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Thankyou Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

All leaders of muslim countries could take a few lessons on how to build up courage and stand up for what is just and right. The prime minister of Turkey Mr Tayyip Erdogan is a brave man for speaking up for the Palestinian people and storming out of the Davos' World Economic Forum, Gaza session. At the session, the Israeli president Shimon Peres was allowed 25 minutes to spew his justifications for slaughtering 1200 Palestinians; whereas, when it was Mr Erdogan's turn to speak, he was asked to stop after a mere 12 minutes because he spoke the truth, which the moderator did not like. The moderator is a pro-Israeli correspondent based in the US.

In his own words, Mr. Erdogan said to Peres, "When it comes to killing you know very well how to kill. I know very well how you killed children on the beaches." (Watch the video here)After the moderator cut off his mike and insisted that the Prime minister's time is up, Mr Erdogan did the right thing and stormed out of the session - stunning everyone present there.

This is remarkarble considering Turkey is one of the most moderate of the muslim nations. The condemnation of Israeli genocide against Palestinians runs deep there as well. I wish the pro-India parties take a clue from all this and start speaking against Israel whenever they pretend to represent Kashmiris anywhere.

For More info..
-Video of the event
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  1. Thank YOU Mr. Erdogan. The civilized parts of the free world are in your debt!

  2. Koshur,
    Israeli barbarism in Gaza has exposed the so called 'civilised world'. I have posted some horrorful images on my blog depicting Israeli Savagery. Must see for every Muslim to come to real senses.

  3. Turkey enjoys an extremely pivotal status in Islamic history. The center of Khilafah once, if it bears a moderate look today that is only because of the constant efforts of the west to keep it under check. However,it still continues to harbor people who can go to any lengths for Islam and Muslims. Racyip Ergodan looks like one of them.

  4. Erdogan did what was the right thing to do ! Kudos to him !

  5. @ray

    Wondering what your take is on India's silence on the Israeli assault. Leaving Kashmir aside, the government of India represents 120 crore muslims. Let's even leave religion aside, from your comments you and other like-minded Indian citizens have a soft corner for Palestine, yet it seems your government is not reflecting your views in their policies. How do you justify Indian silence (in other words support) for the Israeli terrorism in Palestine. Or is it that a majority of Indians are pro-Israel?

  6. Hmm Koshur, I guess most Indians don't even know what's going on in Israel and Palastine. Those who know fall under two categories : those who have a grudge against Islam and therefore support Israel dumbly, and the rest of us who support Palastine. It is easily the latter group which is the majority. But the ranks of the former group are getting bigger, especially due to terrorist attacks in Mumbai etc.

    Mahatma Gandhi was a strong supporter of Palastine. And as a country which looks upon him for inspiration, I think India should strive to be a supporter too. That doesn't mean it has to be anti-Israel. I am not anti Israel myself. I have both Israeli and Arab friends.

    But the brutal aggression and murders of innocent civilians is a crime against humanity in general, and Israel should not be allowed to get away with it.

    I don't think silence means support. But I agree that India should not stay silent over this travesty. It has to speak out, and I hope somebody will do that at the official level.

  7. I wasn't aware that the Washington Post is "an ultra-right, pro-Israeli newspaper in the US". While the Washington Post's editorial page is pro Israel (as are many newspapers in the United States, I am not sure it is correct to call the Post an ultra-right newspaper. It is anything but that.

  8. @kashmir global
    I am sure I read somewhere that Washinton post is a right-leaning paper (or was it washingtn times?) I will check on that and correct it if it turns out I was wrong.
    are you aware no one can post comments on your blog?

  9. Washington Times is a right leaning newspaper. The Post is a well regarded paper. Thanks for pointing out the problem with my blog. I have fixed it.

  10. @ Koshur, assuming Kashmiris are against terrorism, where is the voice against terrorists killing innocent people in India? How about against Pakistan for killing Balochs or for that matter, Tibetans in China? Or am I to believe the only thing you care about is religion?

  11. @anonymous
    we have been condemning all these terrorist attacks, it just happens you werent paying attention to the news!

    read my post "terrorist attacks in bombay unforgivable"

  12. Hi
    India has already condemned the attacks, particularly the ones that hit the hospital and school. It is that India doesn't speak too much on other nations' internal affairs. We have seen a similar situation in Tibet, Nepal (where India's silence is perhaps unforgiveable) and later date BDesh and even SriLanka (subsequently).
    But I have one clear opinion on it: (This doesn't mean I am supporting Israeli raids) Hamas has in its charter the decimation of Israel (Israel shoul not exist). With this single statement, they make any negotiations impossible. Have you noticed that many neighbouring Islamic countries were also protesting with mixed feelings. They (officially) do not have problem that Hamas (that rules Gaza)has. And as is quite known of any terrorist organisation, Hamas fires rockets from residential areas, and in retaliatory attack these houses get destroyed, and Hamas gets public sympathy and media attention.
    To put records straight for some of you here, Turkey has had a very terrible human rights record against Kurds (much worse than Iraq) and they could get away with it because they were in the 'right' camp.