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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Downward spiral

Kashmir mourns the murder of two innocent young men by the Indian army yesterday in Sopur. Mohammad Amin Tantray, and Javed Ahmad Dar were travelling in a car when the infamous 'Rashtriya Rifles' (India's regular army) opened unprovoked fire on them, killing them on the spot.

A pointless inquiry has been called, but we already know these inquiries are no more than a hogwash.

I will reserve my judgement of Omar Abdullah's response (or lack thereof) to this incident for one more day. I will wait and see whether he unconditionally condemns these murders and orders the army to handover the culprits to the local police so that they can be tried in the local courts here, or maintains his silent support of the actions of the Indian army present here. 

If he fails to condemn this incident, then we know the downward spiral of his reputation has just started, and the TRC was simply an election ploy. In that case, he should start preparing himself to get acquainted with a new label that people will slap on him which was reserved for Jagmohan till now. 


  1. His senseless viewpoints won't matter unless and until he gets his act together and makes some genuine effort to revoke all those Draconian laws which continue as way of life for us.Kashmiri's are being a witness for brutal torture since decades.It's not a news for us.This fact is a slap to all those foolish Kashmiri's who think Omar Abdullah is some kind of a messiah for us!

  2. Punishing guilty will demoralize the whole army, so this time too the guilty will go unpunished.......better to read a new book " The Vale of Voters"----