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Arguing against pay raise for government employees

The strike that is underway by the 4.5 lakh government employees is unhelpful. If we sit down and crunch the numbers, anyone can see that Kashmir does not have the resources to pay the arrears and increase the salary of these 4.5 lakh employees overnight.

I like to do my research before forming an opinion on an issue, and these are the numbers I found about the state's finances and figures pertaining to employee salaries. The government is already spending Rs 4771 crores every year in paying these salaries (click here for source). If the pay commission recomendations were implemented, the government would have to divert Rs 3800 crores from other areas, such as infrastructure development, to immediately pay the arrears that have accrued since 2006. Furthermore, they will need an additional 1700 crores each year to sustain this rise in salary expenditures (click here for source). Therefore, should the pay raise be approved, the salary expenses would increase to Rs 6471 crores every year (simple math: 4771 + 1700 = 6471). This is unsustainable considering Kashmir's total revenue from all sources is Rs 15,316 crores and our total expenses are Rs 18,443 crores. As is evident, the numbers do not add up. We are already in the hole with a deficit of 2330 crores (Click here for source). We are spending more than we have and therefore in the interest of Kashmir, our financial situation does not justify this pay raise for the government employees.

And why should these employees be getting a raise to begin with? We are supposed to reward them for a job 'not-so-well' done? They have some nerves to demand a pay raise! These employees include the engineers, pathwaris, tehsildars, teachers, municipal workers, LAWDA employees, pollution control staff, medical staff, and other good-for-nothing employees who were tasked with improving the living conditions of Kashmiris. They have failed miserably; have performed a deplorable job and now have the audacity to demand a raise!

If the government takes my advice, they would cut the gargantuan government workforce and slash it to a bare minimum, so that the salary expenses are around Rs 1000 crores per annum. The rest of the money saved (almost Rs 4000 crores every year!) should be spent on development of Kashmir. Improvements on infrastructure such as better roads, civic amenities, hospitals, and cleaning up the lakes and rivers. A few good employees with the right tools will be able to perform the same job. At present we have too many slackers who are robbing Kashmir.

We are looking at 4.5 lakh useless government employees against 12 million Kashmiris who want better living conditions.


  1. Koshur,

    I have no sympathies for the government workforce, but I do think you are presuming Kashmir to be a non-conflict zone, which it is not and where lower productivity is what is expected of government of the day.

    When Indira Gandhi was the PM of India, it was perhaps Gujral who on a fact finding mission to Kashmir, said that one of the major issues facing Kashmir is unemployment and that the government should put more resources into creating further avenues. At that time Kashmir had one centrally sponsored industry which, as Gujral noted, had made no dent on the unemployment. And that is how it stayed and was made to stay. A stronger Kashmir is not what the GoI wants; a weaker one is what it wants.

    Government has remained the largest employer in Kashmir, as per the wish of the GoI, private industries were discouraged earlier as they are now. Ofcourse NRKs not investing, or demanding too many sops for investing (recall the proposed construction of a super specialty cardiac hospital by Dr. Fayaz Shawl - who backed out because the government did not agree to give him the prettiest possible land in Kashmir).

    That having said, when you are taking about 4.5 Lakh employees - you are actually talking about 2.25 million people (taking 5 people in a household dependent on one primary earner in a unit). If we slash that, we throw more people desperate to become the Ikhwanis or join the recruitment drive of the Army. If the government can spend billions on the Army, I see no harm in spending more on a corrupt workforce either. You are also ignoring the collateral effects of the such salaries: they earn more, spend more, and indirectly the cash moves within Kashmir a lot more, making the survival of a lot more people possible.

    What we should stress on is the employment of Kashmiris as the heads of departments in Kashmir, which if you would see is not happening as of now. That is what is scary and dangerous. The imperial British empire inspired GoI and GoK.

  2. @K
    will reply later

    @anonymous whose post I did not approve:

    You have your own hate websites to post your propaganda, dont waste your time trying to post them here.

