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Why we should be afraid of Omar Abdullah

Like every other Kashmiri, I used to be curious about Omar Abdullah. About what he stands for; what his values are and what he holds dear. Being that he belongs to a family that has had an unparalleled influence on the history of Kashmir. I will be the first to confess that I never take any event at face value and do my own research on subjects that I wish to form an opinion on. This gives me an opportunity to form a balanced view that is based on true facts and not on propaganda spewed by the state controlled media or leaders having their own agenda. Therefore, I make up my own mind and form my own opinion on issues - not necessarily because those opinions are fashionable at the time.

Readers of my blog will notice that this blog started off, way back when, as having a pro-autonomy and pro-India stance. However, my research proved my views wrong. By learning about India's true nature of occupation and colonization and their nurture of pro-India crooks in Kashmiri politics opened my eyes to their true intentions for Kashmir. We should be afraid of Indians not only because of their outrageous military presence here, but rather because of what their long term goals are to consolidate their hold on our country.

The reason why we should be afraid of Omar Abdullah is that his cowardice and naivety puts Kashmir's future in jeopardy (that is the reason why I had suggested to the APHC that we ensure that neither of the major pro-India parties be allowed to form a government).

Omar Abdullah is someone who cowers into a corner like a coward and quits his blog just because someone posts nasty comments on his blog, instead of being steadfast and have courage to defend one's convictions. Now that Omar Abdullah has declared that the reason he will approach the "Indian" National Congress Party (INC) is that they are a "like-minded" party with a similar agenda, what are we to expect if Sonia Gandhi orders him to pass a resolution further diluting article 370? Will he similarly cower into a corner and grant her wish just so his refusal doesn't make her upset? That is exactly what cowards do and this is a fact and not just my attempt at berating Omar Abdullah or being mean to him - the fact is that Omar Abdullah is a coward unfit to lead Kashmir, even though he was elected in a farcical election. Isn't Sonia Gandhi the one who de-railed the state subject bill back in 2003? It will suit the congress party's national image if they were to further integrate Kashmir into the Indian federation. It would help Congress at the expense of the Hindutva BJP in India's general election.

For this reason, the next government will be the worst in Kashmir's history because both NC and the congress are staunchly pro-India. All abrogations of article 370 have taken place while NC was in power. Also, Omar Abdullah is known for his love of India and his despise of the Kashmiri freedom movement. He has bigger ambitions in India and sees his current stint in Kashmiri politics as a mere stepping stone, because of the fact that he is more popular down south in India than he is in Kashmir where he is perceived as a mere stooge of the Indians.

The facts also support the above views. [self censor by author] Further, his voting record in the current Indian parliament also prove that he is out of touch with the sentiments of Kashmiris. When all the world, both muslim as well as left-leaning western governments are staunchly anti-Israel, Omar Abdullah has never spoken against Israel or uttered a single word to change the course of increasing India-Israel friendship, when the sentiments in Kashmir are just as anti-Israel as they are in the rest of the Muslim world.

Although his election to the Indian parliament is just as farcical as the purported accession of Kashmir to India. For a second let's assume that he does "represent" the few thousand Kashmiris who voted for him. Then why not let the views of the Kashmiris known in the Indian parliament? The reason is that his representation is a sham just as Kashmir's representation in the Indian parliament. The real reason infact is that he is a coward and too afraid to speak against Israel and annoy the fundamentalist Hindus of India who might send him nasty comments!

My appeal to Kashmiris is that we remain vigilant about each and every move that Omar Abdullah makes. This because he is no more than an Indian disguised as a Kashmiri.


  1. Hi Koshur

    The first line of ur post is what i realised too...that u hv leaning towards a more fundamentalist view of things, and kudos to that, since it takes a lot to accept one's own beliefs, i would love if you could share ur research with us, so that we cud be more knowledgable about some of the facts we may have ignored.....
    Coming to Omar Abdullah....I do not know much about the kind of politics that he works out in the valley, what he does here in delhi is pure flip flop, but he is not alone, that is the absolute nature of almost all politicos that we have....so does PDP, and from what I could see at the numerous blogs, pakistani newspapers, and the "biased" indian media, so does APHC leaders, and just about everyone else....he may have married a hindu girl...why shud it mean that he wanted to demean the kashmiri populance, that is something which is of the order of the day...not now, but all the way int o histiry, till US moved into Iraq, shias and sunnis married each other, even the mughal emperors routinely married hindu princesses, and the english married indians...leading to the anglo indians, that is purely his choice, and i do not feel that it should have any bearing on the peoplehe represents, recently haryana CM converted to islam to marry for a second time, that s his problem, if he can work for my welfare i have no issues whether he marries a muslim, hindu or turns gay...if he works for ur good, tolerate him, else dump him, you had the choice to defreat him....u did that last time, last election...why not this time??
    finally, coming to Isreal india policy.....there is something i simply can not fathom, why is israel-palestine conflict a religious issue.....israel forcibly got into the gaza strip, uprooted native palestinians from west bank, and settled its own jews there.....would request you to go through the history- how did they beat palestinians in 1948-49....that was because everyone in the muslim world- syria, iran, egypt, saudis were formenting their own forces into local warlords of palestine....they fought the israeli army, which was losing badly, and then they fought each other...muslim against muslim....nothing like jew vs muslim.....tab kahan gayi thi religious fight....israel has snatched territory from lebanon, which is muslim, christian and druze country...muslims being in minority....and yet israel pouned the entire beirut city to rubble only 2 years back.....it is not religious, it is pure land grabbing.....it is the same as greece grabbing northern cypress and china grabbing tibetans...is the tibet conflict about budhist vs han religions, no one ever said that - then how is israel-palestine religious, why should a good muslim government oppose israel.....is it s religious duty? that is what the osama's and the al-qaeda(if it exists) of the world say...thats there political survival tool....as a kashmiri, are you concerned about the pandits that left the valley??? they elected BJP, be it polarisation or anything....but they did, how can you question ur own brethren....

