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15 days to justice - Cheap shots


   Days to Justice

As per the deadline set for the inquiry, we should expect the magistrate's report by the 8th of March. I am therefore counting down the days Omar Abdullah has remaining to call for the arrest of the murderers of our two Kashmiri brothers.
Although I am certain that just as has happened in the past, the results of this inquiry will either never see the light of day, or if by some divine intervention, the inquiry is actually concluded, they will lay the blame entirely on the victims for being in the cross hairs of the Indian army personnel's rifle. If the outcome 15 days from now does not fit either of the preceding two scenarios, then the army will likely blame it all on imaginary "Kashmiri terrorists" who like to wear army camoflouge dresses and shoot innocent Kashmiri bystanders. Is that the reason that ordinary Kashmiris refer to these "terrorists" as martyrs and bury them at Mazari-Shohada?
Since I am on the same chain of thought, I might as well mention that it is a shame that day before, on the day of the murder of our two Kashmiri brothers, Omar Abdullah took a cheap shot at militants instead of reserving his condemnation solely for the perpetrators of the heinous murders. Anyone sincerely moved by the abhorrent murders would have expressed their disgust by blaming the army personnel instead of spinning this occasion to take cheap shots at the militants like Omar Abdullah did just to appear balanced to his Indian audience. It is a fact that the militants have maintained an undeclared cease fire and there hasn't been a single case of militant action in the past few months. The only time a story about militants was reported in the media was when they were being pursued by the police and military and arrested at their homes, even though they were laying low. 
This is what Omar Abdullah had to say while apparently condemning the army actions in Sopur, "Men in uniform or in khakis are bound to uphold the human rights of civilians. I can't expect this from the militants coming from across the border because they enter into the Valley with an aim of disruption...".  In other words, Omar is saying that militants are all goons and terrorists with no regard for human rights, and people should infact be afraid of the militants and look up to the killers, the RR,  for protection because it is only the militants from  across the border who have killed 90,000 people in the past few decades! 
And it is also a fact that apart from a small fraction of militants, who indulged in criminal activity, the overwhelming majority of militants were people of faith and honour. Contrast this with the Indian army and paramilitary forces. It is no secret that the more uncertainty and disturbance in Kashmir there is, the higher their probability of continuing their reign of terror in Kashmir. All analysts agree that the Indian army and paramilitary forces do not want Kashmir to become peaceful and they have a vested interest in keeping Kashmir in an atmosphere of fear.

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