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Slum Dog Millionaire

Nothing bursts the bubble of imaginary Indian progress than the new movie that came out called "Slum Dog Millionaire". It hits the nail of the false Indian pride right on the head. We have all witnessed the false sense of superiority that uppity Indian youth belonging to the middle class have when they keep harping about how India is at par with other developed nations and that George Bush and other EU leaders do not even go to sleep unless they have phoned the PM of India and sought his advise. This movie exposes India for what it is - a poverty stricken, mean, and unfortunate place to be living on this planet. It rattled the false sense of superiority so much so that even their big movie star Amitab Bachan gave the movie a piece of his mind. He goes on to argue that even the most richest of worlds nations have pockets of poverty. But maybe someone should go and whisper into Mr Bachan's ear that before he goes ahead and embarasses himself before the world audience, and compares these pockets of poverty in devleoped nations with India's astronomical poverty stricken populace, he is comparing a basketful of apples with ten thousand truckloads of apples!. 80% of India's population lives in abject poverty.

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  1. Actually on the contrary that movie had two millionaires. Even the hero's elder brother ended up as a millionaire. I liked the movie as it was about both the brothers but the movie was not well directed as they only focused on one. btw, world's richest nation also has people living in these situations. Poverty is a bigger problem around the world and is not confined to just India.

  2. your remarks are so childish that it makes me pity you ... I didnt know you were so awed by India's entity that you wouldn't spare even a movie to try and atack india's poverty!

  3. @anonymous above
    I would suggest you save your pity for the millions of hungry naked children of your poverty stricken country. They could use a bit of pity not only from you but also from your government who could alleviate their misery. Imagine the relief these poor souls could receive should India spend the enormous amount of money they spend on maintaing a presence of 1.3 million troops in Kashmir on these hungry people instead.

  4. Hi Just an observation . I have been reading your blogs for sometime now and see that there is a marked shift in your stand. Starting with daily Kashmiri problems , then moving on to strong albeit moderate views, now there seems to be a profound left shift to your argument where radicalisation of a issue comes ahead of resolution or putting forth ideas for resolution.

  5. @sivasankaran
    first and foremost thankyou for reading my blogs.
    I agree there has been a marked shift in my stance and my blogs from the past few years clearly show that. It also goes to prove that India's policy of adopting Israeli tactics of heavy handedness in dealing with the freedom aspirations of Kashmiris are destined for failure because if a pro-Indian kashmiri like myself can turn into a strong separatist solely because of witnessing the naked aggression of the Indian military here, consider what effect it would have on the family members of the victims of the military aggression. Violence never suppressed a freedom movement. The indians have to learn that.

  6. 10 out of 10 to Koshur....I dont care who in kashmi wants freedom from indian rule and who doesnt. all i know is that freedom is my universal and birth right, so i will always crave and fight for it even if all others feel castrated by power and pelf and dole outs from goi. Muzamil