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Petition to UK parliament

As we know, the recent statements by Mr Miliband has brought the Kashmir issue at the forefront of Indo-British relations. India tried to whine its way out of being held accountable for its misdeeds in Kashmir by yelling and shouting but Mr Miliband stood firm and restated his correct belief that the Kashmir issue needs to be resolved for political stability in South Asia. We should not lose this opportunity to keep the momentum going in bringing the Kashmir issue on the table of discussions of all major powers in the world. British citizens and residents sympathetic to the Kashmiri cause can help us immensely by signing the online government petition which is on the official website of the Prime Minister of UK. The purpose of the petition is that the Kashmir conflict will be debated in the UK parliament, something that the Indians will fight tooth and nail against, because their excesses and atrocities against us will come out in the open and the world will be made aware of these war crimes against us.   Please visit the site and sign the petition. (Click here to visit the petition)


  1. Koshur
    Thanks a billions. I have already forwarded this link to my friends and relatives living in Britain. I shall send it to more people insha - Allah. I will soon post the link on my blogs too. Lets do everything possible, just for our cause.

  2. @kashmir center
    thanks to Chinaar on Kashmir Forum for bringing this to everyone's attention.

  3. @Koshur
    Well done Chinaar and Koshur. A Great job indeed. Cooperation and participation from all is deeply solicited.

  4. @ Koshur
    But the petition reads that one must be a citizen or resident of UK to sign the petition, so what use will it be to hyperlink it to our blogs, please inform.

  5. kashmir crisis
    I think it will generate more publicity for the petition as many of our readers have relatives and friends living in Britain.

    thankyou for the kind words in last post

  6. Dear Mr Miliband,
    First of all let me thank you on behalf of all Independence seeking Kashmiris for your correct observation that the unresolved conflict in Kashmir has a destabilizing affect on the political stability of South Asia.

    Does it surprise you that India is whining about "meddling in their internal affairs"? Why would they object to mediation by a friendly third country, such as UK, to arbitrate a conflict that has lasted 60 years and chokes up an enormous amount of their GDP which otherwise they could utilize in feeding and clothing their multitudes of poverty stricken population?

    It is very likely that you are aware of the heinous criminal acts that the Indian military personnel have committed in Kashmir, and these incidents are no secret. I implore you to have a closer look at quest for independence of the Kashmiri people. We would like to be an independent country with friendly relations with both India as well as Pakistan.

    You correctly observed that an unresolved Kashmir conflict is a rallying call for terrorism. Kashmiris are overwhelmingly peaceful and do not prescribe to fundamentalist ideologies. India seeks to brand our non-violent freedom movement as the actions of hot-headed religious terrorism, which it definitely is not. According to their own police reports, the total armed militants in Kashmir does not exceed 800 militants; this number is even lower than the armed gangs you would find in most metropolis cities. Why have the outrageous presence of 1.3 million Indian military on our streets in Kashmir then? As you can see, this is oppression and not democracy.

    Please do not give up in your effort to pressure India in sitting down and resolving the Kashmir conflict.