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Everybody and their hens

Looks like everybody and their hens are inundating the blogosphere and the local newspapers with their 'pearls of wisdom' about what Omar Abdullah should be doing. (I must digress and confess that the correct expression is "everybody and their dogs", but then not many people have dogs as pets in Kashmir therefore hens would be a better word choice for conveying my sarcasm). Getting back to my topic, it is close to 1AM and I had to write this post because it refuses to be confined in my stomach till morning. Therefore here I am typing away when the rest of Kashmir is probably sound asleep.

Now that every one is jumping on the bandwagon to suggest what is wrong with the current state of affairs in Kashmir, and what we can do to fix them, here is my crumpled-up, old-two-rupee-note worth of observation:

1. The traffic in Kashmir is horrendous. There should be one-way traffic for all small roads and lanes in downtown area. (just as an example, the road between Khayyam chowk and Khanyar should be one way going towards dargah; and on the way back it should be one way on the back road through Nowpoor going towards Lalchowk; or people can use the Babdemb road.) Similarly, turn all downtown roads one-way.

2. CRPF crooks should be barred from demanding ID cards. It is demeaning. Only Kashmir police can interact with Kashmiris, and ask for ID if needed.

3. Close down all brick-kilns. They are a major cause of lung-diseases for people living in surrounding area because of dust, and poisonous emissions fron their chimneys. They only provide income to owners, and slave labour brought from outside Kashmir. Impact on local employment will be minimal if at all. But banning the brick-kilns will help the environment and health conditions of those areas. Besides they sit on prime agriculture lands.

4. Introduce modern method of garbage pickup. I think it is time we live like a civilized society and the municipality picks up garbage which is tied in bags or in containers outside each house, instead of piling each mohalla's collective trash into a pile for the local stray dogs to feast on. No wonder Srinagar's stray dogs would be considered the most well fed and healthy stray dogs of the world. Which brings me to the 5th most important pressing issue..

5. Eradicate all stray dogs. They are a threat to the safety of humans. This should be a good enough reason to kill them. It's like someone's house is infested with cockroaches or rats and mice; would they not use all means possible to get rid of the pests? why are stray dogs different.

More later


  1. I feel you missed something.

    Quickest way to control the birth rate of dogs. Besides that the life expectancy of dogs is also higher that hummans. The day may not be far when hummans will become a minority in Kashmir.

    Am i right.

  2. Garbage disposal, traffic mess, stray dogs, brick-kilns..........How can you start with such trivial issues sidelining the bigger ones altogether. First things first dear Koshur. Address the issues on which Omar sought votes from gullible people of this beleaguered region, first. I mean the tall promises that he made to this hapless nation. First and foremost comes the Kashmir issue, tell him to seek action (by the centre) on his party's autonomy report first; followed by compensation to Indus Water Treaty by way of handing over one of the hydel power projects to the state that will solve our bijli problem; followed by addressing the monster of unemployment by enhancing the employability of our youth by imparting technical education and fostering entrepreneurship development, industrialization and investment by corporate houses. We need to enhace our manufacturing capabilities. That alone can get us out of the mess where we find huge armies of jobless youth with worthless degrees in their hands. Then comes our miserable healthcare system as well as mushrooming higher educational institutes that are sans faculty, infrastructure and other facilities. We need a big boost in our tourism, handicrafts, horticulture, agriculture, forest, herbal, IT, livestock, textile, mineral, leather, gemstone, floriculture and other industrial sectors. The issues that you've mentioned are in no way less important but you can't totally ignore the bigger issues staring at the face of this govt. Stray dogs, traffic mess, garbage disposal etc are more selectively the issues faced by the urbanites rather than the entire populace of Kashmir.We expect big suggestions, big discussions and big solutions from your blog rather than petty issues and petty suggestions that are crumbled up, old-two-rupee-note worth suggestions, in the real sense of the word.

  3. @Taimur
    I wrote #5 after your comment. Thankyou for the comment

    @Kashmir crisis
    I like to do some background check before writing on a topic. I will be honest, my knowledge of the areas of improvement that you listed is minimal. I was not aware that our colleges and university had teacher shortages. I am very much interested in learning about Kashmir's potential in areas such as textile, minerals, leather, and gemstone that you listed, please write up on these when you have time.

