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Self Censor

I was reading a few of my recent posts, and felt quite ashamed that I had resorted to the use of crude language when referring to Omar Abdullah. I have accordingly self censored those adjectives in those few sentences; however the main ideas in those posts remain unaltered. Thankyou Tanvir Sadiq for pointing those out. I would also like to offer my sincere, unreserved and heartfelt apology to Omar if those crude remarks might have hurt him or his family; having an opposing political view does not give me the right to drag his personal life into the debate.

The reason for this self sensor is that those remarks do not represent who I am or my convictions. I do not have to resort to mudslinging to convey my message across.
Now that I have self-censored those few sentences, I believe Tanvir Sadiq must be gloating over his belief that I have recently resorted to writing "rot" - as he expressed it. Or that 'Kashmir Crisis' must be having his eureka moment having thus proven that I am a chameleon because I self-censored the offending sentences.

I believe that it is neither. Learning is a life-long process, and if I learnt something today and have the courage to credit the people responsible for that change; I think that is something positive. There is nothing wrong in acknowledging my errors - that is the whole point of an evolving thought process. It does not make me a chameleon, but rather, it makes me a human who is willing to listen, learn and act accordingly.

Here is the link to the rebuttal of the discussion that led to my self-censoring (please click here)


  1. @Koshur
    Dont be so apologetic. Tanvir Sadiq is an Indian Stooge who wants to please his masters. Dont give him undue importance. I have also stopped writing about Omar Ab. in my blog. I feel writing about him is not liked by readers. Our people are allergic towards pro- Indian stooges, thatswhy, they want us to avoid them in our blogs.

  2. @kashmir centre
    thankyou for the suggestion.
    My main point is that I do not think avoiding pro-india writers is a good idea. how otherwise do we have a dialogue? I also feel that the reason omar quit his blog is that he ran out of arguments and saw his vulnerability in the midst of the largest protests - the amarnath protests. It was not something that a steadfast courageous man would do.

    I like courageous people, and even though tanvir sadiq is an indian stooge and a misguided pro-autonomy proponent; I admire his courage to remain steadfast and defend his convictions.

    I think the more dialogue and discussion we have with pro-india side, the more likely we are able to convince then that their stand is misguided.

  3. what has happened to your blog i use to like it in between infact i use to regularly visit your blog and wait for your new posts as if waiting for a favorite television serial, but off late its becoming too personal,, like discussions on a single person and your blog seems to be revolving around that person commenting on what he eats what he wears etc etc broaden it up man there are many other things that you can discuss ,ok i understand u have run out of ideas,stories.
    let me give u some like uuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm environment,gaza,america,muslims,jews,but please do not discuss your favourite omar !!!!

  4. Omar Abdullah is also the same as his Father and Grand father.These turncoats never ever deserve ay kind of respect whatsoever.A person who takes friends non belivers against believers cannot have ALBEER.
    Wallah yasimuk minannas

  5. @anonymous above
    thankyou for the frank observation. And a bigger thankyou for mentioning that you liked my blog.
    I promise to write about more pertinent topics henceforth. Even I think enough has been debated about Omar Abdullah.