    Koshur, I m not sure how a conflict 2000 miles to the west shud support my choice for a leader here....Omar recently was the blue eyed boy in kashmir when he spoke in the parliament during the confidence motion, also i have no love lost for congress- but there are a couple of questions i really have....i m not sure if the article 370 has been diluted, i wud request you to please help me with the facts....and i see no issue if omar can have his say down in delhi, may be that way he would be able to get some more for kashmir, unlike mufti's PDP, he was a home minister( for god's sake the second most powerful man in india), and he screwed up the chance to do something for kashmir....and its people

  2. brautifully expressed !

  3. @erebus
    Kashmiris support Palestinians and are anti-Israe; therefore, anyone "pretending" to represent us should make these views known wherever they happen to represent us - even in the Indian parliament. That is the job of the representatives of the people - to represent the views of the people. In my write-up those views happen to be the undoubted anti-Israel sentiments of Kashmiris, which Omar has failed to convey in the Indian Parliament; because of his cowardice.

  4. Koshur

    A lot of kashmiris voted for Omar Abdullah. His voice is their voice. They did not care about whether he married a Hindu girl. We Indians didn't care when Rajiv Gandhi married an Italian girl, we made him PM. No country in the world has a rule saying that a citizen should marry within the country to become the head of the state !

    When you speak against Omar, you are speaking against all the Kashmiris who voted for him.

    If not for Omar, give all these Kashmiris another voice. Jump into politics and organize them into a movement, get them vote for the candidate that you support.

    The Kashmiri seperatists are either too lazy to participate in the elections, or afraid that they might not win. Either be the reason, they have no excuse despising a democratically elected government. Who are the cowards here ? I would say it is them who are afraid to face their own Kashmiri people and stand up in the elections. You should first be brave enough to face your own family (Kashmiris) before you can face Indians or somebody else.

    As erebus has said, there is nothing preventing NC and PDP to form a government together and declare independence for Kashmir, or making a demand for conducting a plebiscite in Kashmir. This is the only way to gain independence or autonomy from India. You cannot win with a gun. You cannot win because of special friends (Pakistan). The destiny of Kashmir is in Kashmiri's hands.

    About Israel, a majority of Indians hate Israel too (including me). In fact, the foreign policy of India is very much against Israel, even though there are some politicians who argue for more military or strategic cooperation.

  5. "The way you do one thing is the way you do everything"
    a quote I've often believed in.

    If he gave up blogging because he couldnt accept criticism then he is a coward beyond doubt. Whatever happened to moderating comments?

    He may have chosen to marry a non-kashmiri but that doesnt mean he thinks lowly of them.

    You have alot of valid points dear blogger but try and avoid the Kashmiri Insecurity we kashmiris are blessed with.

    Neverhteless, I shall take your appeal seriously. I have some hope in him somehow:- Young blood, dynamic and Pseudo-outspoken.

  6. Your change of stance is like homecoming! Welcome!And I am glad.

    Omar is here and here to stay and having said that APHC is just another wheel in the cart of oppression we are falling under.

    A new leadership is needed, not sure how and who it will be.

  7. Going through lot many blogs my gut feeling is,If india say Kashmir "Go ahead you are independent" I think their will be more terrorism than exist now. If our people does not have common enemy they bite each other. I dont understand why they talk the language of GUN. How can one dream of a nation in 21st century without economic plan, without countries defence, foriegn policies will exist. Atleast me and my family as Kashmiri feel more protected with India than any other.

  8. To poster just above me.
    Say that to the 250,000 innocent Kashmiris who were mercilessly murdered by the Indian barbarians that Kashmiris are safe with India!

    Yes you and your family will feel safe with India. In every culture there are people who appease the occupiers, and rat-out the freedom fighters. I need not say more.

  9. I am a Kashmiri Pandit and was in school when my family had to leave the valley. My parents have gone through the threats when the so called freedom fighters used to throw stones at our doors and windows and pass lewd remarks. The spokesmen of these so called freedom fighters never talk about us who are as Kashmiri as you are. My uncle had to settle in Jammu and my family had to live in Delhi in made up towns as if we were refugees in our own country. Talk to me about these freedom fighters.. Are they fighting for Kashmir and Kashmiriyat or fighting to grab the land and gift it to Pakistan? And why curse Omar Abdollah? After years of mess that Pakistan has created we at least now have a leader who understands the ground realities and ready to work for peace for the state. And talking of marriage, we are no less Kashmiris because we do not have a family living in Muzaffarabad. We still have a photo of our house with an inscription "The home we lost". I would love to talk to these leaders who talk about Kashmiri pain and ask them if they really understand it.