  3. If you would have read the lines carefully - it is not hate it is pain you feel when your own people cut the tree on which they were standing .
    We invited army to torture us and we kasmiris set the ground for our own destruction.
    Best would be to start by accepting our faults - had the movement involved pandits instead of killing them things would have been different.
    A movement based on killing your own people was bound to get this shape - for all of us know pandits are better of at this time of history and who is suffering more.
    we have reached such a time where if army leaves we will end up killing each other for money , old grudges and what not - love, integrity , honesty , compassion for all has lost . even zial ul haq said that kashmiri will never opt for voilence unless pushed to limits - that face has lost and i can see result of the seeds we planted on face of child - the stress depression insecurity and what not

    Remember one who has same opinion as yours may not be your true friend - No one in this world cares about kashmir and they use it for own personal intrests even our leaders

  4. @anonymous
    terrorists killed padits as well as muslims. pro-india kashmiris: judges, police, politicians. these actions were heinous and unforgivable.
    to blame all kashmiri muslims for these actions is also deplorable.
    please read my next post on this topic which i will publish in next few days. it exposes hindu propaganda sites for their lies.

  5. @koshur
    I do not approve or disapprove this agitation of Govt Employees. What I am amazed to see is the unity, they are exhibiting this time. Money is attractive and sweeter than Azaadi probably. Another thing amazing is that despite their strike, everything is in its place and we common people do not feel affected by the strike. While employees were striking Chief Minister of the J & K regime visited all the sites of construction in Srinagar. Next time he has to go nowhere. He exhausted them in a single day. This is all the development we are getting. The difference between US occupation of Afghanistan and Indian occupation of Kashmir is that US spends real billions of dollars on Dev Works there and India spends millions of Rupees in Kashmir on paper only. If something is built, those are symbols and tools of occupation only. Be it Railway, Airport, Assembly, Tulip garden, Golf course, everything has some link to the occupation. When my Dal is dying, when my Wular is dying, when my forests are dying, when my Jhelum is drying, when my city is smelling flithy, when roads of my city, strangulate my people what development are they talking about. India is raping Kashmir and once this gang rape is over Kashmir will be useless.

  6. kashmiri muslims were either part of it or silent spectators who actually thought they were saving pandits by helping them in exodus.
    it was muslim neighbours who helped since they knew that it would become a muslim state either independent or merged with pakistan.
    Plans failed and reason was that there was never anyone who ever thought about intrests of kashmiris - and even today also we lack that .
    it is pakistans or india intrests which is all what world takes a look at .
    islam in kashmir could be seen as wazwan - remove your staus and join together for feast in same plate
    all hindu religious places had muslims selling religious goods

    Bright Intelligent kashmiri youth is now a history - and in near future the way all movements are going i can see any future
    being with india may be better option then pakistan any time

    let me say it was never Hindu , muslim it was always money power - those who have spoiled kashmir were motivated by these GODS

  7. Anonymous, how can you turn blind eye to the fact that Kashmir is a disputed land? How can you turn blind eye to the fact that United Nations has a big office in the heart of Srinagar? How can you turn blind eye to the fact that Indian forces killed more than 90,000 Kashmiri women, children and elderly in cold blood? How can you turn blind eye to the propaganda of Kashmiri Pandits that thousands of hindus were killed in Kahsmir when none of you can even provide the list of just one thousand hindus killed?.....Dogras never accepted you as brethren as they came to know about your nature of hypocrisy.

