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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


A fringe minority of Pandit community

No words can reflect my condemnation and denouncement of the tragic 250 deaths of Pandits that took place during the start of the insurgency in Kashmir. But it seems some unscrupulous members of the Pandit community want to copy the "success" of the zionist propaganda relating to the holocaust according to which they transformed the sad and tragic deaths of 300,000 Jews (alongwith the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Romas and other minorities in Nazi Germany) into a figure of six million Jews killed (Click here for context); which they use to justify their occupation of Palestine and ward off any criticism for their treatment of Palestinians. Similarly, some dishonest and unprincipled members of the Pandit community want to reinvent facts by not only claiming that a "genocide" had taken place in Kashmir against the Pandits, but one Mr. Raina writing in the Asian Tribune even deceives his readers by claiming that five lakh Pandits were killed in this "genocide". These are his exact words:

"If Omar has a proposal to set up a “ Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to investigate custodial killings, torture etc, he must also probe the circumstances which led to the genocide of five lakh Kashmiri Hindus and forced them to leave their ancestral land of birth. No government can survive if it continues to be Kashmir-specific." Click here to read the whole article

This sort of propaganda does not help anyone. I have nothing but the highest respect and regard for the Pandit brothers and sisters, and am fully aware that unconscientious reporters such as Mr. J.N Raina are a fringe minority in the Pandit community. I hope other people from the Pandit community speak out against these lies being propagated on their behalf.

Here is the defnition of the word 'genocide' according to the webster's dictionary:
[genocide: noun
systematic killing of a racial or cultural group]

It would be very unlikely that Mr. Raina is ignorant of the meaning of the word genocide to use it so recklessly. Everyone keeping abreast of the news knows that the first images that come to mind when someone refers to the word genocide are the killing fields of Rwanda, or the Serbian extermination of Bosnian muslims; therefore, first of all, to thoughtlessly use this word for the 250 Pandit deaths is unjustifiable (which are sad and tragic nontheless); secondly, to brazenly lie that five lakh Pandits were killed is unforgivable by any standards, given that in reality 200,000 Kashmiri muslims have been killed, tortured, maimed and victimised by the Indian troops thus far.

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  1. You definitely need to clean up yr mind. This is called noon-mei-nukta.
    When someone reads the full sentence, the meaning would be clear that it has affected 5 lac people.
    And is it not that your figure of 2lac is also exaggerated, and that it blames the Indian troops for all. Most figures are those killed in cross-fire; then bomb blasts; and what about the pro-india muslims killed by the terrorists. The count of political activitists of NC, Communists and Congress that were eliminated by terrorists

  2. My mind is very clear - thankyou for the concern!

    If you think that the sentence suggests that five lakh pandits were merely 'affected' and doesnt imply that they were victims of genocide, then you need to take english lessons.

    If you feel that 'Mr Raina' wanted to suggest that five lakh Pandits were affected, and inadvertently ended up suggesting that they were victims of a genocide, then he needs to stop writing and take grammar lessons.