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Open letter to Mirwaiz Omar Farooq

I feel that I owe an explanation for suggesting that people get out and vote for independent candidates in the current farcical elections held by the occupation Indian forces in Kashmir. As I have emphasized numerous times in my earlier posts, we should not be constrained by self-imposed boundaries in seeking out alternative routes to reach the cherished goal of self-determination for our people. Boycotting the elections only makes it easier for the occupiers to "legitimize" their occupation in the international arena. It should be our goal to make it as hard as possible for the Indians to gain any semblance of legitimacy of their illegal occupation and expose the true nature of their absurd governance here. Voting for independent candidates will effectively dent their one and only absurd argument they keep harping about when confronted by the world community about their promise to hold a plebscite in Kashmir. As we are aware, their claim is that there have been numerous state elections in Kashmir, and therefore kashmiris have time and again sent pro-India politicians to the assembly, which thus is a reflection of the wishes of the people of Kashmir. It is time for us to play their games and call their bluff.

- It will show our true power and unanimity of the wishes of the wider populace who can disrupt the outcome of elections held by India.
- It will make the Indian intelligentsia rethink their role and approach in Kashmir.
- The absurdity of the Indian governance will be exposed.
Here is what the plan would be like:
a.)A coalition government is formed with most independent canididates cooperating to form the government.
b.)Most independent candidates vote to sever ties with India.
c.)The Indian government wastes no time in dissmissing the new government.
d.)President's rule is imposed.
e.)India's argument and standing in the world arena is shattered.
f.) India holds another set of farcical elections. The same results are repeated...
g.) Our claim is brought forth before the International community. After all how far can the Indians justfy repeatedly dissmissing an elected government who were elected by their own electoral system?

I am fully aware that legitimizing the elections by the Hurriyat has moral implications. It will be as though the Hurriyat will be caving in and compromising the high standards that it has held thus far. However, what I am suggesting is strategical moves to make India's worst nightmare come true.

Hurriyat definitely does not have to participate in the elections. However, every true Kashmiri can disrupt the predictable results of the elections if a call is given by Hurriyat to ensure that no pro-India party wins a single seat in Kashmir. I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial this message will be to the movement.

If an appeal is made by the Hurriyat to the people of Kashmir that people not necessarily boycott the elections but ensure that not a single pro-India party is sent to the assembly; that message will resound greatly with the people of Kashmir and they will understand the wider implications of this call. This call has to be given without indentifying the independent candidates - people are smart and will know whom to vote for. They are also smart to not succumb to the predictable propaganda unleashed by the pro-India parties who will waste no time in falsely accusing the Hurriyat of selling their souls to "Delhi".

Here is today's GK and the story about the NC candidate from Khanyar "Ali Mohammad Sagar". As we know, this imbecile was the home minister in the previous National Conference government. Do we want him to again claim that the people of Khanyar elected him?

“Many pockets of this constituency will observe boycott, but that is unlikely to hamper Sagar’s victory.....” he added. The senior NC leader has won the seat twice, in 1996 and 2002. Like many other city constituencies, there was less voter turn out in Khanyar constituency in 2002. Sagar then had only one candidate Mushtaq Ahmad of Congress against him. According to the official statistics, out of the total 72,495 voters, 3056 had exercised their franchise, out of which 2868 had voted for Sagar while Mushtaq received 127 votes. Sagar therefore won by a margin of 93.84 percent. Similarly, in 1996 elections, officials say there was 12.79 percent voter turnout in the constituency. .."

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  1. khuda salamat rakhe aapko mirwaiz sahab
    par meharbani kar k kanni jang band karwaiye kyuki hum students ki life kharaab ho rahi hai ////leaders ka tou kuch nahi bigadta
    from zahoor and umer