  8. United nations - check all places where they have offices - have they ever helped ?
    africa , bosnia all places they are mute spectators and go in favor of interests of super powers.
    kashmir has already lost a lot - more blood can not get back what has been lost - A wise men would always try to save what he has now -instead of thinking about those who are no more with us it would be better if we concentrate on those we have and coming generations.
    kashmiri pandit may be known as hypocrite , coward by dogras -but have you ever asked them why their kids have them as teachers , why huge queue of people from all over j & k state goes to pandit doctors - even USA has understood mettle of pandit from kashmir. It is Sad that real brothers of pandits -muslim from kashmir could never understand their value.
    Pandits will never be back in kashmir whatever may happen at political front but save Your Kashmir from never ending destruction

    answering your question if you get the list of Pandits killed what difference it makes - even if just 5 were killed in name of religion isnt that sufficient and isnt it true that atmosphere for their exodus was created - for many living outside kashmir was being dead.

    I am admirer of kashmir and appreciate pandit community for their perseverance.

  9. Also, only poison has flowed into the minds in last 2 decades. A figure of 90000 was given, not the breakup; And how many deaths were there before 1987. And ask an old man and he could tell that before this turmoil, you never would see Army in Kashmir. They were at borders or in BB cantt and very few places. And how sane voices in kashmir were silenced by terrorists. Any good thing done by GoI is somehow retold as mischief. Creating jobs in Kashmir by GoI or GoJK is shown as mischief, but who is going to put his own money to start a venture in Kashmir, not even a Kashmiri. And can an outsider put a factory easily in Kashmir. What you do not know is that Rangret was coming up in a great way before the terrorism destroyed it. And what happened to HMT factory?

  10. My God!
    Even starting a train has been shown as a mischief.
    Many army personnel have already been severely punished. But we still see ex-terrorists now roaming freely as political goondas and not one terrorist has been framed and punished for the heinous crimes.
    Let us accept- a foolish wave engulfed the happy valley in late eighties that burnt everything down. We need to start afresh, and India is like a loving and refreshing mother who actually keeps tolerating and giving. By the way, how many houses do you (or yr anti-India leaders)have outside J&K?
    What a Kashmiri muslim(pro-pak, pro-ind.) has to think of: What has Kashmir given to India in return; And how would have a US, China, Russia, UK treated one of its belligerent states?

  11. Most of these Govt employees are corrupt and many are anti-Indians. We should reduce the staff by 75% and them work hard for their bread.
    Who will put a factory in Kashmir when you will have turmoil and corruption. Terrorists will come by and ask for their cut, corrupt admin will tell a tale of Art 370 and put lot of legal clauses. Why are not some rich local leders putting some factories.

  12. Anonymous, common Kashmiri Muslims and Pundits get along each other well. But you have to accept that like we had/have some extremist elements, Pundits also have black sheep. Trust me, majority of Kahsmiris want pundits to be back because Islam does not allow us to drive any innocent people of other faith. Pundits are playing in the hands of Indian Hindu Extremsits. Your leaders do not want the common pundits to be back. There are so many pundit families living peacefuly in kashmir.No one is harming them. Your leaders know that Kashmir has been turned into hell by Indian forces, schools and colleges occupied, shoping complex occupied, public and private properties occupied,no power, no industries....why would you come back? As to armed struggle, that was/is legitimate as India is the agressor.India has to vacate one day.

  13. It was kasmiris who asked india to help during kabali raids - otherwise if india would have not helped there would have been no dispute no kashmiri.
    kashmiri's are so thankless that they call now india a aggressor - you would be fool to think army leaves and pakistan will do nothing - it will be then kashmiri will know what you mean by agressor
    you can find a kashmiri muslim doing business all over india so comfortably - that is not what an agressor country does - or you may not be knowing definition of aggressor - COME OUT of darkness and embrace knowledge of light - for what you were taught in your childhood and what you saw is not reality - a larger picture is different
    You have a option to still be in darkness and live like that whole your life - but do least open your eyes once - you are still far away from TRUTH

