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12 Days to justice - PDP shedding crocodile tears


Days to Justice

Yesterday, the killings of our two brothers was discussed in the Kashmir assembly and the CM restated that the findings of the inquiry will be made public when the report is presented to him. He reiterated that the inquiry has a deadline, and that means that it should be out by March 7th - eleven more days. There were some promising developments regarding the inquiry and then there were some that anyone can figure were mere politicking.

I will label them as 'positive' or 'negative'

Positive: Omar Abdullah`s statement when referring to the killings of Javed and Mohammad Amin in the assembly. “I assure you the perpetrators, whosoever they are, will be punished and it will be a kind of a punishment that will set an example so that no such incidents take place in future”, he said.

Negative: Omar Abdullah`s argument for not repealing the AFSPA right away. He argues that he will consider repealing the draconian law if the, “situation continues to improve the way it has been improving.” Maybe Omar and I live in different parts of the world. The only hinderance to normalcy are the unprovoked killings, random beatings, and intolerable harassment by the Indian forces. There has`nt been a single militancy related incident for over six months. I am unsure what kind of normalcy he is referring to. I think he is just looking for an excuse and grasping at straws.

Negative: PDP`s dramatic overtures. They think they can pull the wool over people`s eyes. They think that by shedding crocodile tears now people will overlook their incompetence when they were in power. How many Indian Army, CRPF, or BSF personnel were punished for crimes during PDP`s reign? How many inquiries were called and how many of them were concluded? The answer is none, many, and none respectively.  


  1. I regard your feelings but unless and until,some constructive phased approaches are not followed ,people will continue to get butchered.After each treason,Kashmiris get out on streets but we are denied to host any peaceful rallies here! Why?

    Last summer,when people of Jammu & Kashmir agitated,Jammuites were showered by water and Kashmiris were showered by bullets as an act of resistance!The reason for that is we are governed by undependable leaders and barbaric civil laws . Besides,attitude of armed forces is different towards both sections of the state.They use violent means to curb the rallies here, whereas in Jammu,they follow a softer approach- sanctioned by rigid central control of India.

    Naveed Qazi


  2. Naveed brother, I couldnt agree more. It clearly shows that the AFSPA is there to quell protestors and not to "fight militancy" as the government argues.
    Just goes to show what a sham Indian democracy is when they resort to granting their military extra judiciary powers just to prevent peaceful marches.

  3. @Koshur
    Do you think that they will arrest those RR troopers. No! My dear friend they can not. They will be shown the door, if they dare to challenge Indian Army in Kashmir. After 12 days, lets see how Om-Ar handles the drama, their may be some twist and the end. AFSPA or no AFSPA killing of innocent Kashmiris will not stop. To hunt on Kashmiris, is a favourite passtime of Indian Army. No one can deprive them of this luxury.