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Different decisions of an independent Kashmir

The recent Israeli aggression against Palestinians is a prime example of a rogue country such as Israel justifying its blatant terror tactics by blaming the victims themselves. They are able to accomplish this and get away with it simply because of their hold on the international media outlets in countries all over the world including India. If they do not outright own vast media empires, then at the very least they have their henchmen placed in strategic positions who are able to sway the media reporting in their favor. This is no secret or my bizarre conspiracy theory; this is a fact and a quick google of "Israel" and "zionist media monopoly" will gather a few reliable websites that accurately mention the shameless Israeli ownership of the world media outlets.

I have no interest in wasting my time talking about Israel or its media control had it not been something related to Kashmir. What got me started on this topic is the fact that how different the reaction of a truly representative government of Kashmir would have been, had we been an independent country. For starters let me place the most obvious hypothetical question; would we have diplomatic relations with Israel? let alone would the chief of Israel's army ever dream of stepping on Kashmir soil? the common basis for these is India's insensitivity to the wishes of Kashmiris. 

India would want Kashmiris to believe that they are as much part of the Indian union as any other state. That the wishes of Kashmiris are as much respected as any other Indian. The facts prove this to be just a white wash, and no where is their blatant colonial attitude more obvious than India's cozying up to Israel. Israel is an emotional issue not only for all the muslims of the world, but for all those people who value human dignity and freedom. Had Kashmir had any say in the Indian union, India would not transform into Israel's largest arms buyer - most of these arms end up in Kashmir to be used against Kashmiris.

If the current government has an iota of respect for the wishes of the Kashmiri people, or even the tiniest sense of solidarity with the Palestinians, it would pass a resolution in the Kashmir Assembly barring all Israeli nationals (tourist or otherwise) from entering Kashmir and prohibiting any Israeli made products to end up in Kashmir. This is what an independent Kashmir would have done. This reflects the wishes of the people of Kashmir. And although this will not in any way alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians, who have as of now lost more than 950 innocent people since the beginning of the terror campaign by Israel, this motion by the Kashmiris will be a symbolic show of support for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Although there is a next to nil chance of it happening, given the pro-Israeli stance of the Indian government and by extension of the current Kashmir government, and given the fact that there has not been a single utterance of condemnation for the Israeli actions either by the Indian government or the current Kashmir government here.

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  1. Koshur

    I think the Indian government's policy on Israel has been very consistent over the last 60 years (a miracle for any country in the world). Due to its close ties with the erstwhile Soviet Union, India has been standing in support of the Palastenians and against Israeli occupation. Cutting down diplomatic ties with Israel or disallowing Israelis to step inside India are stupid options which yield nothing.

    About foreign affairs in general, I think you should grow up. A small country has no leverage on foreign policy. What Kashmir does or says holds a pittance for Israel. It doesn't change anything.

    In fact, what India does or says doesn't change much too (even though India is a large country). Turkey, which is a neighbor and a Muslim democratic ally of Israel - has condemned outright the attacks on Gaza. It achieved nothing.

    There are 3 political units which can change the scenario : (1) Arab countries which share ethnicity with the Palastenians and borders with Israel (2) EU which is a large trading partner of Israel (3) USA which is the largest donor of foreign aid for Israel.

    The attitude of EU is changing only recently. USA will continue to remain a strong supporter of Israel, though under the Obama administration it will not be too supplicant to Israel (this might have been the reason for the crucial timing of the attacks).

    The biggest blame of doing nothing to prevent the murder of the Palastenians falls on the Arabs (the party - 1). The Arab world has been completely bought up by the USA and has dictators installed over little countries. The breakup of the Arab world (who share not only religion, but more importantly language and ethnicity) into tiny countries is a necessity for the USA to achieve its geopolitical objectives. Until the Arab countries form a political union like the EU and a common defence force like the NATO, the tiny states of Palastine & Lebanon remain susceptible for more Israeli attacks.

    A small country can never have an independent foreign policy. Take a look at Pakistan - not a small country by any standards. But since its inception, its entire foreign policy has been a sell-out to the USA. Pakistan has been supporting USA during the worst periods of their aggression. This continues to this day as Americans fight in Afghanistan and Iraq. Pakistan lends them air-bases, fuel for their planes and supplies to their trucks.

    An independent Kashmir will be sorrounded by mighty China, Russia and India. It is at an important geopolitical cross-roads.

    Imagining that it will have an independent foreign policy could be a great dream, but it will not happen in reality.

  2. Ray,
    Please go through the links that I posted about Indo-Israel friendship. In particular, go through the last one.

    I am aware that any action by Kashmir or for that matter India will hardly have any effect on Israel's actions. These are symbolic gestures which mean way more, especially when Israel tries to portray itself as a civilized democracy.

  3. Koshur,

    Symbolic gestures are not what are needed to solve the problems of the world. We need real actions.

    About the growing India Israel ties, I am aware of them. This should be looked upon in the broader context of growing India-USA ties. For all its worth, Israel is an offshoot of USA. Without US support, Israel cannot survive.

    Maintaining an independent foreign policy is like walking on a tight rope. It is important not to swerve too much on any one side.

    After the break up of Soviet Union, and with the growing economic strength of India, India has got a lot more leverage on the world stage. Currently there are four major power blocks in the world : (1) USA+Canada+UK+Australia (2) EU (3) Russia+CentralAsia (4) China. India is trying to maintain an equal distance with each of these big blocks. This is reflected on trade deals, military purchases etc. For every sweetener that India offers to the USA, it offers a counterweight by offering something to the other blocks as well.

    So far, it is doing phenomenally well in this business. This is the advantage of being a democracy and a large country.

  4. This kid has still a lot to learn. But I appreciate the commentators for taking the time to educate him. Keep it up.
    And dear Koshur, keep reading and keep learning...I am proud of you.