  14. Aijaz is wrong once again. At least KPs are well informed and have view of both sides. DON'T repeat - yr leaders..Can you be a guarantor of our lives. We do not want more deaths in our community just because of our faith or belief in India (besides in Kashmir). A few families in secured places is what is left of KPs. Are you willing to celebrate our festivals as would a common muslim befor 1985? We know Islam does not allow.., but it was Islamic terrorists who started killings. Yasin Malik is revered and so is Geelani and Bitta K. What are you talking? It is Geelanis and Yasins who have turned this valley into hell, nobody else. Write next comment only when you have heard from elders (about Army, etc.) of old times. And you are again wrong about the Centre. These people are good for nothing. There is nobody listening to KPs in Delhi as we do not make even one MLA, forget MP. If we had a strong Central Govt, we would not have been in shit and Kashmir would never have been a problem child

  15. Gandhi studied in London, Yet Britishers were agressors, Gandi and Nehru worked in London, yet Britishers were agressors, Britishers built schools, road, rail link, yet Britishers were agressors,....Indian are indeed agressors and Indian forces will have to leave Kashmir one day.....

  16. British were aggressors - they came for business and earned from india but what has kashmir given to india - dont say india takes crores from kashmir for developing other parts and roads and railways are meant to tranfers treasures in kashmir - half knowledge is dangerous my dear - it is britishers who left this divsion in our minds and I would say london is still ruling india ,pakistan . Ideally like germany our problems get solved if both countries become one instead of getting divided into small pieces and fighting with each other
    Go to US - india pakistan and bangladesh is one - you buy grocery at shops saying all these together , you see clthes made in these better quality than china
    for world it is two brothers fighting and they are enjoying it - in africa there is fight between hutu and tutsi - read about massacares on both sides - whom will you support
    honestly with true heart any sane person would say -they are africans they should live together in peace - useless bloodshed - it was colonial powers like our britishers who had put these seeds of hatred
    I appreciate britishers for their sense of administration let people die killing themselves and they will never be threat for us

    think over it

  17. The Kashmir CenterFebruary 20, 2009 6:36 PM

    The Parliament in which Indian MPs pass bills has been constructed by British. Presidents House constructed by British, Supreme Court constructed by British, India Gate, Gateway of India, Indian Railway, City of Calcutta, and much more all created by British. Indians are a thankless lot. Modern Education was introduced in India by British without which Indian would have been like Hutus and Tutsis.
    Kashmir is not India, even British acknowledged that. What India has given to Kashmir, everyone can see. Kashmir is the most underdeveloped hill station in the world. India should leave it immediately to save itself from humiliation.

  18. @Ajaz @Kashmir center
    Good points you raised!

  19. Common sense is uncommon Koshur and clear from all your thoughts and biased views. It is just hatred and nothing else is driving you. Just recollect, why did the Army come in 1985 and how the whole situation started. I cannot see any word of cross border terrorism which started all this. Are all you guys blind or acting blind or dumb. Army is not justified and they also to be blamed for the situation as well. But throwing everything on Army, Govt and all others as saints is not correct

  20. anonymous above
    I have mentioned in many of my posts that a small fraction of militants are infact guilty of targeting civilians. However an overwhelming majority of them were freedom fighters who were fighting for their country. There is no cross border terrorism to be talked about that started all this. The only reason all this started is because India reneged on its promise to vacate Kashmir.

  21. You may be interested to share with your readers that the government of Jammu and Kashmir receives more than 75% of its resources from Delhi. That is what makes the agitation by an unproductive government bureaucracy even more incredulous. Your outrage is justified but such is life in the state.

  22. kashmri muslim or kashmiri hindu - they are culturally different from rest of India and even pakistan - On this point they should have a free kashmir but in order to achieve that they started by killing their own people pandits as well as muslims - as a result indian army got a permanent place - they killed more of their own people in bomb blasts etc etc - saying they are traitors- Now it has been decades that you see kashmir in bad shape - A land without my own people ,with blood on my hand of my own hindu and muslim brothers , hatred for my neighbour India ,inclination for terrorist nation pakistan will just lead kashmir to darkness - Kashmiryat has lost and even now a free kashmir can not get it back -There is no solution both ways - it is never ending destruction