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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Remember Remember The Fifth of November

Remember, Remember
The Fifth of November
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot

So the poem goes remembering a man named Guy Fawkes who tried to blow up the British Parliament on November 5th 1605. Here is a link to the poem from a movie that used this poem as their central theme (click here). The people loyal to the king hijacked this day and say that this day is celebrated to remember the foiling of the plot to bomb the parliament, when in reality people celebrate it for Guy Fawkes. In the movie, the masked man ends up blowing up the parliament, to protest what he sees as authoritarian rule and lack of freedom.

I am not going to end up sounding like an entertainment magazine, but the reason why this movie came to mind is that I was reading the news in the local GK that the people of Arigam, Bandipore were protesting against the Army orders that the local residents are prohibited from venturing out of their homes at night. 

Reminds me of someone who was upset about the unwritten rule of the army that people cannot use torches at night and instead have to use lanterns. That was only eight months ago. I wonder what their opinion is about this rule now that they are is in a position do something about it! (click here to read the GK news story about this)

In a different part of Kashmir, in the village of Handwara, people wanted to commemorate their own remembrance of the 21 unarmed protesters who were killed exactly 19 years to the day on Jan 25th 1990. They might not have a catchy poem to remember their brothers and sisters who were brutally killed by the BSF, but all they want is to build a memorial on the spot where the BSF mowed down those 21 unarmed protestors. To add salt to injury, a CRPF bunker has been erected right at the very spot of the carnage. (read the story here)


  1. @ Koshur
    Here in this part of the world, November 5th and more specifically November 6th is remembered for the massacre of lakhs of Muslims at Jammu by Hindu fanatics in the year 1947, post-partition of India. An organized genocide of Jammu Muslims was carried out by them in all areas of Jammu. Muslim Women were abducted and raped. Men and children were massacred, and the weapons to carry out the carnage, swords and rifles, were provided by the Dogra Army. Local Police and administration acted as a mute and willing spectator. The Muslims were massacred by the same ruler who was supposed to be their savior. Lakhs of Jammu-city Muslims were made to assemble at parade ground on the promise of safe passage to Sialkot. They were herded like cattle in many trucks, and brutally killed near Samba and Kathua borders. No mercy was shown to these defenseless persons by the people and administration of Jammu. We too need a poem for each such heinous crime to narrate the pathetic tales of woe and heart-rending happenings of such massacres perpetrated by either the Hindu fanatics at Jammu or by Indian Occupation forces at Kashmir. We need to keep these wounds afresh and not let them heal lest we may forget the sacrifices of our lakhs of martyrs and start endorsing the Indian occupation and their puppet regimes in our valley.

  2. @Kashmir crisis
    Yes I am aware of the carnage that hindu fanatics in Jammu perpetrated on hapless muslims during partition.

    There is a lot of credible evidence that the so called "Kabalis" came to the rescue of these muslims and not to invade Kashmir. I have to do more research on this version of events. If this is true, that Kabalis never invaded Kashmir, and merely came to help out muslims being slaughtered in Jammu, then that puts a whole different perspective on our understanding of Kashmir's history.

    I just read your other comment on Mr. Qazi's book. I will most certainly go through that.

  3. @Koshur
    do you mean even the tribals who invaded from Uri side came to help victimized muslim population of Jammu or only the ones who attempted to enter from Poonch side came with this intention?

  4. Koshur
    Kabalis were sent by Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Sarhadi Gandhi) to help Nehru to annex Kashmir. Plan was clear cut. Ghaffar Khan was a socialist who advocated NWFP's accession with India. Nehru was interested to keep Kashmir with India because he was a Kashmiri Bata and wanted Batas living in Kashmir at that time to be safe.

  5. "kashmir crisis and Kashmir center
    I cannot find where i read that but thanks for the information. it is good to know different perspectives of kashmirs history. I wish we were taught Kashmiri history in primary school instead of us being brainwashed with indian history that is taught instead.

  6. how funny - nehru being kashmiri batta wanting to keep batta in kashmir is selfish and kashmiri muslim wanting musllim kashmir without other religions which were older than muslims is nationalism
    History is not meant for blind eyes and what you will do with past when you are yourselves destroying your future
    kashur tamul mai chuv khavan su gav export karun tamey chuv matemuth demag