    Coming back to my post, the air pollution caused by the burgeoning brick-kiln factories should be a cause for concern to every Kashmiri. Even though the sufferers are primarily villagers living in the vicinity of these brick kilns. Thousands of small children are diagnosed with asthma and breathing problems because they breathe in the particulate matter given of by the brick-kilns and by the trucks transporting these bricks. All together, these brick-kilns affect the entire population of the villages surrounding them. And the benefit goes to just the owners and the bihari workers. Therefore Kashmiris are paying dearly by sacrificing their health and well being for the benefit of very few. This is unacceptable.

  4. Hi Koshur

    In a democracy, the obligation of people doesn't end with just voting in the elections. Every single person should participate in the political process throughout the tenure of the government.

    Politics doesn't belong to some vague section of community known as politicians. It belongs to every single citizen.

    Particularly, in today's internetworked world, nobody has an excuse. Everybody should participate in politics in whatever measure possible. This can be via newspapers, blogs, television advertizing, telephone calls, pamphlets, posters etc.

    We should be asking every citizen how much of their personal income they have set aside for participating in politics ? Is this atleast 5% of their total annual income ? This sacrifice is much less as compared to sacrificing one's own life (which is what several Kashmiri youth are capable of doing)

    Everyone should make their voice felt in all the issues that concern oneself. There is nothing to be shameful about what you have written. Unlike what Kashmir center has said, there are no large issues and there are no small issues. Every single issue is valuable, as long as there are people speaking about it.

    I understand you are in a privileged position as a blogger and one who understands computers and the internet. People like you should take up the mantle and lead ordinary Kashmiris to participate in politics. In today's era, everything is possible.

  5. @ray
    yes I agree, no one can claim to be insular to the happenings around them anymore. But even Kashmir crisis has brought up some great issues. I began to think about it - maybe Kashmir crisis has a valid point in that the government is trying to sidestep the main burning issue by making the basic civic amenities hostage?

  6. It is very unfortunate to see such a topic on your blog.It seems to me that you have started to accept the puppet C.M of India Omar as the real representative of Kashmir. Now when the world leaders have started changing their view on Kashmir, When Indian rag tag foreign Minster in Kabul is getting mad on Milliband and is scared of a wide debate in the E.U about the Kashmir occupation by tyrant India,Our effort should be to highlight as vigoursly as possible the Plight of a common Kashmiri under Indian occupation. A Kashmiri who comes out of his home in the morning for earning bread not knowing that He'll return back or not.Elimination of stray dogs ,Dumping of garbage dosent worth to be highlighted here.We the people must ourselves be civilised first and avoid throwing garbage on the roads after cleaning our homes and yards.It sounds cheap but this indeed is a reality.If you'll argue that you are trying to reach to the people whom Puppet C.M promised then let me tell you that those village and hilly people 99% dont have access to the net so you voice will not reach there.There are some people above talking and boasting about democracy. It sounds funny.In Kashmir we dont have democracy but Occupation. I remember that in British India elections were held and Indian national congress formed a government to govern.but still they fighted for Independence. Omar is not a messiah for Kashmiris,He belongs to a family who has invited the calamity of slavery for Kashmir and Kashmiris.He should be Kicked out of Kashmir with his ancestral beggar bowl which they use at Indian P.M.O office to obtain favours and money for betraying Kashmiris.
    You are asking CRPf should be barred from checking ID's of Kashmiris.Tell me What is the difference between a JKP or CRP ,Both are enemies of Kashmiris.Who killed Abdel Aziz in August?.They are two sides of a coin.Allah will take into acoount everything soon as
    Wallahu sariul Hissab

  7. You have listed my blog in pro Pakistan list which isn't true.I want to see Kashmir as a buffer state.Independence is ll which I wish for my Motherland.

