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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


11 days to justice - What's that smell? Indian democracy!


Days to Justice

If I were to describe the following situation to Europeans or persons from a non-Asian country and quiz them whether the place I am describing is a dictatorship or not; in your opinion, what would their reply be?

This is the scenario I would present:

1. People are prevented from participating in peaceful protests to show their anger at the killing of two innocent youth by the army.

2. Political leaders are kept under house arrest for weeks so they are not able to organize these peaceful marches.

3. The towns and cities have barbed-wire checkpoints every half-a-kilometer to prevent the movement of people.

4. Army, police and other armed forces are given special powers to enter any home at anytime of day or night without a search warrant; detain anyone for an indefinite period of time; and are seldom charged or convicted when they commit crimes.

5. The friday prayers are obstructed.

Just by mentioning these few points, the person will definitely answer that I am referring to a dictatorship. The last point will probably give away that it is a muslim country.


  1. It's India's hooliganism at central level that is not allowing the this issue to settle.The essence of Indian legal philosophy towards us has been the implementation of colonial like structures.When their minds are ready to accept the truth,only then some kind of resolution is possible.

    Omar Abdullah does not rationalize the course of action regarding military policies of the state India.It's a national issue for both India and Pakistan.He is too weak a leader to confront it.Besides,He has a history of an unholy union with them.How can he betray it?



  2. I am sorry, i am using your own proverb here

    Dilikis bagas dur kar gasil, Adah dewah phuli yembarzal bag
    [[Keep away dirt from the garden of your heart, Then perhaps the Narcissus garden will blossom]] (Lal Ded)

    Your posts are starting to smell of preoccupation about India, an dthe indian army. Would it not be better to keep an open mind to each incident and not genralise it. Just in case, the top 5 pointers point towards- your favorite - Pakistan(and you have actually used pretty mild words for them). And lest you take me as another war hungry person, let me tell you that I sincerely believe that Army should move out of the civilian areas, IN kashmir. However the only trouble is that your friends from Pakistan DO NOT want this to happen. The trouble is that even ONE charged up trouble maker-fidayeen, could engage the literal battalion of armymen(as in mumbai), and so army remains there. I would still feel that its a better solution to guard the LoC and border better, so that there is no infiltration, and that way the army could return to the barracks.

    Even I would wait for Omar's enquiry, and would hope that the culprits get punished, At the same time i would wish that kashmiris(only some not all do it) stop fostering people from across the borders in the name of jihad. Please note that just like all armymen are not the rapist, yet you are against all army being recalled, the same way , all kashmiris end up paying for the acts of some of their own brethren.

    Well, I too count the days, and do hope that the guilty are punished indeed to make a case for no such future killings.

  3. No one should harbour any illusion regarding the fair probe of the recent killings of two kashmiri boys by occupational army of India.India has been doing this since Abdullah was thrown in the prison in 1954.Only way for justice is to lynch the culprits publicly.We have seen enough of crocodile tears.

  4. @ erebus
    I am at a loss for understanding how the five pointers could point towards Pakistan?

  5. @Dr. Waleed
    Long time! welcome back