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Butcher of Kashmir, Jagmohan, spews drivel again!

It seems that when no one is paying any attention to the butcher of Kashmir, Jagmohan, he tries to draw attention to himself by jotting a few lines of nonsensical tripe and emailing it to one of the many online hindutva websites, who are more than happy to make it their headline matter.

In his latest rant, he goes on to berate the current Indian government for not doing enough to chase after the terrorists responsible for the Bombay attack, who he assumes are definitely hiding in Kashmir, because he emphasizes that the Indian government was snoozing when Kashmiri militants were blowing up innocent women and children in Kashmir. I am least surprised that a criminal mind such as Jagmohan resorts to lying to make his point. We are well aware that Kashmiri militants have never targeted innocent women and children; this distinction lies solely with the Indian army.

We are to infer from his diatribe that he is advocating a similar Indian response to Kashmiri militants as Israel's reaction when they razed Gaza to the ground to counter home-built Hamas rockets. He argues that the response of the present government has been too soft in dealing with "Kashmiri terrorism".

He further goes on babbling about nonsensical gibberish which doesnt deserve a response because it doesnt make any sense to begin with, and yet again resorts to lying by claiming that India has been trying to hide the problem of "Islamic terrorism" in Kashmir. Yes, certainly we are to believe that figment of Jagmohan's imagination! On the contrary, India has been trying to hide the true spirit of Kashmir's quest for freedom by falsely branding it as religious fundamentalism.

Amidst yet more gibberish I located a sentence that should alarm all Indians. He claims that the Indian democracy is diseased. By this, we can only deduce that he is advocating hindutva rule which would curtail all democratic rights for Indians. This comes as a no surprise to us Kashmiris. We have known Jagmohan prescribes to this kind of ideology right since our unfortunate fate of suffering through his stint as governor here in the 80's, and the Indian army has been practising his doctrine here ever since. We do feel sorry for the rest of the Indians when Jagmohan and his ilk do again seize power in india.

He becomes delusional by mentioning that the reason why he was sent as the governor for the second time is that he had "built good rapport with the people and bureaucracy"! Jagmohan should really lay off those drugs he has been snorting lately. Next we'll hear him claim that Kashmiris have built a shrine in his memory where they pay obeisance to him every day. His delusions do not end there. He further goes on to babble that the whole reason Kashmiris rose up against Indian repression is that the militants were distributing Islamic literature. He specifically mentions cassette recordings that were being distributed (in reality those cassettes were being sold in Lalchowk, but for Jagmohan, lying is a habit) and translates a "Kashmir's song of freedom". Who could have thought that if it wasnt for those darn cassette recordings, Kashmiris would have never realized we want freedom. Such is the twisted logic of Jagmohan.

So vile is the arrogance of The Butcher of Kashmir that he flatly claims that there was not a single Indian politician, bureaucrat or official dealing with Kashmir who had figured how to deal with the rising anger of Kashmir's population. He goes on to display his lunacy by claiming that, "To meet these grim conditions, a series of firm and innovative measures were taken by me. These included seizure of subversive material, removal of loud speakers from which violence was incited in the name of religion..." These indeed are very innovative measures that no one in India but the genius Jagmohan could think of! Who could have thought of these!

He never mentions his real acts for which he has earned the distinction of being remembered as 'The Butcher of Kashmir', and tries to attempt a quick escape by claiming that, "the constraint of space does not permit me to give here detail of these measures". No need to elaborate on what those measures were; the whole world has ample evidence and information on them. The only time I would suggest to Jagmohan that he not worry about the constraints of space is when he is being tried in an international court of justice for war crimes committed against Kashmiris. He will need a lot of space to defend himself then. The memories of Gawkadal will forever remain engraved in the minds of Kashmiris and we will always remember Jagmohan the way Jews remember Hitler or the Kurds remember Saddam.

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  1. Intresting to see this butcher opening his mouth again.This butcher on 300 people in Gaw Kadal on that fateful day should be tried in an international court and hanged like a stray dog.He ordered spraying bullets on unarmed protestors from two sides from Gaw Kadal bridge and from nai Sadak krala khud Habba Kadal.remember how a child was hit with 8 bullets but he survived No bullet hit him but his pheren.I remember How Gousia electronics lal nagar Channapora grabbed carbine of a solidier and aimed on himself to save others.When his body was found there was only spine left instead of abdomen.May Gods wrath be on these Tyrannt and creul people.How can be this Jagmohan sued?can anyone guide me.I'll pay fully for it even if it takes to the supreme court of Bangroos.

  2. Jagmohan should be hanged for Killing 300 unarmed independence chanting protestors .He should be sued in an International criminal court.

  3. Before that, we should hand:
    1. Bitta K
    2. Yasin malik
    3. Geelani

    and the list is quite long.
    You have known only one side of story. Last 20 years you have been brainwashed with this stupid view that militants (terrorists actually) did not kill innocent women & children. What a big lie. Have you ever met a KP in Jammu and asked about those horrifying days?

  4. I have lived In Jammu for 3 years and worked in a hospital there where all co doctors were KP's.Dont try to be smart.

  5. KPs have indeed suffered in this 20 year struggle.
    But how many of them got killed? - 300 odd.
    And how many Kashmiri muslims have been killed? 100,000 odd.

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