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Yus neereth gassan, pheereth cha yevaano: morda che gassan zinde (Kashmiri saying)


Omar Abdullah's regime commences with same old tyranny

My next few posts are going to contain a number of old sayings that might sound like cliché but there is no better way of expressing those sentiments. For now, most of you must have heard the old saying, "you cannot teach an old dog new tricks". This saying fits perfectly in describing Omar Abdullah's reign, which we will be forced to bear through for better or worse, for the next six years.

Although there were several reports of attrocities on Kashmiris as usual yesterday, none was as heart-wrenching and heinous as the report of an innocent Kashmiri man named Abdual Reshi of Pahalgam, who was shot dead in cold blood outside Omar Abdullah's home last evening. The poor innocent man leaves behind a young family, including three little children. The innocent man's only crime was to be walking outside Emperor Omar Abdullah's Gupkar residence at 10Pm at night. How dare common Kashmiris even think about stepping on the sacred soil that sits outside Omar's house! Only the Abdullah family, their Indian cohorts, and a few cronies have the right to be walking on Gupkar road. (Please read the full story here ) It will not surprise me at all if the police and Omar Abdullah attempt to cover up this crime by planting weapons or incrminating evidence on this poor man. It's not at all far fetched, infact, I am certain that is exactly what Omar and his Indian masters will be claiming in the next few days. But our common sense has not taken a leave just yet to beleive that a young man of 47 years old, would even consider to single handedly breach the most fortified locality in all of Kashmir.

This poor man probably wanted to meet Omar Abdullah for a job or had some grievance and wanted to share it with Omar because he got suckered into beleiving that Omar truly meant when he claimed that he will be open to meeting with the public. He probably arrived late because the bus that brought him to Srinagar was late! there are so many possibilities. Maybe he wanted to ensure where Emperor Omar's house was so he could come back the next morning and be the first in line to be graced with his majesty Omar's presence. Too bad, that this person's one decision to think that Kashmiris and Indians are equal and can walk on Gupkar road without fear of reprisal from the trigger happy protectors of Emperor Omar, cost him his life. He should have known that in front of the barbaric Indian Army, all Kashmiris are presumed terrorists.

Another incident that should wake up all Kashmiris, who presumed wrongly that Omar is going to change things, is the lathi charge and beating up of Shias who were taking out the Muharram procession. Atleast 150 mourners were arrested and not less than 400 were severely injured. An 80 year old lady participating in this Moharram procession was also beaten up by the police. Omar duped all Kashmiris into beleiving that he will bring an end to the Indian oppressive policies in Kashmir. But how ironic that Kashmiris were taken for a ride. I will not be the one to gloat that the Hurriyat had warned the Kashmiri public that NC and Omar are mere puppets in the hands of the Indian opression machine. Why would their policies be any different than what we have already been experiencing for the past 20 years! (
please read the full story here)

If these incidents mark the first 48 hours of Omar taking over the reins of Indian rule in Kashmir, I cannot even fathom what tyranny Omar Abdullah has in store for us in the next six years!


  1. Koshur wats with you ...
    why are you hell bent to speak against Omar Abdullah, speaking your mind is god but speaking rot is cheap writing . You have a nice viewer ship and you should try to sustain it. Your consistant effort should be to broaden it . Your tirade agaist omar and company does not augur well for the youth . It will only make you sound one sided and people like me will be forced not to visit your blog.

    Omar has not even taken over and people like you have started a negative campaing angainst him . Give Omar a chance to prove himself,
    Thanks and hope good sense prevail on you .

  2. @Tanvir Sadiq
    Long time!!
    thanks for the post.
    I replied on your blog.
    I am sure my next post on how the elections results were manipulated will most certainly interest you!

    Regards for the muharram!

  3. NB @Tanvir
    my sole aim on this blog is to convey my opinions. I am not a politician but rather an activist so my sole aim is to get the message out, rather than increase my readership!

    Thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. @Tanvir
    How can you say Omar has not taken over. He is the so called CM since 2 days. And if you are so much hopeful about Omar then Allah be with you. You may be having some vested reason to be so defencive about him. We know that in Kashmir people who have some selfish vested interests only, are advocates of these pro- Indian, anti -Muslim and Anti- Kashmir Morons. Your vested interest may get a severe blow by visiting Pro- Freedom blogs. Choice is yours.

  5. How could being pro-Indian mean anti-Muslim? Had India been anti-Muslim then more then 15 crore have not been staying there happily.

  6. Tanvir....Omar has already lost the chance by siding with the Indian occupational regime. Omar can for sometime led astray some alcoholic, illetrate, opportunist, selfish youth but results will still end up for the dream of freedom from India cherishing in the hearts of common Kashmiris.

  7. I agree with Anonymous. Ther are more muslims in India than in our sad neighbouring country....