anybody found listening to Radio Pakistan or talking about Pakistan or independence was arrested and tortured by Police. Sheikh Abdullah had his henchmen in police. Qadir Ganderbali is still notorious in Kashmir for his ruthlessness. He used to sodomise his captives and would often push boiling patatoes into the mouths of his prisoners.
    Then Farooq Abdullah gave birth to Ikhwanis during 90s. Every body knows about their barbaric behaviour. It was Farooq Abdullah who enacted POTA in Kashmir first. Farooq Abdullah gave nod to Maqbool Bhat's lynching in 80s. Why are our memories so short. Why do we want to see something good in these crooks. History is repeating itself again in Kashmir and we do not want to learn from our mistakes.
    It is Unity only which is a key to our success. Lets unite and ask our Hurriyats also to unite. Lets use our blogs to unite our Hurriyats proactively rather than giving Omar Abdullah and likes like him a platform to divide us. Thank you.

  8. @kashmir center
    good points you raised. That gives me motivation to write about unity in the fractious freedom parties. Probably the next post
    I like your new word - Omarizing.
    I will use it in future!

  9. Koshur, for a change I agree partly with you when you correctly identified the problem facing Omar. You correctly say he has inherited those issues that you mentioned and is not the cause. Therefore, why dont you become part of the solution process instead of being a miscreant and writing useless articles. Lately you have improved. I hope you keep it up.

  10. @Tanvi Sadiq
    Who is micreant and who is a patriot, only time will tell. Those who are sympathetic to sex scandalists, silent killers, corrupt ministers and nation sellers will bite the dust . You want Koshur to be part of the solution. To you, solution is surrender. But to us solution is not to surrender the solution. You have made Omar Abdullah a role model for yourself. May be you will starting advocating marrying off Kashmiri Muslim girls and boys to Hindus, Jews and Sikhs. That the path your role model has followed, maybe you too are on the same path. By the way your Omar Abdullah is only 25% Kashmiri by blood, rest of him is just a mix. You follow him, its your choice but we cannot follow a Satan. Its our belief, you cannot change it.

  11. Agreed.......this OM.....AR does not even know how to speak in kashmiri. He has lately tried to learn kashmiri. He does not deserve to be called even Kashmiri.......

  12. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 03, 2009 7:14 AM

    @Ajaz Kashmiri
    Best shot OM.....AR. You deserve a prize for it. I cannot stop laughing. Great.

  13. @Tanvir Sadiq
    I have repeatedly said that I have no problems cooperating in writing about areas of development for Kashmir. I have been doing that ever since I started my blog, even without you lecturing. I would like a clean and hygienic Kashmir regardless of who is in power.

    Miscreant is a strong word - very unlike you to use that!

    If the only reason you said that is so I visit your blog to check the video - then information on video is still ok. The background music is still attrocious and there are still holes in between historical events the size of a Jersey Daand's head. (no pun intended!). You have had this video for last one year! why bother putting it on main page without improvement?

  14. Koshur
    Yes I agree miscreant was an uncalled for word. I meant you do try to sensationalize events without having all facts. You write well but try to be balanced in your blogs.

    @Kashmir Crisis.
    I will not use your real name if you choose not to, which was published along with your letter that appeared in the reflections section of greater kashmir in reply to my article. You must have personal reasons for not using your name - which I will respect.

    I have twice now countered your baseless bone of contention and won the arguments hands down. They are all on my blog for all to see. I will cover your current point in my next post on my blog, hopefully you will learn something again.

  15. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 03, 2009 8:56 AM

    @Tanvir Sadiq
    Wats in the name. I know lumpens like you hide your heads and think nobody sees you just like an ostritch. What answers do you have to my comments. Your OM....AR has started to shatter. Where from will he get those bucks which he promised to unemployed youth as stipend, he sanctioned 4.5 crores for 8 constituencies of Srinagar, 4.5 crores what a joke. A surface drain in a mohalla will incur a crore.
    Soon your OM...AR will be jobless and you hopes going down the drain.
    Ragda 2 will be massive. It is going to be a Tsunami. Just wait. Their is everytime a lull before the storm.

  16. @ Koshur:

    The reasons you have given about linking to Omar's blog make no sense, they would if he actually had some posts there - and he has none.

    @ Kashmir Center

    Ragda 2 will fail as Ragda 1 did; because we do not need emotional fools shouting and stomping, who will stomp and shout whenever a chance is given. We need people (even if just a handful) to actually understand the problem and be torch bearers unlike the idiots sitting at the APHC helm.

    @ Tanvir / Koshur

    The only peace that an oppressive regime can give one, is the peace of the grave - perhaps a well developed grave. Development is in name only in Kashmir and at times just a hinge, a people made so desperate by the regime (us, the Kashmiris), cling to to live another day.

    So long.

  17. @crisis
    You mean tanvir in your above post.
    resend your post..

    thanks for the post. I have been visiting your site for some time and you havent posted any new material in a long time!

  18. @ Kashmir Crisis

    You write well, very well indeed. I have a humble suggestion, please do not concentrate on making a single non-entity your focus of writing. Write broader, develop your blog, there is nothing better than a bllog to to make your voices heard - throughout.