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Government huts are useless

A bizarre story that caught my eye today was the case of a minister slapping a fisheries department officer for not allowing him to use a government hut. This is one of those things that I fail to understand. Why does the government require so many luxurious huts, which are spread all over the state, and have overtaken the whole Zabarwan mountain including all of Chasmashahi. 

Imagine all the state resources used to maintain these huts. The government will be quick to justify these palatial huts by claiming that the officials utilize these when they visit different districts or officials visiting from other states in India use them. Why cannot the government officials who use these huts stay in hotels instead? The government can pay for those stays, and just might end up putting in a few more rupees into Kashmir's economy. 

They keep complaining about unemployment and a stagnant economy. If the government keeps offering free palatial housing for their good-for-nothing officials, why would the local residents even consider being entrepreneurial and opening up motels. Would it not be a prudent idea to lease these hundreds of thousands of huts to unemployed youth for a certain period, say ten years, and let the youth earn some money by renting them out. I am sure the officials and ministers would not like this idea!

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