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14 days to justice - Target practice


     Days to Justice

Fourteen days till we find out the results of the inquiry.
It is surreal to even think that my fellow Kashmiris Javed Ahmad, and Mohammed Amin of Bomai, Sopur, were alive and well just four days ago and today are part of the grisly statistics of Kashmir according to which over 90,000 Kashmiris have become victims of Indian terror.

I am just as uncertain as any other Kashmiri about the seriousness of the inquiry that has been called to ascertain the facts surrounding these murders. As if eye witness accounts are themselves not grounds enough to arrest the Indian army personnel and charge them. The longer their arrests are delayed, the more time they will have to cook up a story which they will then feed to the media later. Already, we had some buffoon of an Indian army commander claim that these youth were killed by "terrorists"; in another two weeks we'll find out what other whoppers they have in store for us.

I wish we had scrutinized previous inquiries that were called for similar incidents in the past. For instance, in February 2006 in a small hamlet called Dodhpur, in Kupwara, four young Kashmiris including an eight year old were playing cricket in their local playground when they were surrounded by Indian soldiers and were gunned down mercilessly for no reason. Readers can make up their own mind as to what hatred could cause the Indian army to extinguish young precious lives. (Read the news report here) Reading through eye witness reports of that incident, I conclude that the hatred of Kashmiris blinded those criminal Indian army soldiers so much that they decided to play target practice with those young souls. We have read about similar war crimes in other occupied places such as the Haditha incident in Iraq; therefore no one should doubt the veracity of the eyewitnesses. 

The government response was predictable and they surprised no one by initiating an inquiry to pacify the protestors and wash their hands off that incident. Not very different from what I suspect the motive was when the current inquiry about the Bomai killings was called. But I hope I am wrong; we'll find out in 14 days.

Ghulam Nabi Azad, the chief minister at the time had appointed a high ranking officer to conduct the inquiry. According to the GK report about this, 24 villagers religiously presented themselves before the inquiry officer to record their statements whenever they were summoned before him. Yet two years since that inquiry was called, no report has been published, and not a single person has been charged for the deaths of those four young Kashmiris. We now find out that the Indian army never cooperated with the inquiry. The whole process is a sham; a whitewash; a waste of time to hoodwink the people. (Click here to read more about this)

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