  8. @Dr. Waleed,
    Splendid! You comment is great and to the point.
    I personally feel that we should get rid of slavery first. Mental and moral slavery. We cannot change anything in this city and state under Indian Occupation.
    Look at our health sector. For 5 million Kashmiris we have only one 300 bed maternity care hospital that too a dyfunctional one.
    We do not have any paedeatric hospital. Our Mental care and chest disease hospitals are like cow sheds. SMHS hospital is unclean and is in shambles. Any day it will crumble down.
    Look at our Business
    Our only bank JK BANK has provided 100s of crores to Reliance Industries as loans through its Mumbai zone without any colateral. That loan has become NPA. Non Paying Asset. And when a Kashmiri businessman ask for it, all the rules in the book are applied on him. Hurdles are created, so that he becomes disgruntled and stops dreaming about growth. O! If you have a 'sifarish', then you are eligible.
    This is because we are mentally and morally slaves of India. Our govt. employees have become mere file pushers and hurdle builders. Our officers have become clerks and clerks have become officers. We need to get rid of slavery of money, power, intrigue and subjugation first. More later

  9. @ Koshur
    I accept your argument regarding brick-kilns. That is the reason why I deliberately left it out in my comment while listing out the issues faced by Urbanites selectively.

    I will definitely write about the areas of huge potential but not at once due to constraints of time and space. Let me make a mention of our untapped mineral reserves here. As per estimates of J&K SIDCO, we have reserves of Limestone to the tune of 3355 million metric tonnes, Gypsum 95.83 million metric tonnes, Bauxite 8.6 million metric tonnes, Marble 35 million cubic metres, Sapphire Yet to be fully explored, Magnesite 7.00 million metric tonnes, Dolomite 12.63 million metric tonnes, Lignite 7.25 million metric tonnes, Quartzite 16.55 million metric tonnes, Coal 1.3 million metric tonnes.

    Regarding numerous degree colleges and universities opened by the previous govt., I would like to state that we need to address deficiencies in our available educational infrastructure besides streamlining our admission policy in colleges. There is need for sound education policy and unplanned expansion of educational institutions needs to be halted forthwith. Over the past few years, successive governments in the state of J&K have been making stop-gap arrangements and opening several new degree colleges without creating sufficient number of teaching positions and without making other necessary arrangements required for the smooth conduct of academic business. This has led to diversion of faculty from established institutes to the newly created colleges, thereby creating deficiencies in the former. As a result of this diversion, older colleges are suffering and have turned into hollow institutions.

    Regarding the huge potential of our herbal drug industry, I wish to submit that more than 5000 aromatic/medicinal plants have been discovered in Jammu Kashmir till date. Around 4000 are found in the Valley forests. Scientific observations reveal that Kashmir could become the super power in the future times for herbal medicine and perfumes if the huge resources are exploited properly and effectively. This industry is estimated by experts to generate Rs. 3000 crores annually for our state.

    Regarding gemstones, you might have heard about the untouched sapphire reserves of Padder, Kishtwar area. Similarly the potential of leather based industry is quite evident from the quantum of mutton consumed by Kashmiris everyday and the number of cattle slaughtered for that purpose. Ever thought what happens to the animal skin of such a huge number of sheep slaughtered daily in Kashmir.

    I shall write more about the remaining areas in near future.

  10. @Dr Waleed
    I will change that shortly (from pro pak list to pro independence)

  11. Dear Koshur:
    Looking at your interest to hear more from me about the resource base of Kashmir, I had promised to write more. Due to paucity of time, however couldn't make it. Nevertheless I am posting a link here to an excellent book titled, "Systematic geography of Jammu and Kashmir" by Prof. S.A. Qazi. Link is:
    In case you are not able to follow the link, please search for the title in Google Books where it can be read online to a limited extent. Please go through Chapter 8-10 of the book dealing with mineral, power and industrial resource base.

  12. Kashmir crisis, I was reading prof. Qazi's book on the link that you provided. I think you have some background in geology, therefore I will ask you.

    On page 32 he mentions that the Karewas of Kashmir are "old silt deposited by Tethey's sea or lacustrine deposits" I know lacustrine means deposits from ancient lake beds. But are you aware what he means by "Tethey's sea"?


  13. Kashmir Crisis BlogFebruary 02, 2009 5:34 AM

    NO, I am not aware since you have mistaken me to be a geologist which I am not. Any more guesses about my profession? Everything is available on net provided you thoroughly search for it, you will get all the answers you want.